Saturday, July 6, 2013

Missing Pieces

You took off without a warning
now, I'm alone roaming
jagged streets of my mind
desperately, seeking all I can find
fragments of you, fragments of me
interlocking pieces of us…

In the dark alley ways, creatures lurk
stalking in the night, stirring fright
what is it you’re looking for...
rummaging through your  soul
love for sale, a risky price
we can make you feel all right

Running, the darken streets
prowling thief, seeking relief
Preacher man on the corner
repent, repent you sinner
if you want to be a winner
will not concede to defeat

Wait, need to hop that city bus
grab a seat with a window view
guided tour difficult to find
take in the sights, see the lights
searching for neon signs of you
giant billboards in my mind

Gathering important fragile pieces
start with a protective border
create fanciful illusions of order
interlocking pieces one by one
strategy of great ingenuity
no time to come undone….

Where did you go? I’m losing my mind
captured memories of another time
fragments of you, fragments of me
fragments of us, ready to com-bust
difficult mind bending test
feeling so lonely; depressed…

Giant jigsaw puzzle, so many pieces
all unique, requiring a special technique
assemble all the special moments
forming a brilliant picture of us
oh, wait the last piece is missing
that piece is a piece of you!

posted: for dVerse - Puzzles hosted by Brian


  1. One piece of a puzzle is very integral. Without that piece, the puzzle cannot be complete. It is sad when someone is missing in a puzzle. It is sad when someone is missing from a life. A poignant write here, Truedessa.

    1. Good Morning Mary,

      That last piece can be the hardest piece to find hopefully, time can fill in the space.

    2. Good morning, Trudessa... one can wait too long, perhaps an entire life time looking/waiting for that missing piece.

      I hope you had a great weekend!


    3. Hi Shoes,

      Sometimes the pieces just don't come together for whatever reason. I wrote this a while back a long story behind the writing.

      I hope you are enjoying what's left of the weekend.

    4. Hey you... the weekend has been great, thank you! I hope it has been for you as well!!


  2. all those memories dont make the picture complete without them in it eh? hard when you to the end and find that the one integral piece is missing....

    1. Hi Brian,

      I wrote this piece a while back and your prompt made me think of it. One of those things we write and tuck away.

  3. ...what a painful end Truedessa... def the hardest. piece to find... & even when you finally found that one last piece to complete your puzzle if that missing one doesn't share the same feel you have the puzzle will still be incomplete... & def signal another long process of searching for that righteous one worthy of completing your puzzle... your life... powerful write & quite affecting to read... loved it! smiles...

    1. Hi Kelvin,

      Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment. I always enjoy reading your words. I agree that last piece of the puzzle is sometimes the most painful.

  4. A lovely and sad imagery of loss... that single piece of a beautiful puzzle that left forever. Very poignant poetry you share today,

    1. Hello Bjorn,

      Thanks for visiting and reading my words. I guess I was feeling the poem today.

  5. To me, poetry is the way we relate to the "interlocking pieces of us…" fragmented words seeking resolution. I particularly enjoyed the final stanza, just one piece away from completion, so close but yet so far !

    1. Interesting.. poetry is about "us" it's a way to express our feelings about life, love and the world. Sometimes they relate to us personally and sometimes they are just poems about what one might see or feel our interpretation of an event or scene. That one piece seems so close yet so far away.

  6. oh heck...there's a sting in the tough when all the perfect thing become imperfect cause the most important part is missing

    1. Yes, a sting at the end but, life is like that sometimes as it doesn't always come together and leaves an open space or wound. Thanks for visiting Claudia.

      Have a wonderful Sunday...

  7. loved the 'search' - beautiful imagery... and a wonderful way to wrap it up. well done.

    1. Miriam,

      Thank you for the reply..the search for the deeper meaning is an ongoing journey.

  8. How sad to find that the missing piece is someone special ~ Lovely share Truedessa ~ Happy weekend ~

    1. Heaven,

      I guess that's the way it rolls..thanks for the reply..I hope you have a happy weekend as well.

  9. Hmmm... if that someone special was indeed someone special, he/she wouldn't be missing. I'm guilty of having waited way too long!


    1. Hey Shoes,

      I think you are right..if it was meant to be that piece wouldn't be missing it would be right where it should be.

  10. What? You have a missing piece?
    is it under the table or stolen by some little sneaky niece?
    Get everything done and one spot is bare
    That just upsets the ocd at my lair lol
    To find you have much
    Yet no one that you want to touch
    Can make the whole seem void
    But unless one is extremely paranoid
    hiding away in their room
    Then it isn't all doom and gloom
    Could find the piece on the street
    As you walk to your own beat
    Or some dating site
    But those are a fright haha

    1. lol - A missing piece
      who would have known
      now, I just moan
      well, you could help
      me find it you see
      maybe, it was washed
      away at your sea, did
      you take it then flee

      Hope you are enjoying your weekend...

    2. i took it and ran
      Hide it in a shiny can
      If you want it you'll have to search
      Otherwise be left in the lurch
      As it costs to much to mail across the border
      So I'll keep it until you can get the order

    3. You took it and ran
      well can you send
      me a scan..then my
      puzzle will be complete
      & I won't have to run
      the jagged streets
      of my mind..or across
      the border I will go
      search high & low
      there at your bay

      Hope you have a great day!

    4. I'm more of a take the hard way
      So the cat will be waiting with it at our bay

    5. So the cat did take my piece of the puzzle
      I knew that cat was up to trouble..
      now, I will have to jump the border
      if I want to have some

  11. Oh, such a sad ending after all the searching.

  12. I know that sense of missing pieces. You've offered some questions that won't be answered. I think all we can do is craft the missing pieces ourselves and be as whole as we can be.

    1. Thanks for the read..some questions can be answered you just have to wait for the right time.

  13. Losing someone can definitely make the 'puzzle' feel incomplete!

    1. Hello,

      So,true thank you for the read and reply.

  14. Some good concrete images here!

  15. I remember searching for this missing piece - sad when we lose something we love.
    Anna :o]

    1. Anna,

      Did you ever find the missing piece? Sometimes we never find it and just have to work on a new puzzle.