Monday, April 5, 2021

Blends of Delight


 Landscape, Field, Sunset, Sky, Colorful, Nature, Clouds


Thirsty for a heavenly sign

a wine colored blend

splashes across the sky

barefoot I drink in its



tints of pink Chablis,

deep red Merlot, mixed

with blue undertones

hints of sweet Moscato

an after-dinner delight


sipping in the last moments

of daylight


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writing a quadrille of 44 words

incorporating the word "wine"

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Today, You are Enough

The Sunday Muse  Photo Prompt


Today, you are enough,  I invite you

on a shamanic journey of transformation

close your eyes, allow yourself entry into

a sacred place of peace within you


Today, you are enough remove the

cloaks that no longer serve you in

your quest for a higher consciousness

there is truth in nakedness


Today, you are enough let your heart

beat in rhythm with  the ancestral

drum  of mother earth, realigning

mind, body and spirit, pulsating

with the universe as one being


thump, thump, thump


Today,  let your visions expand

seeing from a new  perspective

embrace a  field of slow change

growing with renewed energy


Today,  let feathers and talons

sprout from the brokenness

of life,  dreams shift in the night

offering flight on open wings


Today, let yourself soar un-tethered

circling your intentions from me to we

to heal a weary world from darkness

into a song of rebirth.....


thump, thump, thump

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author's note:  I saw this photo yesterday and meditated
on it's meaning.  Last night I dreamt of transformation

peace, love and transformation

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Song of Spring

purple-petaled floweras
Courtesy of Pixabay






This song of spring begins to grow
tree limbs budding with renewal
rising with the morning sun glow
seasonal changes are crucial

tree limbs budding with renewal
the crocus breaking the darkness
rain glistens like a precious jewel
contemplating heavens vastness

the crocus breaking the darkness
choir of robins sing in harmony
contemplating heavens vastness
practicing the art of psalmody

choir of robins sing in harmony
rising with the morning sun glow
practicing the art of psalmody
this song of spring begins to grow


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 form Pantoum 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Eye of the Manatee

courtesy of pixabay

summer motorboats
manatee endangerment
propeller piercing


winter starvation
man's territory growing
vegetation scarce


eyes of gentleness
embracing calming waters
slowing down in life


natural warm springs
nibbling fresh vegetation
manatee's existence


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author's note:  I missed the weekly
challenge but, here is my humble
offering.  I recently read an article
about the manatees in Florida and
the uptick in death rate of these
amazing creatures. 

Due to climate change, colder waters
and lack of fresh vegetation the manatees
had trouble surviving the winter months.

Thanks for reading

Peace, life and co-existence

Thursday, March 18, 2021

This Being Human Is

 Foot, Toes, Question, Universal, Being, Becoming

This being human is a quest

from birth to our final breath

along the way we travel many

paths making decisions at

the crosswalks of life


This being human is a gift

one not to be taken lightly

we are stewards of the earth

there is no other place that

we can live in a bodily state


This being human is a river

always flowing towards the

ocean  facing the challenges

of strong and calming waters

navigating the currents of life


This being human is a tree

growing roots and branching

out in uniqueness and beauty

connected to the earth, yet

always reaching for the heavens


This being human is a mystery

searching for clues to solve

what we cannot comprehend

the unsolved riddles of life,

death and everything in between


“Sometimes we're just Being Human, but we're always Human Beings.” - JD Fortune."

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Peace, health and love


Sunday, March 7, 2021

Abandoned - Piano Blues

Photography by Romain Thiery












within these abandoned walls

once lived happiness, music

filled the inner chambers

of a loving heart


broken keys, now out of tune

rotting floorboards moan in

grief for the songs of yesterday

sacred foundation crumbling


instrumental was the mortar

of pitch, tempo, texture and

structure which created overall

harmony in this space of time


fleeing from life when loss

was too great to bare, the cross

of misunderstanding weighing

down the fringes of reality


memories float through filtered

moonlight and a piano plays the

blues,  a heart swells, drowning in 

a dream well 


outside the vineyard yields

sweet seeds of hope, cupped

hands sip intoxicating flavors

life emerges to the cicadas song


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not sure this makes sense but,

my mood is blue...


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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Indigo Sky -

:"Indigo Sky Mares"  by Laurel Burch

 riding in the deep blue of night
spirits unite
feeling alive
indigo sky

riding untamed in wispy clouds
are dreams allowed
can love prevail
past misty veil

riding until the morning light
holding on tight
smoldering eyes
heavenly sigh

ride, ride, ride
until we're broken
or free.... 

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Happy Sunday All!
peace, love and health

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Big Cats

Lion, Feline, Cat, Wild, Mane, Mammal
courtesy of Pixabay








big cats visits me in perceptive dreams

mystical creatures under moonbeams

prowling the landscape of my mind

our wanderings magically entwined


it takes courage to face the heartland

pondering what is difficult to understand

spirits free to roam and not to be confined

in the night, it's strength you might find


do not run from fear, walk in knowledge

find a place where your footing is solid

in life/death leave imprints of love behind

open your eyes, clouds can be silver lined


big cats visit me in perceptive dreams

our wanderings magically entwined


linking with earthweal

I missed Sherry's prompt this week 

so a late offering to the mystical 



Author's note:  A couple of years ago

I actually had an encounter with a mountain

lion on a deserted highway.  That moment

has stayed with me as it was surreal.

I still ponder the deeper meaning.