Saturday, August 30, 2014

Half Lion/Half Eagle Tooth and Claw

night air creeps in on wings of dark breath
rocky coastline, distant shores to explore
conquering battles between life and death
searching for treasures on the ocean floor

two light hearted fools continue on their way
never knowing what each day will bring
traveling dangerous waters, to bora bay
ah, just to behold the dazzling sapphire ring

under drifting clouds and a lavender moon
two hearts beat simultaneous in the night
it is said there is magic hidden in a blue lagoon
together with their cat, they sail towards light

Truedessa drifts off into a dreaming slumber
Capt'n Pat hovering over his charts & map
off to the east the sound of roaring thunder
wide billowing sails, could this be a trap

up ahead a large black spinning sphere
Capt'n at the helm, Truedessa awakens
winds hollering, difficult vessel to steer
cat perched on a crow's nest, spirits shaken

Medusa resurrected lonely heart of darkness
will their ship withstand  treacherous gale
tossing giant waves, vast heavens starless
raging in madness, whipping her snake tail

revenge for lost love, she cries no tears
luring Cap'n Pat with her dark red eyes
"she will turn him to stone", Truedessa fears
pulling her sword, ready to fight if she tries

look not into her orbs as she wears a mask
Medusa aims an arrow to strike at his heart
Oh, cat getting rid of her will be no easy task
Captain Pat, grabs his sword doing his part

SwooSHing air
 SwiFT sword
   CRASHING  waves
     TATtered sails

slicing her scaly locks, snakes at their feet
pouncing on them,  cat bites them in two
her eyes ablaze, " two fools I will defeat"
eerie sound echoes, cries of a sea mew
slithering around she darts for an attack
two light hearted fools fight side by side
dear  spotted cat covering the pairs back
suddenly, Capt'n Pat and her eyes collide

he turns to stone, Truedessa heaves a cry
through the heavens giant wings are heard
half eagle, half lion a giant Griffin does fly
spotted cat astounded, part cat part bird

guardian of the divine,  courageous beast
lightning speed evil  caught by tooth and claw
casting Medusa into the sea, never to be released
Truedessa, sobbing in her hands emotions raw

Capt'n  Pat now a statue made of stone
their adventures her greatest pleasure
clinging to him, her spirit softly moans
my light hearted fool, was my treasure

Goddess of love touched breaking the spell
releasing the Captain soft tears fall below
on their ship the trio will continue to dwell
watching the Griffin fly off in a morning glow

Standing together, they smile with deep pride
their magical adventures a blessing in disguise
searching for  bora bay learning to ride the tide
dawn cresting the horizon who knows what lies...

posted for dVerse open link night
another light hearted fool adventure
the saga continues to find bora bay
Thank you for visiting and reading
I know it is rather long.

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  1. well i am glad the cap'n
    didnt end up a stone golem
    that medusa is a slithery one
    turning a freeze eye on everyone...

    1. A stone golem..what a fate but, he
      does have a header where he made us
      all turn to stone..

  2. what a tale you've spun... loved the detail

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read the adventure.

  3. I am have weaved an amazing was a good thing Captain Pat was rescued many times over & that the Goddess of Love turned him to this Truedessa ~

    1. Thank you Grace..I appreciate you kind words as I like to indulge myself in these adventures from time to time.

  4. Your Trudessa & Capt Pat adventures rival my Blackthorne scenes for excitement, color & fun. My 28 scenes, so far represent 37 pages out of an unpublished Western I wrote 40 years ago.

    1. Hi Glenn,

      Well, your western does sound grand and I do enjoy reading each scene. I guess we both like to write long stories. Have a great weekend.

  5. haha damn, stone would be an awful fate. Pigeons would be the only thing poor Capt Pat could date. Medusa learned her lesson that hard way, chuck that snakey bag back in the bay. The cat would be astounded by such a creature coming for the save too. He'd probably run away on view haha another awesome tale, glad her turning Capt Pat to stone was a fail.

    1. Haha A fate the two would glad the goddess released him from his stone prison..You know viewing a cat/ bird would be quite the sight.

  6. Wow what a saga and what adventure, enjoyed this tale, I hope bora bay is not too far away.

    1. Thanks for reading..this is the lasted in a series of adventures it seems the two just cannot find bora bay.

  7. released to from the cold state of stone
    the captain can once again roam
    in a state of muscles and bone
    all the ways are leading to Rome

    1. haha - Oh that was a fun comment to read
      thanks for the smile to start the day..

  8. oh i'm glad that love could break the spell... love does that right...? turning things that were stone and makes them alive and breathing again...

    1. Well, love either casts a spell or breaks a spell..depends I guess on which direction love takes..

  9. Thank heaven, Cap'n Pat was restored to himself. I was worried there, for a bit! I enjoy these wild adventures! Interesting griffin, part eagle part lion. Wow!

    1. Hi Sherry,

      As always a pleasure to see you here my friend. Imagine seeing that beast half eagle and half lion. Wow, indeed.

  10. such an enjoyable adventure and love that 'lavender moon'...beautiful

  11. Good thing that griffin turned up :-)

    1. That is true not sure where he came from but, he saved that trio.

  12. That griffin always loose. This is a fun adventure you have written!

    1. Thank you, it was fun to write as I am never really sure where the story will go when I start out.

  13. I enjoyed the adventure very much my friend. I loved the battle between you, your cat, and Medusa. This was good writing in its own fantasy genre and theme.

    1. Thank you James..I think a little fantasy is always fun to explore. The cat is a very special part of the story.

  14. a hero's tale is always a good read ~

    1. thanks for driving over for a read..much appreciated..