Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pirate's Song

It's Rhyming Time
Pat Hatt - It's  Rhyming Time

Dedicated to my friends!
Come sail the sea of dreams
an adventure waits for thee
HAR!!! HAR!!!

Blue Grumpster

Red Shoes

The ebb & flow rolling waves of my soul
I  board the ship of Captain Red Shoe
slipping into his pocket  a secret scroll
all hands on deck,  questionable crew

aye m'lady, what is your pleasure
I search for  my love he wanders the sea
sailing coast to coast seeking  treasure
my heart cannot rest until I find thee

Out to sea a ghostly wind moans
rocking to a haunting melody
beyond the horizon destiny unknown
she sings her song of melancholy

My love, My love I dream of thee
under a moonlit sky, my heart cries
my soul yearns to dance with thee
to gaze into the depth of your  eyes

your soul entwined with mine
our love etched in the heavens
from the beginning of time
whispering our confessions

grey mists of night breaks with dawn
Captain Blue's banner sails in the distance
all hands on deck, swords are drawn
would there be heavy resistance

Red Shoes declares that Grumpy Blue
is traveling with Captain Pat Hatt
under a squall of sea mews
and his notorious plotting cat


My Love, My love I search for thee
under the canvas of a wayward sky
storm surges in a turbulent  sea
I hear the waves of empty cries

quiver of  a shiver, eerie  haunts
what lies upon the ocean floor
gold & silver tantalizing taunts
money,  pleasure a pirate's whore

secret scroll to hidden treasure
buried on the  Bora Bora shores
procuring defensive measures
suddenly the angry sea roars

giant tidal waves, ominous sky
bellowing from darkest depths
thrashing the giant ships side to side
cannon blasts, certain deaths

foaming waters, sinking ship
crew abandoning their posts
gray mist,  howling winds whip
captain steers to the coast

helpless, I watch a devil's night
lifeboats dropping with a splash
thunderous  roar,  streaks of light
pirates landing with a crash

blinding darkness, slipping..falling
morning sun, hot and bright
in the distance a cat's call
opening my eyes bizarre sight

laying  in soft white sand
wooden planks, torn sails
blessed mercy solid  land
someone offers me a hand

Captain Pat Hatt with his cat
Red Shoe & Grumpy Blue
all still wearing pirate hats
what a dubious crew
sly cat eyes of coal  tips his hat
out  drops the secret scroll
hidden treasures, sea mat
X marks the spot to dig a hole

we landed on Bora Bora shores
gleefully,  we  dig in the sand
thump,  treasure chest, riches galore
silver & gold,  rubies & rum so grand

HAR!!!  HAR!!

emeralds shimmer in sunlight
vision flash before our eyes
the cat purrs with delight
overwhelmed with joy I sigh

closing my eyes, I silently cry
my love, my love you drifted  away
lost & alone I wonder why
I promise I will find thee one day

soft whispers in my ear
lass you are only dreaming
tenderly he draws me near
I am right here, roaming
forever by your side...

The end...


  1. ha. with the cat in your crew
    your treasure will surely come due
    off to bora bora you flew (i mean sailed)
    through har and hail, sail, sail
    i rather like the bits of verse
    mixed in with yer's story as well
    a promise indeed in soft ear whisper seeds
    roam on f'er by yer side

    har har

    1. Good Evening Brian,

      I am laughing what a great comment..well, I made a promise I would write a tale so here it is..lol..

      "Happy Anniversary at dVerse"

  2. What fun to read about Captain Pat Hatt
    What a cool story about him and his Cat!

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for the read..I wonder what Pat and his cat will have to say today.

  3. AnonymousJuly 16, 2013

    A fun write! Well done, m'lady!

  4. LOL Captain Pat Hatt
    Along with the cat
    No ones stands a chance
    Be frozen upon first glance
    And getting to bora bora's shore
    Where we can explore
    And the cat can do all the digging up the dirt
    As you and your lover flirt
    Treasure galore
    Is what's in store
    But from the rubies and gems about
    Or the twinkle in your eye as the cat eats a trout
    Good for fishing too
    But he won't feed grumpy goo haha

    Great tale indeed at your feed that cat will even har har once for you since you shown him off at your zoo.

    1. Well look who dropped by
      I've been wondering when
      you would say hi..
      I told the cat I had a surprise
      to Bora Bora shore we did land
      as we all dug in that sand
      the blinding sun making us tan

      Remember it was only a dream
      Captain Pat Hatt..has a nice
      ring to it ..lol..we need to
      find that treasure then life
      would be full of pleasure..lol..

      Well you told me it better be
      good or I would have zombie toes
      I hope you enjoyed it..this one's
      for you..Have a good night!

