Saturday, March 29, 2014

Slipping into the Land of Nod

Robin Hood Wiki Media Commons

In another realm live two light hearted fools
traveling  an  endless sea of wandering dreams
now, these two set sail in search of rare jewels
along with a rhyming cat they make quite a team

late at night side by side gazing the infinite sky
reading from a book The Ballads of Robin Hood
watching shooting stars,  Truedessa softly  sighs
dreaming of  faraway places blue magical woods

twinkling of an eye slipping into the land of nod
waking to find themselves in a forest  of  green
captain carrying a quiver & bow, lightning rods
Truedessa,  grinning new land picturesque scene

thunderous sound approaching galloping hooves
rowdy cheers of bravery echo,  distant  breeze
Truedessa  yielding a sword,  be  ready to move
Captain Pat  bow in hand, standing  with ease

now, that  spotted cat he went on the prowl
through shadowy trees , looking  to explore
swooSH, from above, hoot of a white owl
oh no,  trio discovered, as merriment roared

WHO travels Sherwood Forest  friend or foe
step out from the shadows, show your face
Captain Pat declares " who wants to know"
WE travel with Robin Hood, this is our place

stealing  from the rich to help feed the poor
we are outlaws, balancing the king's scale
pulling our bows until our fingers are sore
no money for taxes,  peasants thrown in jail

sun rapidly sets forest appears a bit ominous
lurking images glaring black eyes of night
battle will be fought, some arrows poisonous
Captain Pat declares " tis a battle we will fight"

Truedessa  senses footsteps drawing near

forest men quickly blend with thick  trees
adrenaline rushing,  well-founded fear
quickening breath tremors of unease

suddenly,  an arrow flies through the night
our allegiance to Robin Hood we fight
metal against metal deafening sharp clang

Truedessa  an expert at sword play
swiftly  swings her blade left to right
Captain slinging arrows get out of his way
fighting against Nottingham,  finest knights

crazy spotted cat clawing away with glee
men disappearing into an iron grey haze
green hooded man, fighting a band of  three
Captain quickly to the rescue his eyes ablaze

CRASH, bang..CLANK, clink...

lunging forward sudden attack on Pat
Truedessa's  sword delivers a blunt blow
knocking the attacker down with a splat
hiding behind high clouds moonlight glows

ringing through lush forest, last swords clang
Captain Pat smiles milady " I owe you for that"
round of three cheers from Robin Hood's gang
hurriedly, gathering riches left behind, filling hats

Robin Hood raises his battle sword, "justice for all"
men chanting loyal praises, long live Robin Hood
Captain Pat & Truedessa  together standing tall
justice for all is something that they understood

twinkling of an eye, slipping out of the land of nod
two lighthearted fools slowly stir under starlight
groggy, in thought they compose their own ballads
to the berth below they go until morning sunlight

tucked within the pages on deck a medieval coin 
treasure found on the  path where two roads join..

Posted for dVerse..Another lighthearted adventure
Captain Pat always a pleasure to sail the sea with thee..

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Catching my Breath Grey Shingled Roof

Today, watching  two mourning doves
  listening attentively to their lovely song


Catching my breath grey shingled roof
  tap dancing together, whistling wings


Tis not a sorrowful song but, a song of  hope
   they sing beckoning blossoming limbs of spring


One flies to a neighboring tree,  resting peacefully
   lifting his voice  heralding in a new morning


His mate spreads her wings and flies to his side
  nestled together they bask in a blue sky


Today, I watched two mourning doves
  as their songs echoed in my heart...

author's note:  This  morning I saw
these lovely birds and felt compelled
to share their song.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hearts Jumping on Garden Trampoline

lady with the birds

under hot pink & red flowering trees
in a meadow of fresh spearmint green
bright yellow sun, gentle spring breeze
hearts jumping on garden trampolines

little bird reciting, poetry lyrical song
beautiful peacock, hues of green & blue
new life in bloom, nature plays along
listening with love to her spiritual muse

dancing with splendor, birds flying high
peacock waits to fan his brilliant feathers
capturing all the shades in an endless sky
free spirited a wild bird cannot be tethered

spring offers an array of special pleasure
filled with vibrant colors, priceless treasure

posted for dVerse hosted by Grace
Writing poetry inspired by artwork of Sunita Khedekar

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oh Red-winged Blackbird

pic wikimedia commons

Oh Red-winged Blackbird I hear your call
into dreams you bring your hypnotic songs

opening wide gateways to possibilities
heralding energy new understanding

lifting my spirit I arise from my bed
enchantment between two worlds

following a spiritual path more aware
listening to druids haunting songs

visiting secret coves mystical worlds
discovering new depths within my soul

velvet black coat twilight in balance
bright red wings  heart full of passion

traveling night skies realm to realm
seeking  healing & new strength
awakening songs of renewed hope
inhaling deep breath of spring..

posted for Poets United
authors note: a beautiful Red-winged Blackbird
visited me in my dream and to honor my dream
I created this poem using some symbolism of the

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Door Softly Creeks

door softly cr eeee ks  on worn hinges
lub dub  heartbeat  races in anticipation
each craCKing step bringing you closer
rhythm of  shoes echoing in the hallway
earthly scents circulate winter's night air
slipping beside me, feeling your warmth
tickling my ear,  sweet gentle whispers
tracing outlines featherlight fingertips
trees whistling playing a catchy melody
holding hands, warm lips move together
listening to our bodies sway soft sighs

posted for dVerse..writing poetry without the
sense of sight..hosted by Brian

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

He Loves Me

photo by Shanyn 

in blades of grass daisies sway
under wings of a blue jay sky
fresh scent nature's bouquet
spring breeze a lover's high
plucking petals, he loves me

posting for dVerse writing micro poetry/macro photography
photo taken from Shanyn's album..I just adore daisies..