Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cost of a Toss

i  need  no  reminder the  cost 
no  weapons halt what  has begun
the  final  golden coin gets tossed
i  need  no  reminder the  cost 
battlefield, who will  be lost 
seeking  hope in a rising sun
no  weapons halt  what has begun
i  need  no  reminder the  cost 

Over at dVerse creating a poem
around one line from Brian or
Claudia's poem. I chose Brian's
poem "if i stay"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Enchanted Spell

 let  us  weave  magic in a  field  of dreams
 love  blooms  beyond enchanted  castle  walls 
 let  my eyes  gaze  yours  before  evening  falls 
 behind  silver  armor  a knights  heart  gleams

 honoring  his  promise , words  from  the  heart 
 past  crowds he  quickly  rides,  knowing  she waits
galloping  through   strong  iron  fortress  gates
this warm  night nothing will  keep  them  apart 

sonnets of romance  fill  the  misty   air 
singing poetic songs, cometh  with  me
let  us dance  under  moonlight  by  the sea
in the  name  of  love , my soul I  will  bare

softly  we  lay  in tall blades of  sweet  grass   
through  the  doorway  to  paradise  we  pass 

Writing a little Medieval at dVerse
hosted by Brian

pic - wikimedia

Monday, February 16, 2015

Shh..Do Not Wake Darkness

unknown source not wake darkness
let it sleep in the arms of night
the raven casts shadows
understanding sorrow

slipping next to him
whispering endearments
seeking comfort in his arms
only he can bring release not wake darkness
let us reach for our dream
searching hidden places
arousing secret desires

discovering mysteries
undercover two souls mesh
revealing their identity 
in morning sunlight

written for the Mag 258