Sunday, May 26, 2013

Getaway - hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend


I need to breakaway
getaway, hideaway
ride that expressway
to the breezeway

with the top down
feel the wind through my crown
driving through a country town
mingling in a ghost town

what's that whisper in my ear
need to hear it crystal clear
have no fear, wipe that tear
all our troubles will disappear

silly little rhyme wish I had more time
always working hard saving my dimes
such a crime, wish it was part time
then I could enjoy some key-lime

jot down a few more lines
perhaps, enjoy some red wine
taking a trip through my mind
not sure what I will find

I need to breakaway
getaway, hideaway
ride that expressway
to the breezeway


  1. Look at you go
    Rhyming away at your show
    Agree with your flow
    Wish stinkin work time would not grow
    So then away I could too go
    As long as no ghosts actually show
    Unless Casper comes along
    With his cartoon theme song
    See all the more reason to rob a bank
    Results in plenty of gas in the tank lol

    1. You are always number one
      at my show, that is the way
      it usually goes..smiling...

    2. Pat and Cat

      Did you not see what I wrote
      at Blue's place about your
      plan to get some
      No, that plan will never do
      but, it would fill our car
      with lots of gas then we can
      go near or far..or to Juliette's bar...

      Thanks for your support!

    3. A country with no extradition is where we can go
      Then come back when the statute of limitations is up to our show lol

    4. Hahaha So, that is your new plan
      well, let's pick a nice land
      pack up the jet and away we fly
      to blue skies, up, up and away

  2. smiles...hope you enjoy that weekend....went to the mountains today...had the window down with the breeze in my hair...there are def days i need a getaway just to breathe and be....refreshed...

    1. Hi Bri

      Thanks for coming by always nice when you say hi.
      A ride in the mountains sounds nice with the
      breeze blowing through your hair, so carefree..
      Enjoy your weekend..

  3. I hear you. This three-day-weekend is definitely time to break away, get away, or hide away....depending on what one wants to do. No greater joy than driving with the top down and the hair blowing. (Darn, if only I had a convertible!) Have a great holiday.

    1. Hi Mary

      Thanks for stopping over..sometimes we just need to getaway and enjoy some down time. I hope you had a nice weekend.

  4. Mingle in a ghost town?
    That makes me frown
    You sure need a break
    Have some cake
    Fling a cat
    How about that?
    Makes you feel great
    Better relax
    And get an ax
    Cut a tree
    Wait... scratch a flee
    At your station
    I guess I too need a vacation ;)