Sunday, May 12, 2013

Temptation - dVerse May 12, 2013 - Mary's Challenge

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I beheld the eyes of temptation
as the gentle pools drew me in
memories taking formation
and I wonder what was my sin

I loved you from the start
perhaps, that was my crime
the day I gave you my heart
the distant melody of chimes

Our love was unstoppable
racing with the  hands of time
Our passion untouchable
poetic harmony sublime

Into the eyes of temptation
I fell, under your magical spell
waves of heavenly inspiration
longing  for a sip from the well

You touched my weary soul
as we gazed into the horizon
our love we could not control
we heard the roar of the lion

In a distant breeze, we felt free
heart to heart we felt  complete
gentleness brought us to our knees
the lamb brought us restful sleep

through the eyes of temptation


  1. Sometimes one is thankful for the temptation that brings one to deep love. I liked very much the progression of this poem & the picture you chose (ah 'the roar of the lion').

    1. Mary,

      Thanks for the interesting prompt temptation comes in many forms. Have a great day!

  2. Beautiful rhyme and meter, and I love the story! The last line is absolutely perfect!

    1. Charles,

      Thanks so much for your kind reply.

  3. Love this sweet and good temptation... :-)

    1. Love can be sweet or perhaps, bittersweet..the lure of temptation. Thanks for stopping over and leaving a reply. It is always appreciated.

  4. ...i would be willing to embrace temptations if it is after love & goodness... i will do good with my issues... for now just some sort of sacrifices for my returning illness... how fortunate, i got my stevens johnson syndrome back again... hehe...

    1. Kelvin,

      I hope someday you will find yourself in the arms of true love. Wishing you health on your journey. You have many miles to starts with a step..peace always...

  5. Look at you
    Tempting at your zoo
    With such a love
    That it would even impress a dove
    All search for such a thing
    But sadly few ever find it at their wing
    Settling for this or that
    Ending up miserable at their mat

    1. Hi Pat,

      Always nice to see you on my mat
      the topic of temptation is love
      it can be either good or bad
      settling for this or that
      when we all ache for that one touch
      too many broken wings, all too sad...

    2. Yeah can be either or
      As one could go all stalker at their shore
      Or just sit home and ache
      Maybe bake a cake

  6. and so some temptation is not bad if it leads us to such love and peace....smiles...if we did not follow that, how lonely would life be...smiles..

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the drop in nice of you to call. Yes, that road can be hard to follow but, somewhere there is a time for everything.

  7. Lovely poem! You and Pat are challenging my prosaic soul!

    1. Hello this day,

      Thanks for the read and the reply..just follow your heart and the words will surely flow..Yes, Pat is a fine cat and a friend of mine..

  8. That's the kind of temptation the world needs more when it's about loving another...not just self satisfaction. Nice rhyming.

    1. Hi Victoria,

      thank you for the read and reply...

  9. how you weave the lion and the lamb in... a beautiful temptation that leads to real love

    1. Thank you so much for the read and the comment. Always appreciated.

  10. I specially like the ending verse ~ Good that such leads to a loving and restful sleep ~

    Have a good week ~

    1. Grace,

      It would be nice if I could sleep through the night once in a while. So hard to do sometimes.

  11. I've been in love too many a time.
    And written words that all would rhyme
    And sound like tempting melodies
    That kept me in this world of fantasies.
    Still, no one's ever touch my soul
    Or bared my heart for all to see.
    I guess that's what you get
    When you're as blue as me.

    1. Hi Blue Guy

      Love is a mystery in anyone's sea
      the ebb and flow, waves of emotion
      melodies echoing in a distant realm
      fantasies or realities who is at the helm
      steering the ship under a moonlit sky
      as a thousand stars dance with delight
      I am just a poet who sails in a sea of dreams

    2. Love is a mystery
      As is my typing that sucks
      Pardon my French
      But it's like earning two bucks
      When they owe you a grand
      Or you're just a one-night-stand
      While you've got waves of emotion
      How I love your devotion
      No one's ever touched my soul
      In this wondrous land.
      Just keep on sailing in dreams
      And don't get stuck in the sand. ;)

    3. Hi Blue Guy,

      How are things under you sky
      I just keep sailing the best I can
      and I sure hope I don't get stuck
      in the sands of time, as I sail
      the coastline taking in the view
      in my own dreamland..

      Thanks for being a friend of mine!