Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Reason, Season or Lifetime

A Reason

If you came into my life for a reason
I thank you for hearing the call
sharing your time and energy
to bring forth healing

I thank you for bringing a song
on the wings of love, so I might
once again hear the melody of life

I thank you for bringing me the gift
of poetry that allowed my voice
to be heard

I thank you for bringing me the wonders
of a story with characters I can believe in

A Season

If you came into my life for a season
I thank you for hearing the call
sharing your seasonal grace
teaching me lessons in the journey

I thank you for bringing me spring
the cherry blossoms in bloom
a reminder of renewal & rebirth

I thank you for bringing me summer
blue skies, the joys of love in sunburst
warmth, long days to revitalize
my soul

I thank you for bringing me autumn
time of noticeable change a reminder
of the fleeting nature of all things

I thank you for bringing me winter
time to sleep and dream in the beauty
of fresh fallen snow, the circle of

A Lifetime

If you came into my life for a lifetime
I thank you for bringing your strength
and unconditional love and support

I thank you for bringing me the gift
of strong roots, so we might grow
as spiritual beings in a vast universe
of unknown beauty. Exploring beyond
the scope of our natural eyes and to
raise our consciousness to the vibration
of love.

I thank you for bringing me the gift
of yourself, standing with me in the
good and bad times.

I thank you for being a friend!

Thank you for visiting and reading
my words. May you enjoy the gifts
of the holiday season in whatever
way you choose.

I will be celebrating Christmas so from
my heart to yours Merry Christmas!

Peace, light and love always!


  1. I love that saying how people come into our life for a reason, season, or lifetime. So true. Beautiful poem full of gratitude.

    Merry Christmas from Loredana at Magic of Words:

  2. So strong.. like your structure here, works to full effect... Great! With Best Wishes Scott

  3. What a beautiful poem, Truedessa. Indeed sometimes people come into one's life for a reason.........or come into one's life for a season.....and they are gifts; but those who come into one's life for a lifetime are forever real gems!

    Merry Christmas, Truedessa. Thanks for all of your poetry throughout the year. And blessings in the new year.

  4. The way you have used the similar structure here to make it clear what a wonderful think it is when to humans becomes one while still being themselves.

  5. This is so beautiful, Truedessa. Lovely to say thank you to those who come our way - always for a reason, I believe, even if only for a season. I wish you a warm and magical holiday season, and look forward to reading your poems in 2017. The world needs we poets now.

  6. Thankfulness is a wonderful gift to give to ourselves. It just makes everything feel like a special gift. This is a very sweet expression of how much thankfulness adds to our lives.

  7. That was awesome! Light a candle for yourself during this season of giving.

  8. And no matter the reason or season they sure stick with you for life in some way. Where as yeah, lifetime they are kinda there for life haha hope you have a merry christmas too at your sea!

  9. Wow, loved all parts. Such a reminder that everything that comes our way has a reason.

    Happy holidays, Truedessa

  10. Allow me to also praise this expression of magic.
    With so much good all around, we should all be thankful.

  11. I thank you for bringing me the gift
    of poetry that allowed my voice
    to be heard

    Resonates with this True! One is thankful to be blessed and is provided the facilities to participate. Merry Christmas to you Ma'am!


  12. An awesome poem! I love the idea of contemplating a person's place in your life. I have known so many people that have been swept along - and occasionally, under - by someone whose effect on their life was unhappy and deleterious. Your piece is a wonderful articulation of how much relationships enrich are lives ... when there is a "good" reason. Anyone questioning a relationship, that they are in, should read these wise and wonderful words.

  13. A lovely way to turn around that well-known saying.

  14. Thank you too for being part of the Poetic community for this last year and we will read you again next year.

  15. every word of this poem touches my inner beautiful and full of gratitude...Happy Holidays Truedessa :)

  16. 'tis lovely to be the reason of a season, or imagine an eternal season of absolute reason

  17. What a beautiful gratitude poem. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason and have something to give us or teach us. Have a Merry Christmas Trudessa.

  18. This is an exquisite post, Truedessa! I loved the words to the recorded music and also your accompanying words. The longer I live and the more I examine my life, the more I see the meaning and purpose of the people who have crossed paths with me. And the worst things that have happened to me have actually been some of the best things in retrospect! Thanks for reminding me of all of this through your post. And thanks for your continuing encouraging words on my blog. Have a wonderful Christmas week!

  19. Beautiful!! Thank you for these amazing touching words!
    Merry Christmas and Many Blessings :)

  20. Truedessa,
    You heart is pure,
    your words will cure,
    I timetravel through space,
    I'm sorry I have to race
    Merry Christmas

  21. Now, True... This is my kind of poem. I absolutely love it.

  22. 'tis lovely to be someone's reason or to have a reason

  23. Lovely. Happy new year dear Truedessa!