Monday, March 26, 2018

Hatching Dragon Eggs

Bath Dragon Egg Bombs

hatching  a dragon egg 
soaking in a warm blue lagoon
rare mystical bomb fizzes
cracks and bubbles...
sweet jasmine fills the air
tantalizing effect on a
wandering mind, birthing
dreams,  imagination
takes flight,  fiery heart
wings unfurled,  calling  upon my
dragon beyond the stars

written for dVerse
writing a quadrille of 44 words
incorporating the word egg

author's note: Dragon Eggs
are bath bombs, they come in various scents
drop one in relax and dream

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Be Part of the Solution - Not the Pollution

original source unknown

Soaked in sunshine on a cold March day
sitting on a snowy bank of reflection
icy remnants have now melted away

facing the warmth of radiant light
giving thanks for the sparkling water
above wild geese spread wings in flight

descending in V formation with ease

hope in the songs of the budding trees
momentary silence, ripples of thoughts
on the cusp of spring's gentle breeze

Offering sage, releasing negativity
meditating, mind, body and spirit
offering sweet grass, gathering positivity

wisdom  echoes on birch limbs

harmony, bringing intentions forth
save our waterways, our world
mother nature needs our support

be part of the solution, not the pollution

author's note: I took part in World Water
Day on March 22, 2018 and I also
full-filled a vision on that day.  This is
to honor the journey in the quest for

sharing with Poets United
Thank you for reading - may you all
enjoy the life sustaining gift of water 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Songs of My Soul


Can you hear the songs of my soul
whispering secrets from afar
awaken my love, midnight tolls
can you hear the songs of my soul
singing from the heart, feeling whole
dreaming underneath blushing stars
can you hear the songs of my soul
whispering secrets from afar

written for dVerse
Soul Gazing hosted by Paul

Thank you for visiting 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Aware by Blue and Truedessa

Artwork - The Blue Grumpster

This is life.
This is the life we lead.
Make the best of it, Truedessa Dear.
It may not be perfect but it is ours.
It is a once in a life-time opportunity
to breathe and to love.
Can you hear the waves touch the shore?
Can you feel the wind on your shoulders?
Are you aware that you are here?

This is life
We are the stars of our show.
Let’s shine with delight, Blue Dear.
Traveling through times of  darkness,
we still gravitate towards the light.
Life is a gift, we need to unwrap its splendor
breath to breath, heart to heart, love to love
Can you see beyond the sunburst horizon?
Can you taste the rain on a cloudy day?
Are you aware, that I am still waiting?

Yes, I'm aware, so unaware.
I'm standing on a cliff just listening
hoping you can sense my voice
and hear the thoughts I'm sending.
I'm aware, so unaware,
so reaching out to you, to life.
This is my only shot
and it feels good.
Can you see the generations still to come,
The generations that once were?
Are you aware that you are time
and this is now?

Yes, I am aware, very aware
I  feel you signaling through space
tuning my radar into your frequency.
Life is about taking chances, finding
you still believe in dreams come true.
I can  see the generations still to come,
I can  see the generations that once were
they have left their prints in the world
I am aware that the only time is now
it is what defines us in this moment
Are you aware, of my voice in the night?
Are you aware I see beyond what is here?

I hear you.
You are the song beyond the fog.
The tune beyond the lies.
The sound I hear when fear takes hold of me
When the weight of my insignificance
is more than I can bear.
Oh I'm aware.
Please don't go.
Please don't say I'm gone.
Not just yet.
This is life.
This is now.
I want to smile.

I see you on the rocky cliff
your thoughts drifting towards me
in the heart of the sea an unsung song
untethered, weightless born to fly
your existence significant, believe me
it's true...
Oh, I am aware
Please don't go
Please don't say good-bye
Not today, not tomorrow
hang on to life
hang on to now
today is a new day
allow yourself to
smile, Dear Blue

Can you feel me, in that place of blue?

sharing with Poets United

Thank you Blue
for being here True!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Adieu Flu

Dear Flu,

There is no easy way to say this, but
you are disruptive and really bug me
producing chaos everywhere you  travel...
infiltrating my mind, body and spirit
causing an inner battle between cells
you really need solitary confinement

Exhausted, I just want to sleep, but NO

sneeze, sneeze, SNEEZE & WHEEZE
in fits of fever, visions take form
and all becomes UNclear...

sipping  chicken soup for the soul
inspiration in each spoonful of noodles
drinking honey and chamomile tea
trying to find relief, I just want to breathe

You arrived uninvited, an intruder
seriously, you make me feel ill
It's now time for you to leave.  I've
packed your germ filled bags,  consider
this your eviction notice...

 your unhappy host....

posted for dVerse
writing letters hosted by Bjorn 

author's note: I have been terribly
sick and I guess I needed to rant
Thanks for reading