Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Does Solitude = Silence

Silence a sudden hush , tranquility
i  walk upon the path of solitude
longing to hear higher decibels
everything around me grows still
noise fades, so  that  I  might hear
captivated in green blades of grass
eavesdropping on mother nature

posted for Poets United
Pictures - Truedessa's Collection

author's note:  The path has a marker
that leads to Solitude represented
by this single stone. A time to be
alone with one's thoughts..


  1. I am quite happy to imagine nature busy in her silence as I dare to encroach on her space.

  2. Silence often serves to be meditative while one is captivated by the charms of Mother Nature. Beautifully executed :D

    Lots of love,

  3. Truedessa, I do think that in 'silence' one can hear more easily what nature is speaking. Perhaps it is in the stillness one can best contemplate the beauty of even a single blade of grass.

  4. Oooo cool statue? Where did you find that? Same place as the maze?
    There is something that happens walking among nature. I love the hush of the blades of grass in a field when the wind blows. Like wind chimes almost.

    1. Hi, yes this was at the same place as the maze. It was quite a journey.

  5. If in silence the brain and mother nature sure can make lots of noise, usually good noise though.

  6. Solitude and silence are different as your poem hints...in silence perhaps we hear the forces which hold us and are always there...

  7. you've spelt it out literally and poetically so well - clever!

  8. I love that carved stone face....and the peaceful beauty of your words.

  9. Oh wow...I also, love that stone...this is in your world?!! I love it...I also love the way you play with that fine line between silence and sound and the true meaning of solitude...solitude is always better when accompanied by Mother Nature, I think. :)

  10. I love the combination of your pictures with the wonderful poem. I like to hear higher decibles too. Lovely post!

  11. "eavesdropping on mother nature"---that is an awesome line/image.

  12. The way you expanded those first letters, helping us wallow and scoop out the essence of silence-solitude, just swept me over.....Beautifully penned!

  13. An interesting and honest poem.

  14. a lovely walk with solitude

  15. A beautiful poem! I love being out in nature, where the city noise is silenced and I start hearing the sounds mother nature makes. So peaceful and relaxing. Have a wonderful weekend, Truedessa :)

  16. Hi human, Truedessa,

    Immersed in the silent undertones that speak to us in the symphony of nature.

    Nicely done, my human friend. You are getting quite good at pawetry!

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

    Penny xx

  17. Evesdropping on mother nature... I love that line. :)