Monday, September 24, 2018

Harboring Dreams

courtesy of Pixabay

I sail my ship of dreams
through dark stormy waters
carrying precious cargo
lyrical songs and poems
from my heart...

seeking a safe harbor
misty eyed, burying my
treasures hoping someday
you will navigate the stars
finding the path that
leads you to me

sharing with dVerse
writing a quadrille
consisting of 44 words
incorporating harbor

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sit With Me A While

I met a wanderer in a dream
he said "sister sit with me a while"
you know, jealously has a nasty gleam

world is spin'in, a bad case of vertigo
affecting everyone's equilibrium
what I've seen you don't wanna know

and then the rain and wind came
hundreds cried their world lost
in the distance a flickering flame

I met a wanderer  in a dream
he said "sister sit with me a while"
you know, greed has a nasty gleam

everyone wanting that piece of gold
what's the price for fortune & fame
in ancient temples, trouble unfolds

world is spin'in out of control
heaven holds sun & moon light
my eyes strain, seeking lost souls

I met a wanderer in a dream
he said "sister sit with me a while"
you know, love has a wondrous gleam

and then the golden dragon came
drying blinding tears that were shed
twas,  love he thought to claim

world is spin'in out of control
or is it just our own perspective
connecting rhymes, feeling whole

I met a wanderer in a dream
he said "sister sit with me a while"
you know, hope has a redeeming gleam

and then the morning came.....

sharing with Poets United
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Author's note:  This poem is
based on a dream I had a week
or so ago.

Wishing my southern friends
peace and safety in the wake
of the storm.

Monday, September 10, 2018

And the Rain Came Singing a Refrain

Quickly opening my sky blue umbrella
hopscotching through newly formed

dashing for the car my heart quickens
raindrops blur my vision...

still I wonder who'll stop the rain
as the radio softly plays the repeating refrain

sometimes heaven cries and so do I

written for dVerse
writing a quadrille consisting of 44 words
incorporating the word quick 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Summer is Fading Away


summer days are fading away
my heart wishes for you to stay
fall begins its awakening
my love a gift un-wavering

dreaming of a cosmotic flight
beyond the stars forever bright
navigating heavenly grids
opening passageways well hid

crossing the vast milky way
intelligence amidst blue haze
mysteries of the seven stars
light of love, the universe ours

I want to bask in summer's glow
fall marches onward, this I know
dreams lead me to starlit places
filling the void of empty spaces

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Not Even a Good-bye!

Dreaming under a moonlit sky
of the day, I'd dance in your arms
always on the sideline watching
you waltz the other way
and I wonder why...

In the blue mist of night
we shared the greatest love
taking flight our souls met
we danced beyond the clouds
and I wonder why...

Our love woven with mystery
we walked an unknown path
struggling with emotions
hiding behind the veil
and I wonder why...

I gave you my heart and soul
we built our own magical world
you drifted away in silence
my heart heavy, I cried
and I wonder why...

not even a good-bye...

wherever you are I wish you well....