Saturday, June 28, 2014

Steering into the Unknown

artist unknown - credit to whomever

Two light hearted fools basking in summer's glow
rays of reflection dancing across an aqua blue sea
comforted by rolling waves  gentle ebb and flow
spotted cat prancing around the deck with glee

Captain at the helm, steering into the unknown
Truedessa ,  teasing him with her mighty sword
Do you think Zeus still sits on his golden throne
we could offer him some wine if he came aboard

drifting further out to sea, holding a cargo of dreams
searching for signs bringing them closer to shore
heavy  fog  obscuring vision all is not as it seems
surrounded by darkness, navigation becomes a chore

in the distance a tall pillar of light, guiding the way
chariot of fire soars across clustering black clouds
rising from ashes, a giant phoenix  bird of prey
eerie silence blankets the ship thick velvet shrouds

lightning flashes,  entering an ancient portal gate
cat hisses Captain Pat & Truedessa what now
traveling to the other side,  who knows the date
hidden civilization guardian of the sacred cow

finding themselves in an unknown realm
they set out to explore for hidden treasures
Captain Pat  no longer at the ship's helm
carrying his swords for safety measures

chilling cries circulate the atmosphere
Truedessa whispers trouble up ahead
hidden temple appears, quietly they peer
a woman weeping, sense of deep dread

beautiful white bull, men gathered around
evil in their hearts, weapons ready to harm
Truedessa screams put your spears down
Captain Pat frowns,  grabbing her arm

two light hearted fools dodging flying spears
edging closer to the endangered white cow
spotted cat annoyed biting guards in their rears
Captain Pat declares we will save him, a vow

wielding their sharp swords a fighting battle
woman stops weeping, hope filling her eyes
Truedessa chanting prayers, sudden rattle
from high above the fiery phoenix arises

trembling the guardsmen put down their spears
the woman climbs upon the bulls sleek back
his dark eyes full of love,  they silently tear
smiling she hands Captain Pat  a pearl of black

swooping down they fly on the phoenix's wing
soaring the vast heavens, whirling sensations
side by side on their ship, light hearted fools cling
seeking the bull Taurus in the starry constellations

smiling in wonder, under golden moonbeams
had their adventure just been a daydream...

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Craving a Drink in Summer's Heat

Sweet Summer, 1912, John William Waterhouse

sweet   days  of summer she longs  to  relax
lying   by  the fountain she craves a  drink 
romantic dreams, time slipping through the cracks
ah the thorns of  love , roses of  blush  pink

fresh   water   to  cool her burning  desires 
exposing herself,  yearning  for  his  touch 
in waves of  heat  who knows  what   will   transpire 
fanning  lustful  thoughts , a  heart  beats  too   much 

composing a  sonnet , two souls  entwined 
lingering  moments , parted lips  soft  sighs
lost  in the  green   oasis  of her  mind 
sinking  into  pools of his  dark   brown  eyes

traveling   far   beyond  the  garden  gate
destiny  awaits,  what   will   be  their  fate ...

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tilting Towards the Sun

summer solstice
day of  abundant light
tilting my head  towards the sun
fires of passion  burn in my soul
warming my heart new awareness
my roots grow deep, reaching for you
dreams grow in a field of yellow gold
darkness fades, opening blue skies
swaying in a breeze I think of you 
smiling brightly...

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Through the Glass...

 can  you  see  me
concealed  identity 
 no  reproductions ,  uniqueness 
Not To Be Reproduced, 1937, Rene Magritte
 wearing  my  suit 
 past  the mirrored  image 
 revealing   myself   just   for  you
we  touch  

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thirteen Moons

Thirteen  full moons enchantment dwells
heavenly glow filling darkness with light
irresistible allure falling under your  spell
rare blue moon,  sparkles with delight
tides of emotion tender hearts swell
eclipsed with clouds veils pearly  white
engaging magic, captivating stories to tell
night of wonder, amazing dreams take flight
mystical moon, songs of the conch shell
orb of luminous light,  glowing bright
overflowing cup a sip from the well
nature in awe  beguiled at your sight
sun at daybreak, bidding you farewell

posted for Poets United Challenge
writing poems about the number "13" 
using 13 lines total in the poem
I took this pic on the last full moon