Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Truedessa Chats With Patrick Hatt - Imagine that!

Today, I am doing something new.  I have decided to incorporate some book reviews on my blogs.  I recently finished reading Murder Has A Price by Patrick Hatt a/k/a Pat Hatt. He is an  author of over 100 children books and novels.

So, let's get started with my first review and then Pat has kindly agreed to a short interview to amuse his fans.

Murder Has A Price had me hooked in the first few pages. It is fast paced and draws the reader in pronto. Detective Hollerin is on a mission that seems impossible. His sole goal is to solve the Torrie and Kurt Price murders.  His ally in this quest is Mr. Dunker who was the butler for the Price family. He believes without a doubt that Mr. Price was innocent, unfortunately, the law has their own theories on the case.

You will meet some quirky characters along the way that seem to work well together. Get ready for a wild roller coaster ride filled with a couple of twists and some high packed confrontations. In this who done it mystery, one wonders who will come out alive if anyone and at what cost?

This book is a bit outside Pat's usual genre of adventures. This crime thriller is a must read for Pat Hatt fans.  Just keep in mind there is some violence. You can find his book at Amazon. here
Now with no further delays - Truedessa chats with Patrick Hatt - Imagine That!

Can you tell us how the idea for this book evolved?  Do you ever  dream about a story and then wake up and roll with it or do you like to let an idea simmer in your head for a bit?

The idea popped in one day and then I went with it. I had to flesh it out a bit more with some of the other characters but Hollerin and the main story itself I knew from the get go. Always do. If I don’t know the exact ending, I don’t start. Don’t want to end up like a certain show and have no idea on the ending and then make up something stupid when I get there.

I’ve dreamt about at least 10 I’ve got written down to do on my ever growing list. As I’m writing sequences and stuff like that I may dream about them from time to time too. When my brain gets the idea I just roll with it. Unless I have five on the go already or something. Then it will have to simmer while my OCD makes me finish the ones I already started.

I am a bit intrigued by the characters .  Can you tell us a bit about the development of your characters and which one did you find the most fun?  

The main character(s) I always have before I start. But many just kind of work their way in. There have been so many who were throw away characters in my books that just stuck out and had a story to tell, so I let it be told. I may know where the beginning and end ends up but the middle is usually dictated by what wants to be told and where the characters want to go. In this one Hollerin was fun to write as he just didn’t give a crap any longer. Usually it’s the comic relief or smart arse characters that are the most fun though.

The story is fast paced and I wonder how long did it take for you to complete this adventure?  You are usually at least 6 months ahead on your  blog posts. 

Only took me about 20 days to write the first draft. Plus I edit as I go so that helps with further drafts. Then I just edit away some more and some more and some more. This one was done August of 2015 haha So it has been sitting there awhile. I’ve got 4 more done in various stages of editing too.  At least one more for release this year I think. As for blog posts, I’m at 360 ahead now. The cat never shuts up. Or he has no life. Either works.

I noticed you left the door ajar.  Will there be a follow up?

I purposely left the door ajar and the journal has a bigger role to play should the sequel come due. But with Max Blizzard series and A Not So ___ World series on the go, not sure I want to start another one until those two are finished. Plus, it is nice to just write stand alone books and not have to sequelize everything. But we shall see. That stupid list of ideas keeps growing though and putting a cramp in any sequels.

What one word would describe your writing style? ( besides in rhyme) 

Probably go go go. One word times three. Is that okay by thee? Hey, you mentioned rhyme. Had to do it one time. 

I see no mention of the cat in the book, perhaps he was napping.

The cat must have been off napping or hawking up a hairball. He’s getting too big of an ego anyway. After putting him in another series and giving him super powers, I think he’s been serviced enough.

The cover is great for a murder mystery.  Did you design it yourself? 

I came up with the idea for the design and then I got an artist to bring it to life and bring it to life he did.

What would you like to say to your readers about your murder mystery?
I would tell them to "buy your book."

Buy my book sounds like a plan. But in my next novel I kind of work that angle a bit, so we don’t want to do a repeat or a reboot of that. A certain blogger may have a fit. As for what I can say is I hope it is enjoyed and at least one of the twists is a surprise.
Thanks for the chat, you may get an evil look from the cat. Talking to Pat and not his rhyming umm butt. I’m sure he’ll get over it though at our hut.

After the initial rounds of questions I just had one more to ask as inquiring minds want to know.
Tell us what does Pat Hatt do in his free time besides write? 

Pat bows to the demands of the cat. Would that really mean I ever have
free time though? Hmmm. Other than that, work out, watch movies/TV, take
the mutts for a walk, play cards and just enjoy life as it comes.

Thank you Pat for joining me for a bit of fun!  Now for those of you who want to read something a bit different by this prolific writer  - This might be the one to read!  Who doesn't enjoy a good murder mystery? 

Pat can be found at It's Rhyme Time  here  where he leaves a new post every day! A note of warning be careful what you say as he may take it and use it at his bay.  He often incorporates his followers in his posts and I have to say it is often  hilarious. Added points if you are lucky enough to get to be his #1 comment of the day.


  1. A year ahead on blog posts and several books already written - I believe it.
    I won't start until I know the exact ending either.
    And don't step in any hairballs...

    1. haha yep, hit 365 posts ahead yesterday. So can relax for a year if I like. I wear shoes everywhere so it isn't so bad if I tramp in a hairball.

  2. Thanks for the fun run and the review too. The cat and Pat enjoyed it through and through

  3. Enjoyed the interview, a year ahead of posts! WOW that is all I have to say. The book was good to too.


  4. Pat, it just amazes me how many books you put out and how far ahead you are in the blog posts! Well done!

  5. Hi Truedessa - what a fun post ... informative re Pat's latest book, and then so interesting to see how he plans his work - or rather doesn't ... as it runs away from him! Amazing - but brilliant that he can work like that.

    @ Pat -thanks for this ... fascinating to read up - I might be off to emulate you somewhat ...

    Cheers to you both - Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary, for visiting and leaving a comment.

      Cheers to you as well!

    2. Emulate away, may go crazy though at your bay lol

  6. Great review and interview, True! Nothing run of the mill or standard here! Looking forward to more reviews!

    1. No run of the mill, sure works indeed

    2. Thanks for visiting Snowcatcher, I am a bit on the unusual side so why not interview an unusual guy...haha

  7. Wow, I am seriously impressed. I have never HEARD of such productivity. Pat, way to go, you are amazingly prolific. May you sell many many of your many many books!

    1. I'd settle for many of many books, but many many would work too.