Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Poet's Summer Dream

Under the warmth of a summer sun, a poet dreams
the panorama of sequential scenes,
lush green meadow, hues of yellow gold
muse of lyrical words, sings in a breeze
each syllable,  each note  resonates in the soul
what story do you have to be told...

Wispy clouds flutter by wings of a butterfly
hummingbirds hums, in my eardrum
setting the beat, for the next rhythmic  line
sipping  red wine, a drink from the vine
intoxicating pleasure, sweet liberation
opens the  foyer of imagination

My own little world crystal springs of life
smiling with glee, free from human strife...
nymphs of the meadow dance in my head
a gift they did bring, the gift of creativity
what lies within your heart, a place to start
love flows through warm veins..a sonnet

Standing nearby, the yellow dandelions
one a snow capped flower, yielding power
pluck one from the stem,  to soft ruby lips
making  a wish, one by one blowing seeds
dreams float through the mystic air
no longer secrets as they slowly drift
soft whisper to the heavens. seeking growth


  1. Replies
    1. Pffft #1 to be lunch
      Crunch crunch crunch

    2. Everybody: #1 And you know it, Cat! You knowwwww it Meow!
      K.N.O.W. it... Take me to the bridge!

    3. I have to say Blue is number #1 here at my place
      even though it was a close not many
      in view. "take me to the bridge" ..which bridge would that be Blue?

    4. I'll take you to the bridge
      Atop a high ridge
      Then let you bungie jump with glee
      Except I won't tie off the other end, silly me

  2. That said, let's have a look
    What you decided to cook

    Wispy clouds... I like that. Sipping red wine... I like that too. I once wrote a 'sonnet'. You may have seen it. blowing seeds... Wait... what? Oh you're talking flowers. Of course you are. I mean someone with that voice I heard the other day must be talking about flowers. Oh I love your summer's dream.

    1. Talking flowers in a field of dreams
      care to join me & as we watch the
      wispy clouds float by...

  3. LOL oh the blue guy
    Blowing seeds, she's not shy
    Just listen to the voice the other day
    Trudessa blows them like no other on display

    Hmm that sounded bad
    I'll blame it on the Pat lad
    You sure set the seen
    for a day so serene
    Now if only it was for two
    And you would never be blue
    Then away you would go
    With true enough scenes at your show
    I left the typo just for you
    So you aren't the only one at each zoo haha
    a summer dream
    That would be great to be a reality stream

    1. That sounded Bad
      She'll split you in half!

    2. P.S. Keep that Pirate Song (#4) away from my Blue Rose (#2).

    3. Ok, someone's mind is wandering
      as that sounded rather bad
      I will have to defend my honor
      as I am a lady of my word..I will
      wield by sword and slay your
      words I will slice them in two
      this I would surely do then,
      will you have to say this day???

      PS Blue Rose is still number #2 with
      many views as who could resist the
      mystical allure of the blue rose

    4. Actually it didn't wander too far
      Or even need a ride in a car
      The gutter is always close by
      See I never lie
      And if you split my words in two
      I'll thank you
      As they will be twice as nice
      Or have twice the spice lol

  4. Truly a lovely poem about dandelions, Truedessa...and I love especially the last lines where the seeds are dreams floating and seeking growth.

    1. Mary,

      Thank you so much you for the read and reply. It is always nice to have you visit my place. I hope you
      are having a wonderful day.

  5. this little-big world, I love, and floating seeds with dreams like petals to fulfill all desires beneath and above...:)

    1. Thank you so much for the visit... I enjoyed your comment. All dreams start with a seed and how they grow depends on how we nurture them. Have a great day!

  6. Very summer Truedessa! I enjoyed all the images throughout your piece.

  7. soft whisper to the heavens... I have never thought of dandelions as such before. Lovely.

  8. You make summer sound so wonderful. I love summer when it's like that.

    1. Hello Kay,

      Even with this extreme heat, I still enjoy summer days. Thank you for the comment.

  9. dandelions are my fav flower...i know so me call them weeds, but to blow those dreams in a kiss...smiles...may those seeds find their place to grow...

    1. Hi Brian

      To some they are weeds but,to me they are beautiful full of color with strong roots and seeds of hope. Did you ever eat the leaves they make a great salad?