Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice - Celebrating Circles

 As shortest day meets longest night
we  cross the bridge of wonderment
under the heavens stars burn bright
guiding the journey to enlightenment

Arising from darkness, sun tilts its head
in mist of ancient songs, rattles and drums
fires ignite within hearts, burning cherry red
harmonious vibrations felt, universe hums

there is no better time,  and time is now
calling, calling, calling our spirit home
breathe, ahhh

Finding purpose in the greater realm of life
silver starlight streams from heaven to earth
healing waters, washing away scars of strife
aligning energies, frequency of love gives birth

In sacred chambers, we drop our heavy cloaks
within dreams the ability to walk in two worlds
nurturing thoughts,  wisdom in a forest of oaks
star beads illuminate the sky, cluster of pearls

there is no better time,  and time is now
calling, calling, calling our spirit home
breathe, ahhh

Awakening our consciousness, drink up
intuition guides , connection of knowing
tasting joys of life, sipping from the cup
expanding beltways, new channels flowing

Bridge between two worlds, Pleiades awaits
traveling places we have known in dreams
holding the golden key, opening locked gates
glowing lanterns of starlight & moonbeams

there is no better time,  and time is now
calling, calling, calling our spirit home
breathe, ahhh

Sharing with Poets United & dVerse
Poets note: This is to honor a journey 
within sacred circles celebrating the
winter solstice. Wishing you all a time
of celebrations in your hearts. Peace
and light always my friends.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Artisan Bread Crafted Crusty Shapes

Fresh aroma fills the room
artisan bread kneaded
& crafted with loving hands
a delectable  orb with a star

rising in the cozy warmth
forming a brown crusty shell
protecting the inner lining
soft white fluffy clouds

gently breaking the bread
dipping my thoughts into
olive oil  & flavored herbs
tasting the richness of life

taking a small bite, I offer
you a fleshy piece of my heart
leaving crumbs in the journey
to help you find your way

closing my eyes,  I wonder
where you are in the world
a star shining oh so bright
I make a wish, just for you

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hosted by Grace

Saturday, December 13, 2014

In Silence - I Hear

Pic personal collection

In silence I  gaze  upon  still  waters
holding  an envelope of hopes and  dreams
blue  heron watches  from   marshy  quarters
the  clock  strikes three  all  is not  as  it seems

In silence, birds sing I am not  alone 
fresh  ashes  symbol  of my intentions
a journey quest  into  the  vast  unknown 
slow rhythmic breathing releasing tensions

In silence, I  blow  kisses  to  the  wind 
carrying  my  voice on  the wings of  change 
honoring  visions ,  mother  nature  grins
aligning  thoughts  a  time  to  rearrange

seven  messages, words drawn from  the  heart 
in silence I sense calmness, a fresh start

posted for Poetry Jam writing poems about quiet
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Author's note: This was written based on a personal

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Behind Flowering Walls

photo by Elene Usdin
 flowering walls 
 soft bed lush rose landscape
wondering  do  you notice  me

for Magpie Tales #249 
form cinquain 
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Friday, December 5, 2014

With Soft Hands I Sigh

I wanna hold your hand by Josep Ma. Roselldd

my hands lightly linger...
to feel the splendor of you
eyes closed I trace your face
pausing to inhale your scent
lost in the moment of discovery

my hands gently tremble
to feel your heart beat with mine
eyes open I gaze into your soul
pausing to inhale a breath of life
finding my way in flickering light

my hands take hold of yours
to feel the warmth of your being
eyes blazing in a midnight fire
pausing,  I part my waiting lips
found within the hands of time

posted for Poetry Jam