Saturday, January 31, 2015

Breath of Winter Snow

Truedessa and Captain Pat sailing the seas
still searching for those hidden treasures
suddenly the winds shift a northerly breeze
lost in their own world of magical pleasures

A storm brewing, waves bobble up and down
dark skies,  panic seizes Truedessa's heartbeat
spotted cat paces, Captain Pat hides a frown
fear not, we'll ride it out come rain, hail or sleet

Icy pebbles descend from heavy dark clouds
Truedessa pulls her cloak tighter,  what now?
gale force winds shake  the ships shrouds
through rough waters,  Captain Pat plows

From the heavens above tears of white snow
Truedessa, feels deep pain, someone is crying
in the silence, a man of snow begins to grow
long flowing beard, a wizard the ship is flying

Sprouting wings the vessel takes to the sky
Truedessa and Captain Pat are frozen in time
cat tosses snowballs hitting them in the eye
jolting them, they begin to chant rhymes

Suddenly, from afar a glowing blue light
Chione, appears the goddess of snow
You have been summons to help this night
through her breath the cold winds blow

We must defend the gate of mysteries
evil  forces have infiltrated the realm
protecting our secrets  and golden history
sailing across the sky, captain at the helm

Up ahead a dark sorcerer,  casting a spell
Truedessa's reaches for her crystal charm
Capt'n Pat loads the cannon, you're going to hell
white bearded wizard, waving his long arms

Fireballs rumble through the cannon walls
lightning bolts slash through the thick air
Chione cries, the cat makes giant snowballs
throwing them around  with theatrical flare

Two light hearted fools fight side by side
using a bow they shoot poisonous arrows
Captain Pat aims for the sorcerer's eye
Truedessa sings the song of the sparrows 

Captain hits his target head on smashing his orb
shrills of agony fill the chambers of his evil heart
disintegrating, the after shock he could not absorb
cheers of joy, Chione snow tears slowly depart 

A glorious marigold sun breaks the night
their ship floats down to calm waters below
the goddess of snow disappears in the light
where the snow wizard went, no one knows

Captain Pat and Truedessa watch the sunrise
continuing on their voyage to find Bora bay
sailing their ship under a blue rose tinted sky
pushing through each day come what may

tucking in their pocket a crystal snowflake
a rainbow forms, a great day to be awake

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Another Light Hearted Fool Adventure
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Woven Strands

A  braid 
wisdom in  length 
extensions of my  thoughts 
 woven  as  one  mind ,  heart   and  soul
 soft  single  strands
 together  woven  force
weaving  past  ,  present   and   future 
in sync

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Eyes Flutter Behind Closed Lids

Mag 255

closing my eyes
so that I might see
the full span of my  journey
revealing only a part of myself
in the shadow lands, longing to be free
my dreams, wrapped in a cocoon of darkness
waiting for spring sunlight  to bring forth new life

closing my eyes
so that I might see
wings flutter in anticipation
whispering secrets to the butterfly
carrying wishes of the soul to the sky
my dreams slowly awaken, transformation
bursting free from within, seeking the nectar of life

opening my eyes,  to new possibilities

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Moon is Out Tonight

The moon is  out  tonight, lighting the  way 
let  us  set  sail  upon   our  ship  of dreams
let 's dance  until  the moon fades  away 
casting our  net ,  under   golden  moonbeams

captain  at  the  helm , he has  weathered  storms
together  they  have  rode the waves of  change 
chasing darkness, light  swarms in many  forms
entering  portals, their lives  interchange 

 let  us sink  into the depth of  desire 
 floating freely , under  a million stars
 our  eyes glowing, quenching our inner  fire 
 lost in a raging sea, we heal our  scars

searching our souls, for  those  hidden treasures 
sighing under the moon finding  pleasures

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to photography by Totomai

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