Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Goose and the World

There's a lone goose by the lake
she's a brave traveler by foot
broken wing, here she stays put
I think, did creator make a mistake

feeling her loneliness, we've all been there
as friends and family come and go...
I guess everyone's has to be somewhere
navigate your journey, take it slow

the world is a ring of beginnings and ends
don't waste time on things you cannot change
release positive energy into the universe, ascend
magical possibilities beyond the visual range

finish that poem, that story you started
be receptive to the flow of energy inward
learn from the past, be more open-hearted
drink from the cup of seven vineyards....

1st Oracle
The Goose from the Spirit of Animals Oracle


2nd Oracle
The world From the Rider Tarot Deck


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A second offering to his prompt on Oracles this week

author's note:  There is a lone goose by me who cannot fly she has a broken wing.  She has taken a young duck and 14 ducklings this spring under her wing.  They all survived by some miracle,  as birds of prey, turtles and foxes eyed them as a meal.  I call her Lucy and I look for her each day. Synchronicity is in play that I would select that specific card.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Bridging Oracles

Free Fall Avenue photo and picture
Courtesy of Pixabay

Ha, how I rode, rode as a sea wind-chased,
mad with sudden freedom, mad with haste

hooves thundering, mane blowing in the autumn mist

Recalling the songs of my heart, how far must I travel
to escape these clouds of darkness in the land of lost
dreams, I sense an urgency to look past the brokenness
acknowledging the ghosts that I leave behind

Riding faster and faster my head throbbing with pain
can I out run the storm of pounding rain....

This poem a glimpse of a dream from long ago
bridging its way into September's moon-glow

I step into the enchanted circle of oak trees
the center is a soft field of leaves

to the tune of crunch, crunch, crunch
under my feet, I slow my pace...breathe..
in the scents of the clearing
three dear welcome me into their space
lying in the leaves becoming a leaf person
the journey before me opens on the path
of trees...releasing the crumbling pieces of
my heart...allowing new dreams to be born

written for desperate poets and linking with dVerse

Brendan is challenging us to use two oracle forms
the italic lines are the oracle lines chosen

1st Oracle:

A poem from Flint and Feather by E Pauline Johnson
I went with the first two lines my fingers touched from the book

2nd Oracle:

An oracle card I selected at a dream group many years ago - randomly selected from a pile I have

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Dance With Me

Free Sunset Orchestra photo and picture
Courtesy Pixabay

Sing me a lover's song
poetry in the street
one that makes me swoon
feel the rhythm of my heart
beat after precious beat

your guitar heats the night
flushed in fiery sunset
singing and clapping
take my hand, dance with me
a dusk we won't forget 


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not sure how I did, but at least I tried...

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Take This Dream

woman dreaming floating in sky nightime meaning of dreams
Artist Unknown








Take this dream
under the stars and moon
have the courage to travel the unknown
create a haven in night's stillness
your soul knows the way

Take this dream
be gentle with yourself in darkness
believe you will reach your destination
let your thoughts reach the unreachable
listen to ancient wisdom in your soul

Take this dream
focus on the desires of your heart
follow the winds of transformation
take time to find harmony within
listen to the songs of your soul

Take this dream
build upon it in the morning light
turn it into something beautiful
share it with those who need a vision
embrace the poetry within your soul

Take this dream, I am too tired....

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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Water Drums

credit unknown








Summer days fade away
the crowns of trees no longer green
at night the curtains dance in the
cool breeze, to a tune of falling leaves

the sea stirs with phantoms deep
why can’t we see the depth of
lost love, the haunting cries of
lives drifting into an abyss of darkness

the water drum bangs out a tune of
spiritual renewal…my eyes are heavy
drifting into a dream…I feel the anguish
of mother earth as the deer heart beats….


In silence I watch a great blue heron
practicing patience in shallow waters
a lone goose takes a young duck and
fourteen ducklings under her broken wing
the sky turns apricot/plum, will she ever fly


wondering , am I dreaming a feather falls
looking heavenward, I  see no bird…
I pick up the feather chanting in a tongue
learned in another dream

the feather grows into more feathers, then
a wing, body, legs and a face take form
a shaman stands before me…. I hear the
roar of thunder overhead…feel the rain
upon my face…NO not more rain, I am
weary from all the storms of life…

falling to my knees, I cry until the stars
appear…charting my way out of this
realm… I sail into the morning light

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author's note:  There has been a lot of rain here
lately and I am feeling the storms of life.   

Monday, September 4, 2023

What's Going On

courtesy of Pixaby





What’s going on you ask
every day it’s something new
some find salvation in a flask
the wildest tales ring true

What’s going on you ask
some days I wish I knew
everyone is wearing a mask
gate of truth hard to get through

Don’t let it go, let’s keep it alive
Let’s rock n’ roll, with each sunrise
Don’t let it go, let’s keep it alive
Let’s rock n’ roll, so we can survive

What’s going on you ask
yesterday, the moon wasn’t blue
finding answers not an easy task
weary soles, seeking the perfect shoe

What’s going on you ask
today, it’s the wanderings of my mind
seeking the light, a moment to bask
there’s still so much beauty to find

Don’t let it go, let’s keep it alive
Let’s rock n’ roll, with each sunrise
Don’t let it go, let’s keep it alive
Let’s rock n’ roll, so we can survive

 written for  newwhatsgoingon
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To the staff - best of luck on you new adventure

Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Way You Sing the Blues

Free Heart Blue illustration and picture
Courtesy of Pixabay

You’ll always be in my heart
you've been there from the start
there's something about you
maybe, it's the way you sing the blues

You’ve got me on the move
come ’on we got nothin’ to prove
come’ on we got nothin’ to prove

Your melancholy tone touching my soul
sometimes my dreams are out of control
tonight, the rare full moon is rising
tell me love, what’s over the horizon       

You’ve got me on the move
come ’on we got nothin’ to prove
come’ on we got nothin’ to prove

dance with me under the moon- glow
we’ll sway to the melody warm and slow
all this thinking of you, makes me blue
perhaps, the clouds obstruct my view

You’ve got me on the move
do my tears leave you unmoved
do my tears leave you unmoved 

You’ll always be in my heart
you’ve been there from the start
there is something about you
maybe, it’s the way you sing the blues

the way you sing the blues
the way you sing the blues
the way you sing the blues

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author's note:  I think the blue moon has put me in a melancholy mood

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I was able to see the Blue Full Moon for a few brief moments

Monday, August 28, 2023

Rare Blue Moon

Free The Night Full Moon illustration and picture

I anxiously await the super blue moon a rare sight amongst the stars.  Will the sky be kind and lift these heavy clouds that seem to hover? Illuminating the heavens to see the bigger picture far beyond reality. Welcoming the creative side of my thought well, my words flow in free form.  

Under the blue moon one can dare to dream in the sacred places of the heart.  Become the voyager of the seen and unseen.  In stillness listen to the spirits of light and abandon darkness.  There is an inner story waiting to unfurl on the wings of night.

Once in a blue moon dreams really do come true! Do you believe?

Owl hooting
magic and wisdom are yours

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Super Blue Moon

Pic courtesy of Pixabay