Saturday, September 28, 2013

Castle of Dreams

The Sandman by Catrin
white crescent moon
sprinkling fantasy dust
floating castle magical dreams

hypnotic trance
traveling hidden realms
riding tigers,  dancing with bears
sweet dreams

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

If Walls Could Speak

blue rain

Now, you say the blues are just like that
sexy & smooth, as a  lover's move
can't sleep with that haunting need
arousal of emotions inner commotion

My body aches,  sweltering heat
restless night, no need for sleep
bottle of cab, two glasses full
one for you and one for me

You're traveling that train fast
pattering sound of blue rain
watchin' the hours of time pass
waitin' for you secluded room

You & me gonna hit the floor
make those pictured walls hum...
you know the tune I'm talkin' about
the tune of love, rich and raw
claw our way, to ecstasy

moving slow now that's real sweet
you and me between the sheets
writin' our own musical lines
hush my cries, with pleasurable sighs

ah , you know what I need
I need to be pleased

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cash Eyes

dressed in shimmering  eyes
making promises of riches, smiling with pride
you'll never be alone, sitting high on the  throne
when you go just for the money, you'll sell your soul
your heart will turn cold, from the greed of gold
just for the money, just for the money

run with the money, run with the money
you can sell your conscious & buy a prayer
telling everyone to pay their fair share
people lost in a broken world, does anyone care
money won't buy your way into heaven
standing side by side at the gate, waiting fate

little bit of money, would be sweet like honey
make life a bit easier, lighten the load
careful of the glitter, it could be fool's gold
hang on to the cash, make a sweet stash
not asking  for a king's ransom, just a bit of silver
don't want to rule the throne, just a piece of my own..

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Radiant Light

The Moth and the Lamp, Cesar Santos 

lone moth
seeking her mate
flying on wings of night
fluttering delicate shadows
she sighs

bright light
riding moonbeams
leaving soft scented trails
loving art of subtle allure
she waits

tendrils of love
consumed burning desire
surrendering herself for light
she clings

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form series of Cinquains
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Harvest Moon

Under the glow of a full harvest moon
she roams the night soft radiant light
seeking answers in a turquoise lagoon
on bended knee,  world of thoughts

cloak of darkness, concealing emotion
before her eyes visions flash, misty sky
reading love letters sealed devotion
spoken in a tongue only she understands

pines swaying, waiting autumn breeze
new melody stirs, tall dreaming firs
birds fly on restless wings, tree to tree
summer kiss, sultry days we'll miss

gathering song under a harvest moon
howls in the mist, wolf silently prowls
captivating  heaven & earth swoon
wooden flute, chanting praises

golden hues, dew touches her lips
stars dart across a drumming heart
removing her cloak, naked she dips
answers found  in a turquoise lagoon

posted for dVerse writing ballads
inspired last night by the glorious moon

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