Friday, August 7, 2020


Coronavirus, Virus, Mask, Corona











After the pause, will our hearts beat

renewed with  life,  will we remember

solitude held our souls captive


there are many roads to travel

can you UN-quarantine your mind

will  mysteries be harder to unravel


yesterday fades in the shadow of now

follow the treasure map of dreams

we have to find our way somehow


creativity swirls in the right hemisphere

take an adventure on the wild side

can music and poetry release fears


signs flash out endless warnings of

insanity and reality




war machine

your machine

often means

horrid scene








Will we survive in this new world 

can you UN-quarantine your mind 

will the sea protect the coveted pearl


authors note:  This is part of a dream I had last night

The question put forth in the dream was 

"Can you UN-quarantine your mind," I was given

a notebook and this is what  I woke up with.

So, there you have it the ramblings of my mind.


Saturday, August 1, 2020

Seeing Clearly

In nakedness, I find wisdom

seeing past the veil of illusions

connected to the moon phases

tides rise and fall in my internal

rivers,  life echoes through my

heart shaped chamber


An oracle comes to me

on swift silent wings

guardian of sacred knowledge

traveling between the worlds


whispering a prophetic warning

stand guard,  change is coming

binocular vision is needed to

focus on what truly is and

what is fabrication


under moonlight we soar

to the highest perch

unlocking the mysteries

of our consciousness


sitting in silence there

is knowledge,  be clear

on intentions and what

desires you wish to



navigating the dark skies

there is light let your

inner lantern guide

the way

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Thistles, Thorns and Brambles

courtesy of pixabay

have we lost our way
in the thistles, thorns and brambles
can we find a clearing
where poets are free to ramble
the meandering of their minds
about a world now in shambles
can we find a seed of hope
scratched we now scramble

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hosted by Linda
writing a quadrille of 44 words
incorporating "bramble"

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Peace and hope

Friday, July 24, 2020


Today,  God sent me a rainbow
an arch stretching the heavens
a symbol of hope & unending love

Today, God sent me an airbrushed sunset
dipping over the horizon,  twilight's song
focusing  on the gift of light, day shifts to night

Tuesday, July 21, 2020



In a dream we connected
our journey cosmically aligned
surprised by the unexpected

blinded by grandiloquent light
relinquishing everyday reality
awakening in the arms of night

true love never dies, look to the sky
I'll send you a wondrous work of art
I'll  send you a piece of my heart

living in a world filled with poetics
reaching places never truly seen
stories written, our energy kinetic

heavy are the tears of daylight
will you see my message of love
or will you let it fade, out of sight

true love never dies, look to the sky
I'll send you a wondrous work of art
I'll  send you a piece of my heart

these days I'm singing the blues
why have you drifted so far away
perhaps, you've found a new muse

closing my eyes in the heat of night
escaping the borders of new reality
spreading my wings to take flight
crossing realms to embrace fantasy

I'll send you a sign, a sign from above
A sign of my love, I'll send you my heart


Author's note:
a work in progress - I reserve the
right to rearrange this piece

I was feeling really blue one day
sitting outside exhausted and this
heart shaped cloud formed before
my eyes. 

Linking  with dVerse

love, dreams and heart shaped clouds