Sunday, December 16, 2018

Take Me To Where the Wild Heart Roams

Mountain Lion, Puma, Cougar, Wildlife

Take me to where the mystic dragon flies
In his beating heart the fire of love resides
wrap me in the folds of his mighty wings 
believing in the magic of the songs he sings

Take me to where the wild puma wander
in his strength and courage free to conquer
coat me with patience to achieve desires
believing in the magic of nature to inspire

Take me to where the moon & stars shine
in  heavenly beauty earth and heaven align
embrace me with light so I might truly see
believing in the magic of dreams, I am free

Authors note:  I recently had an encounter
with a puma. I have been pondering the
deeper message of this sighting.

As Poets United goes on a break
I would like to wish all a Happy and Safe
Holiday. Merry Christmas!

Until our paths meet again in the journey

Thank you for visiting and supporting
my dreams and poetry

Peace, love and dreams


  1. Wow, what an amazing thing to experience!
    I love the yearning for freedom and magic in your poem – speaks to my heart too.

  2. This poem spoke deeply to me, for many reasons. Thank you so much for writing it and sharing it with us. May your holidays be all that you want them to be. Merry Christmas!

  3. Thank you, Truedessa for poem and greetings. "Magic of songs" and "Magic of nature" truly set us free. i like the symmetry in this poem, the rhyme, the wonderful desire. Take me with you!

  4. Sure quite the sight to see as it takes you away and let's your mind fly free

  5. That puma is very beautiful. I'm not sure I would want to get too close to one. Those grizzly bears you have over there seem pretty scary as well Merry Christmas Truedessa. Hope the New Year brings you at least one of your heart's desires. One would be good:)

  6. The puma and the dragon - now that would be an interesting encounter together.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Woww that must have been an incredible experience. This is deeply philosophical!💜

  8. What a wonderful source of inspiration, your puma, you have used your encounter well. But i wouldnt want to get to close.

    Please stop by my blog Dec25 2018to Jan6 2019 for The 12 Days of Christmas Festival

    Merry Christmas and bright and prosperous New Year.

    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday this week


  9. An encounter with a puma is a most wonderful thing. I, too, wonder what message he brought. Have a lovely holiday season, True.

  10. Yes, Truedessa, we all have to continue to believe in the magic of dreams. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to have an encounter with a puma! I have really enjoyed your poetry. So much of it is mystical and dreamlike. You have a unique style, and I think I would recognize one of your poems anywhere even without your name. You said at the PU site that you are pondering your direction for this coming year. I do understand that. I hope you will stay in touch whichever direction you take. You have been a long-time friend. Happy holidays to you!

  11. Such a beautiful photo and poem, magical for sure! Merry Christmas.

  12. You've articulated that sense of 'letting go' in the presence of nature, that is so stirring and so apart from the flow of everyday events, it is magical. Beautiful writing!

    All the best in the New Year!

  13. This is a wonderful to express the dreams and perhaps the meaning of an encounter.

  14. I love that I can't see the face of the subject, for it allows me to believe (to almost know) that the speaker is chanting her words to more intimate powers--this is happening between the universe and her soul--and we are lucky, lucky, lucky to be allowed to glimpse the exchange.

    I hope you have the best of Holiday Seasons!

  15. As always magical and lovely.
    Oh my, an encounter with a puma. They are such beautiful creatures.
    Happy Holidays.

  16. Our experience for sure defines our piece of work! It reflects in your poem! Great that you sighted Puma and that lends subtle and deeper meaning to your poem!
    Happy Holidays! :)

  17. Hey True,
    How be you?
    Liking your prose
    The meaning doth grows
    Encounter with a puma
    An inspiring bloomer.

    Wishing you happy, peaceful Christmas.

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary....

  18. Wow, what an amazing experience! Merry Christmas! Big Hugs!

  19. Dragons and pumas? Interesting mix. I like it!

    Once they've showed up once, dragons do tend to reoccur in one's thoughts, don't they?