Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Guardian of the Night

Heart, Moon, Night Sky, Love, Thoughts
courtesy of Pixabay









In moonlit yellow dream
 between cat-tails
   blue guardian, remains
    untouched deep

     darkness whispers
      solitudes wish
       heaven bound

        beyond the veil
         harps & lutes
          spiritual songs
           mourn hopes
            born yesterday

           palmed rose
            sharp thorns
              beauty & pain
               cosmic souls

                in the hearts brow
                 one can truly see
                  what is essential

linking with dVerse

hosted by Laura

She wants us to select exactly five of the “charms” from a list taken from the poem The pale Impromptu

Dim Accuracy; Candle salve; Consumed moon;
Eyes jealousy; Fouls deviation; Grey life;  
Hearts brow; Lucid farrows; Nulling marrows;
Painted mirth; Pale heat; Palmed rose;
Pearls from tissue; Pellucid quest; Royal flesh;
Skulls of saints; Slime pigments; Spiritual songs;
Solitudes wish; Times chant; Yellow dreams;

I chose the following,

 spiritual songs, yellow dream, hearts brow, palmed rose, solitudes wish

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Focus On The Light

Courtesy of the Sunday Muse

Do not focus on me
for I am just just a
vessel,  a holder of light

focus on the light
the moon has your back
the sun has your face

the light in the middle
is the place of dreams
where sky and earth meet

if you cannot find a portal
then dig one in the sand
caught between your toes 

walk the shore of your
wildest imagination

let the stars chart your
pathway in the journey

all you need is a starting
point,  a baptism of thought

connecting with the stars
create your own constellation
shimmering in an endless
sky of wonder

burning bright

linking with The Sunday Muse

author's note:  This has been a rough week
my power has been out, a terrible storm
rolled in causing chaos. I have been wandering
dark spaces searching for light.

 Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Friends!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

There Was a Man

Ship, Sail Ship, Moon, Ocean, Sea, Sailing Vessel
courtesy of Pixabay


There was a man who sailed shadowy seas
he drifted into her dreams one October eve
singing a song under the harvest moon
he wore his heart on his poe-ish  sleeve

through the misty haze, he stood alone
holding  a wilted rose, sadness in his eyes
the waves roared causing a commotion
she reached for him, under a starless sky

the turn of darkness took her by surprise
words fell painfully from moonlit lips
he sang the ballad of a haunting love
she traced his image with her fingertips

in the early morn' exactly half past three
a portal of light, escapes the grey clouds
suddenly, disappearing in an autumn mist
howling winds carry their final vowels

linking with dVerse
writing dark ballads
hosted by Lucy

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Butterfly Song

"Migration"  Painting by Eddie Schrieffer

My wings ripped
in this world of isolation
do you understand the gravity of the situation

watching the butterflies dance

my mind is full of wanderlust
in this galaxy of interstellar travel
weightless, my thoughts migrate

dancing to the butterflies song

my heart is full, emerging with desire
dreaming of that one transforming touch
that will break me free from my cocoon

give me more than the same old song & dance

show me your eyes, the reflections of your soul
and I will give you pieces of my truest self
together we will focus on mending our wings

give me a new reason to sing the songs of life


linking with The Sunday Muse

peace, light and healing

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Magic Hat

Catrin Welz-Stein’s image   


The magician is the master

of wonders between the



In his hand high above

green pastures, he lifts

his hat of magic


behold the waters of

peace and tranquility

awaken to the sacred

swan song


celebrate the beauty

of life, have faith

in your heartfelt





believe sweet dreamer

in the magic of the hat

hold on to the wand of


linking with dVerse

writing to the artwork of  

Catrin Welz-Stein




Monday, September 21, 2020

Morning Sky


Nestled between the tall green pines
shimmering lake of morning reflection
kayaks rest on the shoreline of adventure

Awakening, the first breath of sunrise
glorious hues of purple, pink and yellow

Did you ever see a spectacular sky
that made your soul cry

linking with dVerse

writing a quadrille of 44 words
incorporating "sky"
hosted by De

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