Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Where Have You Gone

Ivory-bill pair.jpg
Courtesy of Wikipedia

There is a loneliness in the family tree
where have you gone, my feathered one
once dwelling near waters within the
tall cypress and pine trees...feasting
on beetles...

Once hunted for your long ivory bills
your natural habitat grew dangerous
range of free space dwindled due
to deforestation

Has your drum gone silent

  Tap (single)

   Tap Tap (double rap)

Bird watchers search for signs of your
existence...hoping you have survived
somewhere out there in nature...

There is a loneliness in the family tree
where have you gone, my feathered one...
the Ivory-billed woodpeckers
we long to hear your song

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Author's note:  I have been seeing a Pileated Woodpecker around here. I decided to see if there were similar birds on the endangered species list. Sadly, I found the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.  One has not been spotted in a long time, it may be extinct.  Lets hope not!

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Branching Out

Courtesy the Sunday Muse

I prepare to enter the realm of dreams
where I am free to wander a world of
amazing possibilities….

In the foggy mist I stumble over the
stump of a tree that once stood full
of vibrant life

I hear the ancient drums POUNDING
in my head

  Thump, ThuMP, THUMP

Reaching for the sky, within you is
a wonderful sphere of opportunities
capable of branching out in creative

Somewhere, beyond the field of
vision, if one is still, the whispering
of the tree can still be heard

I hear the ancient drums POUNDING
in my head

  Thump, ThuMP, THUMP

Opening the channels of the mind
and heart circulating healing energies
inward and outward connecting for
the greater purpose of being

Let your inner tree bud with the songs
of spring, reach for the radiant light
drink in the rain, sing in the sanctuary
of nature…

I hear the ancient drums POUNDING
in my head

  Thump, ThuMP, THUMP of


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Author's note:  Last night I attended a drumming circle. To connect my drum with 50 other drums is an amazing experience.

May you experience the joys of renewed growth ....


Thursday, March 16, 2023

Star of the Sea

courtesy of earthweal

 Star of the sea you move freely
no cluttered thoughts to anchor
you down

reliant on your feelings
and intuition to guide you
 through the motions of life

experiencing your environment
through different eyes

your outstretched arms creating
poetry each day...through
rhythm and movement

there is strength in the ability
to re-generate healing from the
unexpected upsets in the journey

traveling through time and space
touching everything in your pathway
leaving particles of yourself
 as you slowly disintegrate
into the depth of the sea

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author's note:  This photo is haunting
from the depth of the sea to the heavenly
stars, wishing you peace in your quest...

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Sun, Moon and Earth

Earth, Solar, Sun, Moon, Universe, Space
courtesy of Pixabay


 Sun father of the universe
giver of luxuriant light
warming hearts in poetic verse
sun father of the universe
today, how far must we traverse
to reach the foothills of twilight
sun father of the universe
giver of luxuriant light


Moon mother of the universe
guardian of nocturnal light
smiling after the clouds disperse
moon mother of the universe
hopeful healing rays when life hurts
wings of heavenly dreams take flight
moon mother of the universe
guardian of nocturnal light


Earth the child of the universe
guiding light of the sun and moon
spinning out of control - a curse?
earth the child of the universe
humans the world is getting worse
open your hearts, sing a new tune
earth the child of the universe
guiding light of the sun and moon

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Light, peace and love always

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Waters of my Soul

The Dream by Lara Zankoul

In a blue room, I dream at two o' two
a swan glides across the waters of my soul
preparing a journey of transition, relaxed
I drift into another realm, with little resistance

diving in the depth of  the dreamscape, 
searching for wisdom and light, traveling
the unknown looking for the lost pages
of the greater story of my life...

where have you gone songs of the past
floating away with the clouds overhead
I once took comfort in your lullabies
but, tonight I hear the ballads of loneliness

spring is nearing and with it transformation
soon the trees will begin budding, flowers will
push up through the soil, nature will begin anew
and I too will breathe in the songs of promise

existence is a continuous series of changes
challenging us to flow with the current
becoming  stronger, ascending on wings
of light, finding the pieces of ourselves
in the night...

embracing wings of grace, taking flight

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Peace and harmony

Thursday, March 2, 2023


Tree, Sunset, Silhouette, Dusk
Courtesy of Pixabay

Today, I shed tears of sadness
how to bid you a proper farewell
an actor, a poet, a writer scripting

Today, I recall a comment you left me
stating, I was one of your biggest fans
of the "BlackThorne" series. I marveled
at your wordsmithing and quick witted
dialogue between characters

Today, I reflect on how your poetry
had an impact on my journey.  You
spoke your mind and could give one
heck of a passionate rant

Today, I find words hard to find
as tears swell in my eyes.  You made
me see through a different lens at times
Your presence will be missed.  The final
curtain call (insert-soft drumroll)
You will be missed

Never gone - just transformed....

love and peace....


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Glenn Butkus was a member
of the dVerse community and his
presence will be deeply missed....

Monday, February 27, 2023

Half-Hearted Mood

Free Half Moon Moon photo and picture
Courtesy of Pixabay


Early morning, the half moon illuminates the sky.  Gazing out at the celestial scene, I sigh. In the quiet moment, time seems to stand still, unwavering as the tall pines. The night shifts as the sun rises slowly over the horizon.

I give a half-hearted smile to the tune of the Monday blues.  Waving good-bye to the stars and moon. My dreams are now fragments resting in the darkness.  I pour myself a cup of warm herbal tea.

Flock of geese
snowstorm moving north
bud-less trees

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Monday, February 20, 2023

Embracing Poetry and Music

Silhouette illustration of a couple dancing Silhouette illustration of a couple dancing under the blue light sillouttes watzing stock illustrations
Courtesy of Pixabay








The day music and poetry
embraced, magic happened
inspiration in the dance
of words and notes

    rhythm, melodies and
    repetition plays with human
    emotions, touching the soul 

        sing me a sonnet, a ballad
        from you heart and I will
        hear a work of art

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Leonard Cohen - Dance Me to the End of Love
a beautiful collaboration of music and poetry....