Sunday, August 29, 2021

Love's Hesitancy

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hesitant to gaze into your eyes
standing before you unfiltered
in the garden of love's paradise

my  roots have grown deeper
birdsong nesting in my head
does vulnerability make me weaker

feeling the ache of darkness
tempestuous storms bewitched us
beneath skies that were starless

in this moment face to face
will our limbs intertwine
in the heat of warmth embrace

 reaching for you in the night
crows lurk to steal a dream
but, our eyes will usher in light


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love, light and calmness


Monday, August 23, 2021

Heart of the Rose

A single red rose

late summer bloom

dare I touch it

my heart quivers

for that one love

 I never touched

grasping the thorns

of passion and life,

yearning to discover

the heart of the rose

our imperfections

inhaling the beauty

of us


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writing a 44 word quadrille

incorporating the word "heart"

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What About Love - Heart


Thursday, August 19, 2021

If Only We Listened

Heron, Fishes, Dryness, Drought, Hunger, Dried Out
courtesy of pixabay

If only,  we had heed the warnings

listened about global warming

today, we now see the true reality

of our own misconception


Maybe, today the sky would be

bluer and fires fewer

lakes, rivers and reservoirs

wouldn't be at dangerously low levels

  the land, animal and human

 thirst would be quenched


If only, we took the time to see and hear

what mother earth was telling us in

her own way


We could be living in a green world

breathing in fresh air,  our lakes

and rivers unpolluted 

ample food for hungry bellies


....the moon

wouldn't be wobbling and the

ocean tides would be stable


The stars at night would light up

the heavens clear and bright

we would rest peacefully at night


If only, we had heed the warnings

and changed our path,  all creatures

could thrive and survive on this 

wonderful planet earth


if only

  if only

    if only


written for Sherry's challenge on earthweal

The World That Might Have Been


Friday, August 13, 2021

Truth in a World of Fire

Courtesy of Pixabay


The sky is blazing

the earth is burning

ice caps are melting

it's all overwhelming


times running out

now, there's a drought

tick tock, tick tock

raven sits on a clock


the moon is wobbling

the ocean is throttling

humans are dying

heaven is crying


times running out

give truth a shout

tick tock, tick tock

raven sits on a clock


in a world of fire

birds sit on a wire

the trees are gone

what the hell is going on


a world in despair

how do we repair

hope keeps us going

until the hour of knowing


times running out

love needs to sprout

tick tock, tick tock

raven sits on a clock


linking with earthweal

writing about truth in a world of fire

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may we extinguish some of the fires in life and the world

Author's note - Part of this came to me in a dream.
A raven was sitting on a clock and in the whispers
of a tree I heard time's running out and I saw a blazing sun.