Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hailing a Whale - In the Dreamtime

Moon, Stars, Shooting Star, Night, Sky
courtesy of Pixabay


The longest day came and went

exhausted, I slipped into a slumber

now, traveling the realms of dreams

blue mist surrounds me, and I wonder

what will I see once my eyes adjust


I am standing in the middle of a meadow

filled with wildflowers as far as you can see

there is a small path, so I start my quest

winding downward, to a sandy  beach


a small group of people are gathered

wearing colorful fanciful hats and

drinking pink champagne, I realize

I have none and make a flower wreath


there is a small island not too far out

shells are sparkling in beautiful colors

"how can we get there", they whisper

I look about, too tired to try and swim


in silence, I think I will ride a whale

wading out in the warm summer water

as if in a busy city, I hail a whale

he takes me to the island of shells


I graciously say, "Thank-you my friend"

the star shaped shells, glistening bright

placing one to my ear,  I hear a midsummer

song,  lyrical in nature, soothing to the soul


Magic happens here all the time

you only need to truly believe

life is filled with riddles and rhymes

you are the master of stories weaved


in the dream-time, all is connected

past, present and future revealed

joy is found in the unexpected

here the soul can begin to heal


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  1. I would like to travel to this dreamtime: it sounds a marvellous place!

  2. Gorgeous enthralling whale-swimming dreamtime! And to think, all we have to do is dream! Thanks so! -

  3. What a fantasy. I want to go there!

  4. Great write, love it True! Truly a dream worth waiting for! How's the going Ma'am? Missed you at Pat's. Stay safe!


  5. I can see all this happening in a dream. The sudden changes, the magical whale ride, everything happening in a moment in time.
    Very nicely done.

  6. Magical and uplifting flight of fantasy that blesses all its readers with hope and light - Great!

  7. This is a magical beautiful dream!

  8. Wow, dreamtime has its perks of friendships. What a whale of a time.
    Happy you dropped by to read mine Truedessa


  9. What a soothing dream! You made me feel it too.

  10. This made me think of the Australian aboriginals and their legend of the dreamtime. A lovely dream that will linger on awakening!

  11. this is a lovely dream ~

  12. This is such a fantasy to walk into--the perfect dream. It's truly a magical place where we just don't want to leave, and when we do, we cherish the feelings and experiences we learned while there. I especially loved this:

    "joy is found in the unexpected

    here the soul can begin to heal"

    Such beauty!

  13. How purrfect. You painted the most amazing visuals.

  14. This is absolutely magical!!💝💝

  15. I love the places your dreams can take you... mine seems to carry me to darker places... wonder what I need to change to have whale dreams like this..