Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Africa Of My Dream

Courtesy of Pixabay

I feel the deep-rooted message
of endangerment - we are all
on the cusp of the endangered
species list

 caged or UN-caged we dream of
true freedom, there is an enraged
roar for voices to be heard
claws scratching the surface of
social and environmental change

 giant paws pacing on a dying land
once filled with deep wells
quenching all who are thirsty
now, one wonders how many
miles must be traveled for
a sacred sip of shared water

traveling the labyrinth of a dream
I find myself in an airport terminal
rushing around searching for the
coveted gateway, where am I going
how long will I be gone

I am pulling a blue suitcase
the color of the sky on a cloudless day

making my way to gate seven
  the ticket attendant informs me
the plane door has been secured
desperately, running down the ramp
defying the boundaries set before me
I push my way through the closed door

The air is suddenly thick
it is extremely hot, I try
to focus on my surroundings
I am no longer at the airport
hauling a blue suitcase

I am in the Africa of my dream 

there is a green jeep in a wide,
boundless vista
I slide behind the big wheel
my heart pounds wildly
a white lion jumps boldly
on the hood facing forward
into the vast savanna, there
are giraffes and elephants
in the distance

somewhere a shaman drums

 there is a slow roar as the
engine starts, gripping the wheel
ready to embark on a journey
of healing & unknown wonders
with a mystical lion as my guide

discovering the mysteries of the heartland

written for earthweal

weekly challenge - Wild Africa
hosted by Sherry

This is based on an actual dream

Wishing you all safe travels in the places of your heart

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Wild Earth's Song

courtesy of Pixabay










Come gather under the full moon
I invite you to listen to earth's tune
a buffalo spirit sings in my hand
his song vibrates across the land

“Count your blessings each day”

A shaman’s dreams are lucid
evoking earth's inner music
the foundation of song and prayer
there is harmony flowing in the air

“Open your hearts receive the gifts

Let my humble drum lift you up
hear the howl of a lone wolf pup
a chorus of sparrows sing-a-long
cardinals duet across the lawn

“Listen to the wild earth’s songs”

Drift with me to the roaring waters
let us hear what melody spring offers
follow the drumbeat to the count of three
drift to the healing ballads of dolphins at sea

“Embrace buoyancy in your life”

Dream with me under a strawberry moon
on my sacred drum, I'll play you a tune
we'll set our untamed spirits free for today
listening to what the wild earth has to say

"Sing on the songs of  love"

linking with earthweal
hosted by Sherry - I added pup in there for you
my friend, his howl can still be heard in dreams

sending positive vibrating energy out into the universe 

Thank you for your time....

Saturday, June 11, 2022

June's Gems

"Flaming June" by Frederic Leighton
Exhausted from a June day
flushed with sunlight rays
slipping into a daydream
as crazy as it may seem
she still thinks of him

courtesy of The Sunday Muse
 He promised her pearls
in an ocean of oysters
threading endearments
one precious gem at a time
how, was she to know
she'd get entangled in
a strand of vintage faux
tip toeing

linking with The Sunday Muse