Thursday, September 3, 2015

Shed a tear...

"Rain" by Lev Razumovsky.

In the watershed
she stores hope for the future
in wooden buckets filled to the rim
with salted tears that fell from the sky...

If you asked her how many or why
she would  simply  sigh & reply
"too many"

she dances in the rain barefoot
water  drenching her skin
filling every pore...collecting
raindrops...with each beat of her
heart...holding dreams close to
her breast  for fear they might
slip away...

if you asked her again how many or why
she would simply sigh & reply
"as many as it takes"

In the watershed
she stores hope for the future
when the river runs dry and the
land &  her people  are thirsty
she will open the door
and give them a drink
filling  their cup to the rim

who is she I do not know
but, I wish her well

Poets United - Midweek Motif
Watershed Moments 


  1. So very beautiful...I wish her well, too.

  2. Me, too. May she be the true spirit of each country and the borderlands--and let her open the door to that shed to share!

  3. Always try to think positive and you will achieve a positive outcome.

  4. I wish her well, too. I once danced in the rain barefoot. It was August 1985.

  5. Sometimes that's all we can do - save our hope for the future.

  6. There is a strength in her, if she notices or not. I love the dancing in the rain and "as much as it takes" or many - there is a perseverence in her. The touch on her people as well in the next stanza really opens this up beyond her.

  7. This is such a heartfelt piece.. I too wish her well.

  8. The one who plans for all is a wonderful person even if pain is a constant companion.

  9. As many as it takes is the way to be, that's how one gets there.

  10. This is very lovely. Storing hope for her future, and enough to offer to thirsty people in the cool. Am glad she holds those dreams close to her heart for safekeeping.

  11. I enjoyed this, Truedessa. I like the idea of storing hopes for the future. We really can never store enough hopes! That way the river will never run dry! Very cool form here, my friend.

  12. A great and vivid piece, it resonates deeply.

  13. It is that spirit that is the glue that holds people together.
    Beautiful verse

  14. Love the imagery from this, especially of the tears/water/rain. Sometimes hope is all we have to get through bad times, and sometimes we have to lend that hope to one another when their own hope is gone.

  15. Reading this felt so cleansing. Well done! :)

  16. Beautifully written, Truedessa! What an amazing way to spread hope, storing it and giving it out when it's needed the most.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Lots of love and hugs to you,