Monday, October 30, 2017

An Eerie Tale Takes Sail

Once long ago and far, far away
two fools searched for an exotic bay
they sailed the sea, of  lofty dreams
sometimes, all was not as it seems

Captain Pat ran a mighty ship
through the darkness it could slip
now these fools they had a plan
and so the journey soon began

Truedessa's head always in a cloud
voices in the Captain's head were loud
their imaginations had no end
and many stories they did pen

On this Hallow Eve,  a saga  begins
their vessel suddenly starts to spin
Truedessa yells "what's going on,
the heavenly stars are now gone"

The Capt'n shouts  "we need light,
we'll crash in darkness this night"
tossed about, the ship roughly  moans
Truedessa takes out  magical stones

a portal of light suddenly appears
sending them in a strange sphere
their ship they can no longer steer
trying to suppress their rising fear

hovering near with a giant wingspan
two red eyes glowing, a moth-man
a creature of the darkness and night
determined to steal the pairs light

the two would have none of that
pondering the Capt'n took off his hat
Truedessa whispered in his ear
"a lighthouse stands on the coast near"

Meanwhile, moth-man is shooting flares
from his fiery eyes at the foolish pair
Capt'n cautiously devises a scheme
we can bring you where light beams

The moth-man agrees, but if they fail
the two will never again set sail
they approach the beacon of light
suddenly, a ghostly figure takes flight

An eerie voice, " who dares to pay a call"
lost souls  reside within these walls
Truedessa's who's not afraid of any ghosts
demands to meet the creepy  host

Moth-man's eyes are shooting fiery darts
one hits the Capt'n , that wasn't smart
he draws his sword, there will be hell to pay
the journey is not so fun this day

Truedessa quickly ran up many flights
ghostly figures try to bring her fright
Capt'n  "yells" TURN UP THE LAMPS

Turning up the wick, oil worked quick
Light filtered, that should do the trick
just as the moon came out of hiding
moth-man now was happy and smiling

The light-keeper nodded with glee
as lost souls could now be set free
Truedessa and Captain Pat were relieved
for in the light they both did believe

Exhausted they returned to their ship
into a deep slumber they did slip
wondering if it was all some crazy dream
when suddenly they both screamed


author's note: This one was written
for a friend ~ may we always sail
the ship of dreams...may the journey
always be kind to you!


  1. Oh I LOVE this tale of Truedessa and Captain Pat. Love the ending and especially the wish at the bottom......may you both always sail the ship of dreams..........

    1. Thank you Sherry, I felt in the mood for a tale so the two had to set sail. May you continue to sail on your ship of dreams! I know you will;)

  2. Hi Truedessa - wonderful Halloween poem .. excellent - loved the feel of it. As Sherry says ... sail the ship of dreams ... and may our journeys be kind to us ... lovely poem - cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary, may jour journey always be kind to you! Thank you for visiting.

  3. I've missed tales of Captain Pat and Truedessa. Thanks for giving us a new one.

    1. It has been awhile, I hope it made you smile!

  4. I'm mad at you, True. In my head, this was read in a very slow, deep singing tone (think like 'Misty Mountains'). Then I got to "Turn up the Lamps/Turn up the Amps" and it all fell apart. haha

    1. Haha well you never know where I will go! I guess we could insert some loud guitar at that point as the tempo changed. What would you recommend? Sorry, I took you on a rough ride!

  5. Nice narrative, magic trip, Happy Halloween!

  6. haha those mothman creeps should learn to go bother Richard Gere, they can't stop two fools upon the sea. Letting the lost souls find peace and be free, good to do upon the sea. A fun filled tale indeed.

    1. Haha glad it was fun
      As another adventure was spun

      It’s Halloween that ship had to sail
      into the darkness for another tale

  7. What fun, Truedessa! I've missed your adventures of sailing to Bora Bora with Cap't Pat!

  8. A brilliantly written piece and having a friend is everything. Warm greetings!

  9. Fun! So Halloweeny. I didn't fill my quota of Halloweeny stuff this year, too busy taking care of a baby and the kids school. Do you ever wish we could just freeze time?

  10. As a light keep, I always like to see souls find their way. Smiles.

    I read the legend of the one that brings the rivers yesterday. Of his daughter and the forming of the tribes.