Monday, January 31, 2022

Winter Sky


In winter's silence, the snow falls sweeping over the landscape
of gray, white and silver hues. The wind begins to howl as the
tall pines sway to the crackling hymn of the day.  I close my
eyes drifting between sleep and wakefulness.  Seeking a place
of refuge from the harshness outside.  The plow rumbles  by
disturbing the waves of winter tide.  I escape into the sands
of a dream.

Rising, in the twilight hours, the storm has passed.  The sky
whispers of promise in brilliant colors of pink, orange, yellow
and violet.  Snow blankets the hardened earth. There is peace
after the storm.

water-colored sky
a cardinal's song of hope
sipping herbal tea

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Peace and calmness

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Human Wilderness

symbols in Nature
source unknown


There is a human wilderness

held beneath the skin - Arts - Jim Harrison


it's rivers and streams

flowing through the

the vessels of a heart

beating to the drum

of ancestors who paddled

these waterways of discovery

protectors in a world untamed 

walking the shoreline sole//soul

in the quest of understanding dreams


it's a tree veining out from

spring to winter, aging

since the first circle of life

a seed, a sapling, breathing

in and out - in between

incantations in a mystical

forest generation to generation


it's a desert traveled during

times of drought and lost hope

brittle bones, mirages from

the past, present and future

a cactus flower thirsty for a

drink from cupped hands

of compassion


It’s mountains climbed in victory 

and defeat, gaining perspective 

one step at a time no matter how

steep and rocky the terrain

it's a labyrinth in an open meadow

leaving markers between stones

and wildflowers, a spiraling wave

of all life's experience, the meanderings

of the quest to the center of self art


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Using words from Poet Jim Harrison 

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Oh Sweet Robins

As long as there is food available, American Robins may stay north in cold climates. Photo by Chuck Porter via Birdshare.
Photo by Chuck Porter via Birdshare.


Oh sweet robins
has your flock lost its way
on this cold winter day

snow blankets the earth
hungry seeking food to eat
to find a bug would be a feat

January air is crisp and cold
open your wings little ones, fly south
for there you can fill you mouth

changing climate causes confusion
altered flight patterns, early arrival
late departures, a matter of survival

Oh sweet robins
I pray you find your way
return with songs on a warm spring day


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author's note:  I went for a walk this afternoon
and to my great surprise, I found myself surrounded
by a flock of robins.  They are rarely seen around here
in the winter.  So, I did a google search and occasionally
a nomadic flock can be seen when they are looking
for food.  This poem was birthed on the spot as I
watched them in the trees and searching the ground.


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Tell Me, How

Photograph by Anita Sedberry at Harold Ross Fine Art Photography.

 Tell me, how I can ignite your heart
there's a melody waiting to start
this fire inside cannot be snuffed
will my poetic words be enough

Tell me, everything will be okay
as our moonlit dreams fade away
finding the pathway can be rough
will my poetic words be enough

Tell me, how I can ignite your heart
flame of light, I am ready to rock
tonight, it's you I'm thinking of
will my poetic words be enough

Tell me how you feel tonight
tell me how you feel tonight
tell me everything will be okay
tell me everything will be okay


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Saturday, January 15, 2022


The Sunday Muse

Do I pick a lens to see
what is before me
through the mist
of winter

bitter cold lingers
numbing out a
mechanism of

 rose colored glasses
an escape from reality

I see you, the scars
are visible, the loss
of a world we once
knew is now gone

dreams are unique
spectacles that help
us see through the
blurriness of life

strengthening vision
clarity needed on the path

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May you always see with clear eyes

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Gratitude in a Feathered Friend

Pileated Woodpecker
courtesy of Pixabay

 Time marches forward
there is a melancholy
wistfulness that ebbs
and flows in my soul

 for what was, for what
never was and for what
is yet to come

 but, in this moment
I ponder gratitude
and what it means
to me in the journey

 today, it means
a warm winter day
with blue skies

 it means a pileated
woodpecker playing
hide and seek, a reminder
to tap into natural energy
seize new opportunities

 I am grateful for the
TAP, Tap, tapping
the drumming heartbeat
of nature's song

there is a humbleness
and wisdom in a
feathered friend

 I am grateful for
the message to never
give up
hammering out difficulties
with determination and faith

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Hosted by Sherry
writing about gratitude

Author's note:  Today, I went for a walk
and was inspired by this encounter
with the pileated woodpecker