Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thirteen Moons

Thirteen  full moons enchantment dwells
heavenly glow filling darkness with light
irresistible allure falling under your  spell
rare blue moon,  sparkles with delight
tides of emotion tender hearts swell
eclipsed with clouds veils pearly  white
engaging magic, captivating stories to tell
night of wonder, amazing dreams take flight
mystical moon, songs of the conch shell
orb of luminous light,  glowing bright
overflowing cup a sip from the well
nature in awe  beguiled at your sight
sun at daybreak, bidding you farewell

posted for Poets United Challenge
writing poems about the number "13" 
using 13 lines total in the poem
I took this pic on the last full moon


  1. Neat 13 x 13 moons! ...and when the sun hits our faces and glows, we be moon, too.

  2. Nice flow on the moon 13! Celebrate! :)xx

  3. Very clever - I love the mystery and sense of moon you have created.. i couldn't manage thirteen lines so to kick off each line to make thirteen moons is mightily impressive!

  4. You have captured the magic of the full moon with some image-filled writing, Truedessa. Really liked 'orb of luminous light.' And what an excellent photo you took of the last full moon as well.

  5. Thirteen moons would certainly play havoc on the tides!

  6. This moon is awesome:) your poem makes it such an enchanting piece to look in the sky. Totally love it!!

  7. Love what you did with this. That's some impressive creativity. The moon was so beautiful last night and will be even more beautiful tonight!! Happy Full Moon Day Truedessa!

  8. nice acrostic...the moon def can cast a spell on you...esp when so big and bright....will be watching her tonight as i drive home...drinking deep from its cup....

  9. Cool!!! I like the use of Thirteen Moons. The moon is certainly awe inspiring and this writing shows it. Excellent:))

  10. Nice 13 by 13 moon, I know it sure makes you swoon. A light leading the way for us all, until the sun rises at last call. Take a sip and let it last, as it does go by fast

  11. I love this mystical moon poem!

  12. A fantastic acrostic Truedessa...specially like "songs of the conch shell"...

  13. Ah, it's nice to see one acknowledging the moon! :)

  14. I love your style. Very whimsical and magical. this piece was fun and enchanting to read!!! Good one!

  15. How clever doing it acrostic.. and 13 moons... yes that's so crucial way in our lives..