Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shimmering Green Fish Tales


Beneath soft cotton clouds, sailing balmy seas
Truedessa , Captain Pat along with his cat
dream of sandy beaches & swaying palm trees
day grows warm, distant splash what was that

Captain surveys blue water with his telescope
orange sunset, recalling old fisherman's tales
Truedessa writing poetic sonnets, full of hope
abrupt change in wind, billowing canvas sails

Cat nervously curls into Truedessa 's lap
glowing moon,  night slips in on silent wings
captain rolls up tattered charting maps
let us rest and see what tomorrow brings

Early morning rising,  captain at the helm
soft lyrical songs, sea of enchantment
sailing his vessel into an unknown realm
mermaids splashing , full of excitement

Casting their magical spell, jolting bump
sPLish, SpLASH huge waves wobbling ship
Truedessa rushes to the deck, captain jumps
catching a glimpse he vanishes, her heart slips

Mermaids pulling him into the depth below
heart retching scream, I will get him back
hot salty  tears,  thick foaming waters glow
cat by her side contemplating her attack

Magical herbal potion she & the cat drink
anchoring the ship, stripping her clothes
diving into the deep blue sea,  sly wink
dark secret caverns, crystal water flows

Underwater sanctuary, haunting song
Truedessa & the cat cautiously surface
Captain Pat bedazzled, singing along
enchanted melody & seductive verses

Colorful coral reefs, exotic tropical fish
underwater paradise, rare precious  pearls
floating starfish, Truedessa makes a wish
transforming turquoise tail,  golden curls

Joining the mermaids in their game of song
she gazes into his eyes, breaking the spell
whispering in his ear, you have to be strong
here they are lonely and wish you to dwell

Battling for his attention, chaos breaks loose
cat nipping fish, Truedessa  swatting scaly tails
Neptune rises , mighty trident demanding truce
you must let this man go, his ship he must sail

Mermaids murmuring live with us, eternal life
suddenly , giant squid tries to suck Truedessa up
Captain Pat swings into action, pulling his knife
cat attacks, fresh sushi, Flash//BANG//Wallop

Neptune roars ENOUGH, this madness must stop
churning still waters into a giant swirling spout
trio twirling around & around surfacing belly flop
Truedessa shedding her tail, as she swims about

Aboard their ship, hovering stars & silver moon
slipping into his hands rare precious black pearls
his smiles lights the heavens, her heart swoons
lightly brushing soft moist lips, love unfurls

Truedessa leading the way, cozy berth below
warm bodies molding melting into the night
rocking to the rhythmic sea, smooth & slow
hanging on tight, souls entwined take flight

drifting onward in dreams to the bora bora shore

posted for dVerse 
another light hearted fool adventure... 
will the two ever make it to Bora Bora???


  1. Oh that was grand
    Today in your land
    Neptune giving lip
    Sending us for a trip
    The cat getting some fish
    Live bait, a mighty fine dish
    Truedessa stripping
    Doing some under water skinny dipping lol
    The mermaids would never win
    Can't compete with the berth belows sin haha

    1. Well, Had to write another chapter
      and free you from your captors
      Fun, to do some creative writing
      adventures can be rather exciting
      Glad you enjoyed the tale
      at least you weren't swallowed by a whale..lol..

    2. lol Tarsier Man already made us do that
      Tale was grand at your mat

    3. well, we didn't see any whales in my adventure
      just a giant squid that tried to swallow me whole
      haha..really is funny to see where a story will go
      no wonder you like to write all those books..
      the master of rhyme..quite a challenge at times..

    4. lol I used the whale and you used the squid
      But together the both of those evil things we rid

    5. Lol..can't wait to read the Tarsier Man adventure
      we need to brush up on our umm sword play...lol..

  2. Very clever, Truedessa. A fine poetic adventure; and I can tell you had a lot of fun writing it as well.

    1. Thanks Mary,

      Well, Pat likes to put me in those video's so it was time for
      me to tell one of my own tales..

  3. oh fang...you have to watch those mermaids, they will lull you into the deep and you will def drown...i love the sound effects throughout...lol...oh but what fun they are having getting to bora bora you know...smiles.

    1. Hi Brian,

      I'm not sure they will ever get to the Bora shore but, it is rather
      fun traveling the balmy seas...lol..

  4. Hey, I had fun sailing the old says with your poem...but alas!
    I'm certain I'd never got back, would have chosen to stay down under with the mermaids. I've NEVER EVER learned my lesson!

    LIKED this. thanks!

    1. Hi Steve,

      Oh your comment is too funny..you would like the underwater sea all those mermaids floating around thee..thanks so much for stopping over you always make me smile..

      P&L always...

  5. Replies
    1. A quest for adventure under the blue sea..

  6. :) Cool adventure :) nicely penned.

    1. Thanks ayala..I do like writing these adventures and Pat seems to enjoy them as well..

  7. This was quite a fun story - had me captivated all the way through. Really beautiful images, I could feel a lot of it myself. Lovely work - enchanting!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and the lovely comment. It is appreciated.

  8. Best trip I ever had with my clothes on...wow what a poet

    1. Glad you enjoyed the trip...thanks for visiting..

  9. If you're having as much fun writing these poems as I'm having reading them - then that's a good thing. Very imaginative, love the narrative too.


    1. Tony,

      I am enjoying a bit of creative writing...glad you enjoy reading my
      fantasy poems.,fun to do..

  10. I think it's an art to make people smile...this poem is full of both art and smiles.

    1. Thank you Ronald that comment made me smile...

  11. How fun. You can't go wrong with Captain Pat and his cat. And good job with the rhyming although I'm not sure any of us can quite measure up to that cat! :0)

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for reading, I'm not as good as the rhyming cat as he is the master of rhyme.. but I like to pen these little adventures.

  12. I enjoyed this poem very much, Trudessa! It pulled me in from the first words. I almost hope that you never get to Bora Bora, because I am enjoying your voyage ~ not to mention Pat's funny videos with you and the cat!

    1. Hi,

      You made me laugh as who knows when we will reach the Bora Bora shore but, at least we are having a bit of fun on the way..the
      video's are too darn funny..I never know what he will do next..

  13. Playful, imaginative and visually captured. Thanks for taking me along on your trip, Tru!

  14. Replies
    1. Hi, Thanks for coming over to read..

  15. Well, that was quite the trip! One that left me smiling....