Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sea of Dreams for dVerse Feb. 26, 2013

Sea of Dreams!

You and I in a sea of dreams
night  cries in the wind
bed of clouds, wispy thin
starlight in our eyes

sing to me in harmony
under the solar flares
of my inner dreams
I now lay my soul bare

blanket me with melodies
soft as the velvet sky
your voice, rich and sweet
tucking me in to sleep

slowly reaching for you
touching your face
just one kiss from thy lips
a dream within a dream

eyelids heavy,  swimming
on the waves of emotions
we gently rock and sway
songs  of devotions

You and I in a sea of dreams
voices sigh in the wind
misty sprays of passion
love everlasting..

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Madonna and Child for dVerse Kelvin's Poetic Prompt

A mother's love
behold the intensity in her eyes
tender thoughts
for her child
 feel the depths of her expression
a heavenly gift
light to the world
heartfelt devotion
the joy of a child
filled with love
a message of hope
for future generations!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Day Love Slipped Away - For Dverse Feb. 19th

Love Slipped Away

My heart can't see what the mind conceives

a soul in aching misery, skipping beats

emotions ran on a river of blood

overflowing the banks, deposits of dreams

withdrawals of hidden memories

I know our fate, feel the curse

but, I can't give up because it hurts

you were my love my deepest desire

a love designed from another time

I called you mine, but your ears didn't hear

truth is loved slipped away, slipped away

the day our voices fell silent

tears spilled behind jaded eyes

I felt you fading away..

Our love drowning in a river of despair

choking on a rapid current of change

struggling to grip that rope of hope

signaling my emotional distress

letting go difficult to do...

Drifting into another world

someone waits on the other side

a hand reaches out and touches mine

I feel his glowing warmth giving me life

making me strong to carry on..

Truth is love slipped away, slipped away

the day our voices fell silent

but, the sun will shine again

 a new voice will be heard...