Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaping Ring of Fire


velvet sky,  glistening silver moonlight
white sails dancing, gentle sea breeze
whispering  haunting tales, dreams ignite
captain charting new course with ease

Truedessa slips her arms around him
eyeing the map and compass at hand
hot yellow-orange candlelight dims
flickering visions, drifting desert sand

cat lost , giant pyramids take form
mystical gathering deity of the moon
flashing bright,  rapid meteor storm
warning signs of what will appear soon

mystic sky small opening, blinding light
cats eyes full of wonder gently rising
Truedessa grabs his tail taking flight
Captain Pat latches on not surprising

floating upward what will be their plight
gateway , entering the shadow land
darkness surrounds, ship out of sight
BOOM , Bang, clash,  craSH
  CRACK.. Zip...Zap

lost, utterly confused struggling to stand
Truedessa crying,  crazy cat missing
captain surveying, devising a plan
distant noise,  disgruntled cat  hissing

traveling by foot stumbling upon a man
riding a camel, captain makes a deal
trading a rare jewel for a helping hand
rescuing the cat, they may have to steal

Truedessa following distant hissing sound
up ahead huge ancient golden pyramid
sudden fear, we should circle around
atmosphere hazy,  growing humid
  sticky air
   scorching heat

quietly dismounting sneaking a peek
sacrificial offering,hypnotized jeweled cat
trembling earth shakes,Truedessa shrieks
sandstorm blowing, guards falling splat
captain draws his iron sword & attacks
Truedessa, conjuring spirits ancient ones
ghostly figures covering their backs
grabbing the cat, distant portal, RUN

leaping head first, huge ring of fire
frantic spinning, trying to get a grip
dizziness, not sure what transpired
candlelight flickers back on the ship

snuffing red flame, slipping into bed
Captain & Truedessa blanket of night
bora bora shores flashing in their heads
cat resting at their feet , twinkling light

illusion...could it be... jewel collar glowing bright
Two light hearted fools bid you good-night...

NOTE: Time to tell my tale as the journey continues
   posted for dVerse open link night..be sure
   to support all the wonderful poets...


  1. Haha how rude is that
    He tried to sacrifice the cat
    Good thing the cat was hissing
    Or he may have stayed missing
    Stuck with a crazy in a giant litterbox
    The cat would rather curl up by your socks
    If you wear them under the sheets
    Under crazy left in defeat
    Such magic sucking the three away
    At least they win at the end of the day
    Another grand tale
    And te cat kept his tail lol

    1. Another crazy
      And the, typos, oopsy daisy

    2. Another tale on the journey to bora bora shore
      seems life sailing on the seas is never a bore
      never know where they will go or what's in store
      all these battles fighting evil can be quite a chore..lol..

  2. Tee hee, I can see you have been hanging around Pat. This adventure makes me smile!! Love the way you worked the rhymes!

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read the adventure..I just had to tell one of mine as Pat seems to have fun with his..lol..

  3. I find you putting yourself in the poem very novel in its practice. It offers an avenue of expression much like a persona poem but on a much deeper level of experience. Thouroughly entertaining asnd full of wonderful things. >KB

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and the thoughtful comment..I enjoyed reading your words..

  4. Ah.. there you are.. the adventure's getting pyramidal :-) lovely form as usual.. new adventures coming along.

    1. Hi Bjorn,

      Thanks you for your comment ..I always appreciate your visits..

  5. ha. what a continuation of your story...the ring of fire...didnt johnny cash sing about that? smiles....lots of intensity in this one between the missing ca, the sandstorm, ring of fire...glad they got a chance to retire there in the end...smiles.

    1. Hi Brian,

      That is indeed a Johnny Cash song..I have a black t-shirt
      that has him on the front and the back says "I Walk the Line"
      It's getting pretty exhausting fighting our way to Bora Bora..lol
      need a bit of sleep after that battle.

  6. I love that Johnny Cash song :) Intense write.

  7. Very nice! Loving this story! :-)

  8. What a wonderful image you have included... that of the Sphinx and the Pyramid..




    1. Good Morning Shoes,

      Thank you for visiting my friend...Let's talk soon...

  9. ha i'm glad they got a little rest there in the end... and i have an earworm from that song now...smiles

    1. Claudia I too have that song humming in my head..

  10. The Ring of Fire is certainly a unique song. Very catchy and loud and your poem is long and intense in keeping with the song. Great write Truedessa!


    1. Hi Hank,

      Thank you so much for the kind comment...it is indeed a long poem..but, I had to get the story said..thanks for reading..

  11. A lot of great images. Especially the first couple stanzas. And great creativity throughout.

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

  12. How fun, fanciful, and lyrical. :D

  13. How much fun can two poets have when they get together? A lot, it looks like! Loved this, tho it may not have been as much fun for the cat, I liked that he was there !

    1. Hi Sherry,

      Always a pleasure when you stop by for a visit..talk soon...

  14. You and Pat seem to have some pretty great adventures! Rhyming through Bora Bora! Ha. I'm glad the cat's okay. k.

    1. Good Morning,

      Well, the adventures are fun to create so, I like to give it a run
      every once in a while as Pat does his own take of adventures
      on the way to Bora Bora..it's fun to do something outside the
      box...Glad the cat made his way out of there...smiling...

  15. LIKE this tale, full of, well...STUFF. Besides it contains rhyming!
    And "Good Night"...(even though it is 1 PM)