Saturday, May 31, 2014

Queen Anne's Revenge


Clock strikes midnight, moon rising with a yawn
two light hearted fools gazing above starlight
lingering under the heavens, magic before dawn
rolling ship begins to rock, cat sitting tight

Captain Pat & Truedessa sharing ghost tales
from the depth below a black dragon roams
two light hearted fools travel beyond the veil
eerie sound, choppy water, angry sea foams

drumming fills the air, billowing canvas sails
tension tugging ropes,  cat walking the plank
drawing two fools closer to the ship rails
heavy sound of iron,  a sudden loud clank

emerging from beneath flying manta ray
hauling a chain caught on his triangular fin
whoosh the chain breaks, get out of the way
wooden chest lands with a thud,  trio grin

treasure heaved from the ocean's  floor
through thick haze, shadowy object appears
Truedessa trembling wild waves roar
awakening hidden superstitious fears

filled with silver trinkets & coins of  gold
tonight Blackbeard's spirit we will wrestle
chill fills the air, battle will soon unfold
"Queen Ann's Revenge" haunting vessel

channeling energy,  deep mournful  cry
wind changes course  turbulent storm
whirling grayish clouds ominous sky
ghostly apparitions start to take form

Blackbeard's ship picking up speed
tis,  treasure these pirates wish to plunder
their leaden hearts filled with greed
night cuts with ear piercing thunder

Captain Pat at the helm devilish grin
slicing  darkness, Blackbeard stands
bellowing "this is a battle you cannot win"
fiercely grabbing Truedessa's  hands

fiery cannons blast, massive smokey mist
Truedessa and the treasure chest are gone
Captain now  pissed pounds his heavy fist
I'll have her back before the light of dawn

Truedessa sends her vibe to Captain Pat
he & the cat descend to the berth below
mixing a magic  potion a tad of this & that
drinking it quickly they begin to grow
   &GrOW & GROW

leaping in warm water, lightning speed
swimming to the pirates runaway vessel
Captain declaring  this will be fun indeed
Blackbeard better be ready to wrestle

counting his coins drinking his dark rum
Truedessa sensing  trouble was afloat
she heard the mystic sea start to drum
Captain Pat hollering,  toying with the boat

Blackbeard cursing, we are under attack
who is this giant called "Captain Pat"
Captain laughs as they ricochet back
body of steel, mighty ship will go splat

Trudesssa quickly jumps on the cat with glee
pocketful  of  silver trinkets and a bit of gold
Captain plunging the ship into an abyssal sea
resting for eternity in the underworld's fold

shrinking they  hurry enchantment won't  last
scurrying up the worn ladder safely on deck
Captain Pat chuckles being a giant was a blast
Truedessa wraps her arms around his neck

over the horizon brilliant orange sunrise
together side by side bringing in a new day
two light hearted fools enjoying surprises
magical adventures on the way to bora bay..

as the ship gently sways the cat plays

posted for dVerse open link
another Light-Hearted Fool adventure
as they make their way to Bora Bora bay.
I will be back later to read thank you for
your visit.


  1. blackbeard would be a tough one to tangle with but who can stand against the might of two light hearted fools and one turned giant on the attack, any old pirate you could sack

    1. Hi Brian,

      I don't think I'd want to tangle with Blackbeard in reality but, in fantasy it is fun to do. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. ha - nice - i can imagine that being a giant is great fun - sharing ghost tales doesn't sound bad as well..smiles

    1. Might be fun to be a giant for bit..I guess you would have a new perspective for sure.

  3. ha.. that potion could be good sometimes.. glad that you made it Truedessa.. Blackbeard is no fun guy to be close to ....

    1. Thanks Bjorn, The captain and the cat did come to the rescue..haha

  4. I am glad Truedessa and Captain have had these 'magical adventures'!

    1. I enjoy writing these from time to time. Thanks for taking the time to read this very long post. Appreciate it..

  5. What an adventure, Truedessa. I don't think I would care to meet Blackbeard face to face. However, it sounds like he was no match for Captain Pat & Truedessa. Smiles.

    1. I agree Mary I would certainly not want to encounter him in real life as he would make me tremble.

  6. This was such a fun ride - er, read! I grinned all through it. Could almost see it on the silver screen! Hollywood might take an option!! Hee hee.

    1. Hi Sherry,

      I do enjoy these writes as they stretch my imagination. Thanks for reading..

  7. hahaha not only a giant cat but also a giant Captain Pat, that sure is grand, even old dead blackbeard they can withstand. Sinking him to the depths below, as the ship sways to the suns morning glow. Those ghosts have nothing on two light hearted fools, good thing truedessa keeps some mighty potent wine down below lol

    1. Those ghosts can be haunting..haha..that wine turned the
      Captain and the cat into giants..

    2. a post then not? Some weird plot? lol no wonder you like that wine so much

  8. a ride indeed! you certainly know how to paint a story and give life to a scene, and the rhyme was spot on throughout - nice work!

    1. Thank you so glad you enjoyed the ride.

  9. What fun and I am sure glad that Truedessa keeps her magic potion to fight with Blackbird ~ Enjoyed this tale, smiles ~

    1. Sorry I meant Blackbeard, ha ~

    2. Glad you enjoyed the tale..well I guess Blackbeard was bit of a blackbird..hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  10. Oh with a mighty Yar! And Ho! Loved this!! It must have been great fun to write!

    1. Thanks for the witty comment you made me laugh. It was great fun to write.

  11. Enjoyed your poem of adventure and the peaceful end.

  12. Lightheartedness goes a long way to disarm! I saw some teenagers mocking some happy and gentle Hare Krishna followers last weekend, they were mimicking the joyful dancing and singing in quite an unpleasant way. The Hare Krishna simply welcomed them, carried on dancing, singing and smiling. The boys didn't last long in their mockery, and they eventually joined in properly - and had far more fun, I imagine!

    1. Interesting story.. kindness can go a long way..singing and dancing really does free the heart.

  13. As Audrey said the pleasure you took in writing this is tangible - thanks for the realisation... With Best Wishes Scott

    1. Hi Scott,

      Thank you it was a pleasure to create this story.

  14. That was fun, Truedessa! I love how you became one of the main characters. A pleasure to read, put smiles on my face, so thank you. - Vivienne, of OneVoicePoetry, with Bjorn et al.

    1. Hi,

      This is another segment in the Two Light Hearted series that seems to have taken shape as they try to make their way to Bora Bay.

  15. Captain Pat and Truedessa. Sounds like this could compete with Pirates of the Caribbean :) quite an adventure you took us on here. I have actually always been fascinated by the pirate days. I love stories/movies that take place during that time.

    1. Hi Keith,

      Well, those two fools are sailing the seas trying to get to Bora Bora so they have to run into a pirate or two. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. There is something fascinating about pirates.

  16. This is a rollicking read, Trudessa. Thanks, k.

  17. I love pirates too Truedessa and are fascinating!
    Captain Pat is funny.
    And i told this cat he always draw you beauty:)

    1. Hi Gloria,

      Captain Pat and his cat are rather amusing. Thanks for reading this adventure and for your kind words.

  18. Always are fun your adventures!

    1. Thank Gloria..that brought a smile to my face...

  19. What a fun adventure!

  20. What fun adventure and poem. :-)

    1. Appreciate you taking the time to read..