Sunday, March 31, 2013

dVerse Poetics - Modern Day Mythology


Snow White

Cast into the streets, marksman by her side
his hand on a gun , she flees for her life
she finds a condo on the other side of town
seven little men take her in, whom she would tend
Grumpy, tired of working long hours
Sleepy, suffers from insomnia
Bashful , attending assertiveness training
Happy , a musician full of heart
Doc , busy with patients all day
Dopey , enrolled back in school
Sneezy , suffers from allergies

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all
Snow White,  pure beauty white as snow
a queen with an attitude, wanted her gone
devised a plan,  a gift tainted chocolates
Snow White's one weakness sweets, she eats
wicked  queen screamed with delight
no one messes with me, I am royalty
seven little men find their friend
call 911 paramedics on the run

Dashing doctor to her rescue
mouth to mouth resuscitation
kiss of life, Snow White breathes again
cops fast on the wicked queen's trail
seems she wanted in several states
locked her up in jail, sorry no bail
there she wailed for a plastic surgeon
Snow White married Doctor Right
with seven bridesmen at her side
vows of love, under city lights..

Author's Note : A twist of the pen on this one as I had to go outside the box for Mary's dVerse challenge.

 Happy Easter & Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

dVerse Thursday 3/28/13

Tonight I dream, I dream for me
my  deepest  thoughts are my own
drifting out of my comfort zone
what wonders will my eyes see

challenging the veils of night
cautious  swipe of a heavy sword
will the battle reap a reward
in a distance horizon of light

fighting the throes of  freedom
exposing, deceit and poverty
my soul grieves for the unknown
visions of a peaceful kingdom
within the realm of uncertainty
I humbly bow at the golden throne

author's note: a bit of a challenge at dVerse hopefully, I pulled this together right.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Mini Challenge - Release Your Inner Wild Woman

"Inspire Howl Wing"
copyright ~ Ella of Ella's Edge

She Wolf...

Within the mysterious eyes of the wolf
lies a woman with ties to ancient days
her spirit runs wild a roaring river
thick coat keeps her warm in a storm

She dances at the edge of ancestor's fires
dreamers of dreams, awaken with hope
visionaries in an ever changing world
shape shifters move with ease in a breeze

Within the shadows of silver moonlight
wolf woman hovers within the trees
spirit entwined with  mystic powers
beware her black eyes, for they have seen

High above the mountain walls
scent of freedom blows in the wind
eerie howls echoing through chambers
heart of the wolf pounds to a water drum

Grey skies, under a full moon she cries
where is my land, where is my home
a place wild and free to roam
wishing to never journey alone

The beat of the wolf lives on...

 Author's note: This picture spoke to me as I have a great respect for ancient cultures and I study dreams and dream works. I started writing this piece yesterday, the spirit  of the she wolf spoke to me in my dream last night. I hope you will feel her story.

Thank you for reading!