Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Willow Will Always Weep

Claude Monet - Weeping Willow

In sorrow the willow will always  weep 
  her heart , tears  softly  flow 
crying for a world, she never sleeps
planting seeds, dreams can grow deep 
beneath  moonlight her boughs glow
in sorrow the willow will always weep 

protecting precious secrets you keep 
hidden in her trunk in the earth below 
crying for a world, she never sleeps

in the darkness, the reaper creeps
across the river  the wind  does  blow
in sorrow the willow will always weep

some will fall the mountain is too steep
darkness, the crow instinctively knows
crying for a world, she never sleeps

hope in a horizon, sun begins to peep
will today be the day that love grows
in sorrow the willow will always weep
crying for a world, she never sleeps

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For this week’s challenge, let’s spend some time and thought in our hearts with trees, for nurture, communication, grace and grief. You decide.
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author's note:  Today, I went for a walk and a willow branch had fallen in the lake, the victim of the latest storm. A heron was balancing on it and it made me weep. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Lights, Camera, Action

The Sunday Muse

On the stage of life

he was destined to be a star

a man with a  heartfelt dream

if only the clouds would disappear


but, stars need time to grow

from a nebula to a supernova

the path to fullness is unknown


trying to set an atmospheric scene

perfection is difficult to obtain

in the blue tinted spotlight

hoping the audience sees his brilliance


exhausted, his weathered soles weary

how to move forward in the journey

searching for a new direction


perhaps, the answer is emitting a glow

stop worrying about filling all the seats

sometimes, inner radiance needs to shine

stargazers will notice a naturalist blaze


tomorrow is a new act, not yet written

through the lens create your own magic

whether an average star or a massive star

be who you are until the lights go out


when the final curtain falls, take your bow

as a shooting star soars across the sky

stargazers will clap with delight

for they were touched



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may your light shine on.....  

This one is for you wherever you are

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Circling the Labyrinth of a Dream

Labyrinth, Meditation, Circle
courtesy of pixabay


you compass

my nights

oracle of dreams

flying  through

blankets of darkness

under a full moon glow

you breathe

life into

my soul

you dare me

to journey

into the unknown


exploring the labyrinth

passageways of my mind

a soft whisper in my ear

ancient  secrets

barefoot I sink into

the soul of the earth

a pilgrimage to the

center of life/ death

and everything in between


walking the circle of reality

each step a prayerful song

healing stones in my palms

drifting in the deep end

I see a vision of yesterday

through teary eyes, I focus

on the hopes of tomorrow

riding an emotional tide

remembering the point

of entry where earth

and heaven connect


slowly clearing the haze

sprouting golden wings

in the center of now, a

dreamer finds peace and

soars in the winds of



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I choose to dance on the

page in free verse

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peace and light 

This is based on a dream

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Lady Bug's Hug


Ladybug, 7-Spot Lady Beetle, Ladybird
courtesy of Pixabay







They call me a lady of beauty and grace
shiny and red, with seven wondrous spots
native to Europe, my ancestral birthplace
you'll see me more when the weather is hot

farmers prayed for their crops to be saved
a blessing, I ate all their plant eating pests
my hungry appetite is often praised
in fruit orchards, I am a welcomed guest

some call me the lady of luck and fortune
encountering me might make you smile
knowing no limits flying to my own tune
contemplate a wish, might be worthwhile

believe in the power of gratefulness
tranquility on the leaf of happiness

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hosted by Sarah

writing from a bug's perspective

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brightest blessing

WordPress folks - I am having some trouble commenting on
your sites, but I have been over reading your poems.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Language of Braids

The Sunday Muse    












braids weave the past, present and future

extensions of one's heart, soul and mind

strands woven together creating unity


    threads of a dream standing alone are weak

    but, once interwoven with another dreamer

    visions manifest in the tongue of possibilities


sweet-grass the sacred mane of mother earth

purifies dark spaces to allow healing to flow

Interlacing harmony, love and respect


linking with the The Sunday Muse


mind,  body and spirit working together to bring fullness in life


author's note:  This photo reminded me of my grandmother.  She never cut her hair and always wore one or two braids.  As, a child she would braid my hair and share stories. Aging,  she could  no longer braid her own hair. Family members shared the task.  I always felt a sense of peace and unity brushing out her knee length black/gray strands.  While,  I was braiding she would sit quietly and listen as, I told her stories about my days.  There was a sense of honor and wisdom found in braiding.

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