Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Bluebird's Journey

Bluebird’s Journey- J.Hurlbert
 She is known as the bluebird of happiness
her heart sings of romantic interludes
seeking a higher level of consciousness
she is known as the bluebird of happiness
soaring on feathered wings of gentleness
tethered her passionate soul is subdued
she is known as the bluebird of happiness
her heart sings of romantic interludes

written for dVerse
to the artwork of J Hurlbert 
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Monday, June 17, 2019

Don't Fret Regrets...

Follow the pathway to new possibilities
take a chance open the door before you
don't  fret about what's on the other side
be bold, pull the handle, step forward
rattle the hinges of your imagination
the hell with regrets, make the journey
count today

written for 
creating poetry consisting of 44
words incorporating the word Fret

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Whirling Rainbow

It seems like an ordinary Wednesday
sitting outside with the need to breathe
my heart heavy with ghosts of yesterday

The sky intensively blue with wispy clouds
I  slowly  drift away for a moment or two
a pair of fiery cardinals are singing loud

Opening my eyes, I search the pair out
what's all the fuss, on this warm spring day
 messengers from above,  I have no doubts

They  flutter with grace across a silent sky
captivating with their passionate spirits
I gaze heavenward with deep surprise

Oh, dear cardinals have you opened a door
between heaven and earth,  I clearly see
a sign that was not here just moments before

A full circle rainbow surrounds the afternoon sun
vibrant in hues, I strive  to take in the full view
I wonder how many see or am I the only one

Never have I seen anything so spectacular
awestruck, I stare at the spectrum of light
creator speaks, no need for an interpreter

The Whirling Rainbow - change is upon us
accessing the crystalline grid of consciousness
to expand your mind, your heart you must adjust

author's note:  I saw this mystifying sight
this week and it is my wish to 
bring honor to the gift of light
Have you ever seen the whirling rainbow?

peace, light and love to all!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Farmer's Market

On Saturday mornings,  I sometimes make my way to the local farmer's market.  It has grown
through the years.  They block off a section of the city streets and you will find the vendors
loaded with goods.  Juicy-ripe strawberries that melt in your mouth.  Freshly baked crusty
bread with a soft interior.  There's a lady that makes her own cheese-spreads, Asiago Artichoke
with Spinach, my favorite. I quickly purchase one as it will be gone within the hour.  I stroll
down the street there seems to be a big crowd around a table.  A local winery is offering wine
tasting in hopes of selling a few bottles.  Which will it be today red or white?  I sample a couple
and decide on a  fruity red that appeals to my palate.  There are beautiful plants and flowering
pots that add color to the morning display.  A local musician is sharing his art with the
receptive crowd.  Marketing his craft to all who will listen.   The market offered me more
than food, I now have a basket of textures, sounds and smells.  I head home with my goodies
carrying ingredients to create a poem as nouns, verbs and syllables dance in my head.
Today, is a good day as the market was filled with inspiration.

spring hatches songbird
A blue, robust flower sings
on an old guitar

author's note:  Sharing Market My Letters - By Burton Cummings - I love this song - enjoy

written for dVerse
The prompt is to write about markets
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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Worlds Apart


 We came from different worlds
searching for a place to belong
in this vast universe of ours
forever, connected by a higher
source of energy...

You 're a star searching for a spot
amidst the constellations
I am a dreamer navigating
the night sky searching for
a heavenly star....

Why, oh why can't we find a place
in between our worlds where we
can burn bright, dancing together
in prismatic light....

vault of heaven offers tranquility
two hearts beating to infinity
poetic sounds and lyrical songs
igniting fiery desires of the soul
in the velvet softness of dreams

Sentinel moon stood silent, watching
from phase to phase wondering
would we ever let our dragons
free, to soar in linear space
finding the point of connection

Why, oh why can't we find a place
in between our worlds where we
can burn bright, dancing together
in prismatic light....

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