Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chaos at Sea!

Two light hearted fools drifting at sea
Truedessa dreaming under a starry sky
Capt'n Pat at the helm,  humming "Let it Be"
the spotted cat sitting by his side

Truedessa, conjured up  a secret plan
to gather friends aboard their ship
she knew the cat would not be a  fan
with that thought,  the wind did whip

dangerous waters in a balmy climate
Truedessa penned a verse or two
cat played along and rhymed it
distance ship drifting into view

sudden shift , moon growing full
out of the water a mystic frogman
he had the strength of a roaring bull
cat swatted the creature and then ran

frogman tried to grab Truedessa's hand
Capt'n Pat would have none of that
bellowing  out a loud command
from the sky came a giant bat

swooping low over their heads
Capt'n Pat swinging his sword
Truedessa clinging to dream beads
fast approaching vessel starboard

hop hop hopping
  across wide wooden planks


 clashing sword and scepter
    riding  wild waves...
Capt'n Red Shoe and Grumpy Blue
ahoy mateys,  what goes on there
to the rescue with the whole crew
even the dragon came from his lair

bat and dragon  a powerful pair
frogman wanted to make an accord
exhausted and gasping for some air
he just wanted his kingdom restored

Truedessa the key to breaking the spell
now, all the friends gathered around
anxious to hear the story he would tell
Glenn set the scene,  Alex provided sound

Sherry was lulled by the oceans song
a wicked sorcerer,  stole his magical land
kissing Truedessa  would right a wrong
together the group began to understand

Truedessa agreed at precisely midnight
giving the frogman a long awaited kiss
Merlin appeared in the moonlight
his realm saved in a moment of bliss

The constellations dancing  with delight
Happy Birthday written in the sky
Capn't Pat smiled, enjoying the sight
Truedessa, wiped a tear from her eye

The ninja began to play his guitar
beer guys brought a keg and a drinkin' song
Capt'n Pat made a wish on a shooting star
celebrating with friends everyone sang along

Happy Birthday Pat!
another adventure
"just for you"
 I know I'm early...


  1. A fun celebration would be had. Great job weaving in and out all of the blogland crew too. Thanks for the birthday wishes as well. 24 posts on one day will soon be a go where we dwell. lol

    1. You are quite welcome my friend! These adventures are always fun to write. I don't think those fools will ever get to Bora but, it sure has been a fun journey.

    2. No need to get there as the fun is more rare

  2. Happy birthday, Pat. I am honored to find myself on board for this adventure.....made me smile. It has been awhile since I read a True Dessa and Captain Pat adventure. Loved it.

    1. Hi Sherry, How could I not include you...oh, I should have added a wolf to howl at the full moon but, we know he is out there waiting.

  3. Warm Birthday wishes Pat, and what an adventure that would be indeed. Greetings!

    1. One of many fun adventures were had by these fools

  4. What a great birthday poem! And I got to rock.

  5. I see a climate of fun here, disguised as an awesome adventure! Happy Birthday.

    1. Thank Susan, An early birthday present for Pat his birthday is tomorrow.

  6. Pat wore his birthday hat, & the song was purred by the smiling cat, & what fun, frolic & joy was had by all. What a fine surprise to find mineself there in the crew--part of the multi-dimensional qualities of each of our powerful entities no doubt. Thanks for the invite, & inclusion in this adventure. I have taken your suggestion for BLACKTHORNE, & will do a full review/synopsis for all the dVerse poets & friends, before launching episode 55 in late April.

    1. Glenn I am so glad you came over to read .. of course I would have to include you.. great news about Blackthorne.. I look forward to reading ...

  7. Looks more of Pat Hatt's affair here. Too early but Happy birthday just the same! Exhaustive take Truedessa! Great!


    1. An early birthday gift as I beat the crowd of well wishers...

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Dez he was named Grumpy Goo by the cat in an earlier adventure plot. He is not really grumpy if you ask me...

  9. Hi Truedessa - that was brilliant - so well done ... and including so many friends. Capn Pat seems very happy as he should be with his birthday poem .. a great Ocean tale - so pleased all returned to a happy birthday ... Cheers to you both - Hilary

    1. It was fun to do and I hope he enjoyed his birthday!

  10. I echo the sentiments above :D this is truly brilliant!

    1. Thanks, I like to write these tales once in awhile...

  11. The good ship Truedessa - sounds like a fine vessel to be aboard - a delightful kind of chaos! :)

    1. Haha me thinks there would def be mayhem on that vessel...

  12. Such a magically fun tale Truedessa! I love it!! :-)

  13. This is an awesome imaginative write!

    I love this:

    " constellations dancing with delight
    Happy Birthday written in the sky"

    So fun....with a name like yours it fits perfectly into poem! Love it!

    1. Haha thanks .. This is something that started a couple of years ago with some friends.. A great cast aboard that ship..