Monday, August 8, 2022

What Type Would You Be

Courtesy of Pixabay

What type of dream
  would you be

would you be imaginative
 flying free

would you be bold
 full of vibrant colors

would you be hope
 for star-crossed lovers

what type of dream
  would you be

would you be the key
  to fill other's needs


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writing a 44 word quadrille
incorporating "type"

author's note:  Thinking of a "blue" friend ....

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Cadillac Mountain

Watching puffy clouds drift by
driving up Cadillac Mountain, today
reaching the summit in the sky

seeking the mystery of you and I
meandering on a majestic roadway
watching puffy clouds drift by

looking into heavens bright eye
dreams are born/some fade away
reaching the summit in the sky

surrounded by beauty, feeling alive
peregrine falcons fly above the bay
watching puffy clouds drift by

standing on desert island, I sigh
traveling a spiritual pathway
reaching the summit in the sky

thinking of you on a summer day
there are words, I need to convey
watching puffy clouds drift by
reaching the summit in the sky

Cadillac Mountain

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Monday, July 25, 2022


Let us celebrate, glorious moonlight
high above the Douglas Firs at night
standing in the shadows with a dream
wishing to ride wondrous moonbeams
the magician the illusionist of fantasy
take me away from this tainted reality
to a realm where love reigns

The days of burning sunlight are here
and my path intersects with a deer
under shaded trees our souls meet
restless in the relentless noontide heat
traveling this wheel, thirsty for water
this bond of light between grows stronger
shall we dance for a bit of rain

Misunderstood the sun is burning us
will the moon and heavenly stars adjust
tickled by feathers of mystic creatures
ancient shaman wisdom of earliest teachers
how do you revive a wilting flower bloom
inhaling the rosier hints of summer perfume

On the beach of whispering angels, I surrender
remembering love was once sweet & tender
now, my dreams drift away with the rolling tide
lost in a sea of tears, my soul in sadness cries
dark clouds draw nearer, the sun disappears
in a brief moment an angel whisper in my ear
"and they could never tear us apart"

Never Tear Us Apart - INXS

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author's note: I am on a break but, this poem has been whispering in my ear....thank you for reading.. 

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Coffee to Go!

Time to find the summer places of my heart....

authors note:  Taking a break - Wishing you all safe travels, wherever, you go!
Remember to sip in the wonders of life..peace, light and love always

Coffee, Coffee Mug, Coffee To Go

Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Africa Of My Dream

Courtesy of Pixabay

I feel the deep-rooted message
of endangerment - we are all
on the cusp of the endangered
species list

 caged or UN-caged we dream of
true freedom, there is an enraged
roar for voices to be heard
claws scratching the surface of
social and environmental change

 giant paws pacing on a dying land
once filled with deep wells
quenching all who are thirsty
now, one wonders how many
miles must be traveled for
a sacred sip of shared water

traveling the labyrinth of a dream
I find myself in an airport terminal
rushing around searching for the
coveted gateway, where am I going
how long will I be gone

I am pulling a blue suitcase
the color of the sky on a cloudless day

making my way to gate seven
  the ticket attendant informs me
the plane door has been secured
desperately, running down the ramp
defying the boundaries set before me
I push my way through the closed door

The air is suddenly thick
it is extremely hot, I try
to focus on my surroundings
I am no longer at the airport
hauling a blue suitcase

I am in the Africa of my dream 

there is a green jeep in a wide,
boundless vista
I slide behind the big wheel
my heart pounds wildly
a white lion jumps boldly
on the hood facing forward
into the vast savanna, there
are giraffes and elephants
in the distance

somewhere a shaman drums

 there is a slow roar as the
engine starts, gripping the wheel
ready to embark on a journey
of healing & unknown wonders
with a mystical lion as my guide

discovering the mysteries of the heartland

written for earthweal

weekly challenge - Wild Africa
hosted by Sherry

This is based on an actual dream

Wishing you all safe travels in the places of your heart