    2. Yeah enjoyed much
      So no zombie toes will reach out and touch
      At least not today
      But wait until you see/hear what I have planned for the first week in august at my bay haha

      Nice ring it does indeed
      As long as I don't turn into a lou albano at my feed haha
      We surely need to find that treasure
      Then live a life of pleasure

    3. Was it only a dream?
      So still no Bora Beach or Coconur cream?
      Still no X to make us filthy stinky feet rich?
      Still no private sands, ain't that a bitch!
      Pardon my Spanish, I know it quite well
      Now excuse me when I go and cry, 'HELL!' ;)

      Captain Patt? Did you say, 'Captain Patt?

    4. Blue,

      It was only a dream it seems
      but, wish it was real, what
      a sweet deal to find all that
      treasure..spend it at our

      I'll cry with you blue guy
      under a coral sky...

      PS: I do like coconut drinks ;)

    5. Pffft any mutiny at my sea
      Will result in a plank walk for thee

    6. @Pat no mutiny by me..lol..it must be Blue
      he has it out for ye' so watch ye'
      back he might attack..you know he went
      to Spain might know a thing or two about
      a sword..just saying...

      Oh and tell me about your grand plan
      for the first week of August..something
      I will see and hear in my little ear
      please tell me dear should I fear????

      lol...I'm glad you like the tale
      and no zombie toes at my show

      Hopefully, you will sleep this night...

    7. OK... where's the rum???


    8. Pfft the cat will just kick dirt in the blue guys eyes
      That will end his mutiny cries
      Then he can get eaten by a shark
      While the cat finds the x mark
      But never fear he won't die
      The shark will spit back out the blue guy
      He has such a foul taste
      Not even worth being turned to waste
      hahahaha oh that was good to the cat
      Such a foul blue buy he escaped being turned to scat

      As for that first week
      At my creek
      It is when I move in
      To the new bin
      So the cat will be away
      And brought in guests at his bay
      At least one you will cringe at bit
      Another is kinda a hillbilly twit
      One includes little old thee
      And another really amuses me

      Side not though
      You know this story at your show
      Would make a good book
      Kids would give it a look

    9. Oh and tomorrow there will be and addition to your story
      Shown in all its glory

    10. What's this a continuation..is mutiny involved..lol..I'll have to wander over there
      and see what is what...

  5. Oh man the was a trip - what a great tale and lots of great images!!

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks for reading my tale..it was fun to write.

  6. AnonymousJuly 16, 2013

    What fun! Nicely done! ~peace, Jason

  7. Sprays of salt water hit my face like tiny pellets, as storm came through...you painted pictures true, Ms Truedessa. Even cut my finger off midst all those jangling swords.

    Let's see...hmmmm. NOW TO SLEEP! HAHAH!

    1. Hi Steve,

      Oh what a clever comment..thanks so much for visiting. You made me laugh.

  8. How fun! And you included Captain Pat Hatt. You did a great job with the form and the rhyme, just like the captain. This could be a great poem to publish for young readers, too.

    1. Victoria,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I did try to stay true to the Captain's form as he likes to rhyme all the time. Again, thank you for the gracious comment.

  9. Very fun, and especially to those who know Pat. K.

    This is Manicddaily from wordpress. K.

    1. Good Morning,

      Thanks for visiting..it was fun to write.

  10. haha....traveling with Captain Pat Hatt....beware of the rhymes...smiles... that was a fun ride... i would sail to bora bora any time...smiles

    1. Good Morning Claudia,

      If only we could get to the bora bora shores..lol..Hope you have a great day!

  11. What a ride. Love the tale intermingled with the romantic verse.. really enhanced the tale...

    1. Glad you enjoyed the ride..a little rough at sea but, still a fun journey. Hope you have a great day!

  12. ...ooh-la-la... i can read this all day long without getting bored at all... you rock... aww... smiles... enjoyed it... super... hihi...

    1. Kelvin,

      Thank you for such a kind comment..I am glad you enjoyed the Pirate's song or tale both apply. Hope you are doing well.

  13. AnonymousJuly 17, 2013

    My goodness, this was quite a trip
    in the company of Captain Pat,
    and we can be sure that you are hip,
    you remembered to include the rhyming cat.

    Loads of fun today at your bay ... as Captain Hatt would say

    1. He sure likes a dot a lot at his spot

    2. @rumoursofrhyme - Thanks for the comment..load of fun to write & I remembered the cat.

      @Blue - yes, he likes to rhyme all the time..how are you today my blue friend?

    3. Tired but alive. Thanks for asking.

  14. Goodness what great fun and adventure with Captain Pat Hatt and the crew ~

    This can be a book collaboration with Pat, ha ~


    1. Thanks for the reading while on vacation. Hope you are having a good time.

  15. Questionable crew (dubious, too) Captain Hangover Blue
    Crying out from afar going, 'HAR!!! HAR!!!'
    Never ready to sink, always ready to drink
    A glass of milk, wearing sexy pirate silk.
    Kitty Cat going, 'MEOW! What are you calling us now!
    I will show you my claws! I kitty-spit on Jaws!
    Give me that scroll or be ready to rumble 'n roll!'
    'HAR!!!' says the Cat (and I know this is true)
    Ready to jump ship with that scroll he stole from you.
    Finding his way to Bora Bora Beach, often out of reach,
    With a tail that's a perfect rudder, making Captain Red shudder.
    Red jumps ship and so does Blue, following the Cat and Captain Red Shoe
    Reaching the shore, licking his zombie feet once more,
    Well, what can I say... the water'd washed the little X away.
    So they climbed a tree, found themselves a coconut and a jar
    Now you know what I'm gonna say next: HAR!!!

