Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Lover's Song


 Oh sweet July sing to me a lover’s song
my heart beats, on the edge all day long
words spill from my lips, fiery passion
exhilarating, tantalizing, captivating
full of hope,  promise, burning desires

Summer glory, splendor of wild flowers
filling my head, savory illusions
white daisies, he love me, he love me not
glowing sun, shining brighter... hotter 
sing to me a lover’s song; make it last all day long

kneel with me along the river bed
let us give thanks, for this brief time
a moment that will always belong to us
carrying  it's tune until we become dust
filled with  passionate lust

On the bank, a beautiful weeping willow
granting shelter from the summer swelter
we spread our soft picnic blanket
you strum me a song,  I sing along
perfect harmony,  to ease our restless souls

My love walk with me on the shoreline
there’s a place where the river runs deep
flowing currents call me when I sleep
do you hear the gentle cries, as the water rushes by
it's rapturous power captures me

Come swim with me, in the water of the deep
immerse ourselves; lose our self control
no weights to anchor us down, floating freely
making love in the cooling waters
sing to me a lover’s song…make it last all day long

Oh Sweet July your beauty lingers
your melody plays in a warm breeze
let us drink sweet tea, the leaves of our love
as we lay naked in a summer sun..

Sing, Sing to me
Sing to me a lover's song....

posted for dVerse Poetics is this a pub or a mirage hosted by Claudia


  1. You got it bad
    There at your pad
    Maybe july will fly
    Or the song could creep up on you by some guy
    then again with no anchor at your shore
    You could float away and explore
    Maybe find that missing piece
    That some cat decided to fleece
    Sing a tune on the bank
    Or rob an actual one with a tank
    Could sing if I had a million dollars if you do
    Two birds, one stone at your zoo hahaha

    1. The summer heat is making my
      head swoon, under a silver moon
      with mirages & illusions
      I think I need a cooling drink
      from that river so deep...
      then I will have a chat with that cat
      about my piece he decided to fleece
      perhaps, it is hidden in the sands
      of bora bora

      he will be hitting the water on
      Tuesday as the ship goes

      Hope it was cool at your bay
      sweet dreams to you this day...

    2. haha well I hope it is a good one
      wouldn't want a zombie feet illusion under your sun
      Wouldn't want to drink from your river
      That would make me shiver
      All the sludge
      Probably look like fudge
      Could be in bora bora beach
      Either way the cat is glad it is out of reach
      He likes to be a pest
      That is when he's at his best

    3. you are teasing tonight cat
      I know you would never drink
      the water at your mat
      would you go for a swim, even
      though we don't have fins..
      you know it's really sad that
      most rivers are polluted today
      I don't think I would drink
      the water either..just sayin'
      the cat likes to be a pest
      will I ever get any rest(laughing)
      at least he is full of zest

    4. You will never get rest
      As long as the cat continues his rhyming fest
      Will always be near
      and yeah they are polluted up the rear
      But there are many here
      That are just fine on this part of the sphere
      The cat doesn't mind water at all
      But I'll let Pat go with you in the river at our hall
      Too deep for me
      I'll sit and try and swat a fishy

    5. I will never get rest
      as I am on a quest
      from here to there
      and everywhere..
      as you continue on
      with a rhyming fest
      or maybe a love fest (lol)
      well, tell Pat I'm ready
      for a swim, that should
      make him grin..floating
      on the whims of a dream
      tell me cat should we
      sail on a sunbeam or wait
      for the glow of a moonbeam

    6. That depends on the state
      should you go by such a rate
      Romance for the moon
      Unless your a dish and spoon
      Cool off for the sun
      Unless heat is fun
      Will have to choose
      Your cruise
      The cat is no good there
      Unlike Pat he is snip snip at our lair

    7. Hi Pat and Cat,

      To tell you the truth
      I'm a little tired tonight
      so may need to get some rest
      hope you have a good night
      tired of running from here
      to your rhyming
      fests so much fun under your sun..

  2. ha sounds like a great love sone about to happen...arent picnics so romantic...smiles..and of course singing to your lover....nice setting too on the bank by the willow tree....oo la la getting naked outside too...just be careful which parts get burned...just saying...ha.

    1. Hi Brian,

      Picnics in the summer sun and the shade of a tree..sounds pleasing to me..always nice to read
      your replies...

  3. Beautiful, Truedessa. I feel the love. July is a wonderful month to walk along the shoreline, a wonderful month to sing a lovers song!

    1. thank you so much Mary..there is just something magical about July and the sounds of music.

  4. July defines's the only month when it's almost guaranteed to be dry, hot, and mesmerizing for those in love...each month has it's pluses in that regard, but I'm a sucker for picnics and a skinny dip..I enjoyed reading this.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the nice reply. I agree July is just one of those month that makes one feel alive in the summer sun.

  5. Come swim with me, in the water of the deep
    immerse ourselves; lose our self control
    no weights to anchor us down, floating freely

    That is exquisite, Trudessa! That's true wanderings in all its goodness! Brilliant write!


    1. Good Morning Hank,

      Thank you for such a lovely brought a big smile to my face.

  6. making love in the cooling waters...hmm...sounds like a wonderful thing to do after a hot day..out in the nature with the loved one.....surely a good place to be...nice

    1. Claudia,

      Thank you for such a fun writing challenge. It has been extremely warm in my area. The heat does make the mind wander as it is just trying to cool down with a little help from the AC. Hope you have a great day!

  7. really love the internal and irregular rhyming here...

    you hear the gentle cries, as the water rushes by
    it's rapturous power captures me ...

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks for visiting..and appreciating my erratic rhyming schemes. It works for me as I sometimes just write in free verse and I don't adhere to form. I do hear the gentle cries, as the water rushes by.

      Have a great Sunday! Love your pic with your child so nurturing and loving.

  8. delicate and warm - a beautiful place where you take the readers. wonderful imagery, very well crafted poem.

    1. Hello Miriam,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Truly appreciated.

  9. July, picnics with someone you love and swimming in those shadows under the willow. It really a place where one dream to be... images like this is what keeps us alive through the darkness of winter.

    1. Good Morning,

      Ah, the joys of summer and the sweetness of true about how summer memories hold us over through the cold winter months.

      Hope you are enjoying your day!

  10. Love the white daisies and glowing sun.

    1. Hi Laurie,

      I do love daisies I have them in my garden and they are in full bloom right now. There is something simple but alluring about their poetic beauty.

  11. Beautiful write. Has a wonderful feel and flow to it. Love it!

    1. Charles,

      So nice to see you this day..thank you for the the kind reply.

  12. thanks for the invite... loved those weeping willows

  13. so enchanting and alluring..........................