    1. Blue,

      HAR!!! Oh, this is just too funny of a reply
      a glass of milk wearing pirate silk from
      a land far far way would feel luxurious
      against my skin..would that be a sin...

      I left the scroll with Red Shoe, how the
      cat found it is a mystery. I'm glad you
      could fill in some blanks as I am not
      sure how we made it a shore..lol..

    2. Where's the fukken rum?!?!?!?!

      ARGS and HAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    3. LOL - seems the rum is missing..HAR!!! but, if we are partaking can I have one of those little umbrella drinks..lol..

    4. Oh... the rum IS at my place... C'mon!!!!


    5. What! I'm gone for a couple of weeks and he's offering you rum????

    6. The Cat made a copy
      He's very smart
      Thought you were a bit sloppy
      And wrote a book about a....

    7. Blue...lol..I've yet to see any rum from
      this crew..but,they sure are a lot of fun...

    8. That's true.
      Then again, I'm split in two.

  16. Ah... what a crew ye 'ave

    and what a pleasure to read your poem m'lady

    1. Thank you for reading tis appreciated.

  17. HAR!!!!!!!!

    No wonder I've had the 'Travelin' Jones' here lately!!!

    What a motley crew!!!!! 'Specially that Blue Grumpster!!!!

    It is worth mentioning that a relative who has done a great deal of genealogy work on my family tells me that we are direct descendants of Jean Lafitte... the Pirate of New Orleans!!

    I hope we got to where we are going!!!!

    ~Captain RedShoes~

    PS: that sounds like a pirate name... no??

    1. Hi Shoes,

      I was wondering when you would come over and read our
      adventure at sea. Well, I guess you were born to travel..a free spirit lies within your being. How fitting of a name Captain RedShoes and it was your ship m'lady boarded was smooth sailing until chaos broke loose. (lol) a devil's night at sea.

      and where are we going..listen to the sea winds it will be our compass in the journey of life...may you always travel with a light heart...and hear the rhythm of those delta blues...:)

      PS..Sounds like a pirate name to me...Yes....

      How are you doing my friend? Miss you here at my bay..

    2. Hey you...

      Busy busy busy busy busy...

      I am teaching a summer session course on micro-economics...

      I did go to Memphis Saturday night to hear and see Robert Plant.. he put on a fantastic show!!! So much so, that I have been trying to learn 'Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You' and 'Going To California' on guitar...

      I have a bit more than one week of hectic classes here... and then a half-way decent break before we start the Fall Semester... this summer has gone WAY too fast!!!!

      I hope all is well with YOU!!


    3. I still think it should be Captain Red Shoe.

    4. Good Morning Blue,

      Aye, Captain Red Shoe works as well...and so clever of you at your place. I just love my spot perched so high, a bird's eye view from the top...

    5. Shoes,

      Sounds like you are having a busy summer as it quickly slips away. Robert Plant no kidding. I bet that was one fun show. I saw him once solo it was fantastic. But, hey you gotta love Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven" So, how's the guitar strumming going? Are you getting those chords down..maybe, once you learn it you can put a clip on your site for me to see & hear.

      So, you are related to an actual pirate..that is cool. Do you know any details?

      I am doing ok Shoes..I had a bad day yesterday, and feel a bit blue this morning. Thanks for asking..hope you have a great day!

  18. So the pirate comes a full circle. har Har!!

    1. Akila,

      Seems Captain RedShoes has come full circle once again with a traveling spirit. Thanks for the read and reply.

  19. So fun. I didn't realize until a few sentences in that I was reading this in a pirate voice LOL!
    HAR!! HAR!!

    1. Thank you for coming over to read my poem and the follow. Welcome...

  20. Impressive! Pat Hatt must be proud of you! ;)

    1. Thank you Sherry..I am not sure if he is proud of me but, I think I do amuse him a bit. Pat is rather fun under his sun.

    2. Good thing he doesn't have a pirate's gun
      Or I'd be done...

    3. Blue,

      Good point, no pirate's gun for thee, just cut
      in two but, now you're back good as new.


    4. haha oh what clumping kitty litter can do
      It put back together grumpy goo!

  21. Those are so good Truedessa Grumpy and Pat look nice LOL

    1. Hi Gloria,

      Thanks so much was tricky to do as I am not very computer techie..lol..

    2. Pat and Grumpy are really a pair! didnt??? LOL