Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beyond the Milky Way

Warm swirling mist two light hearted fools dream
searching the sea for that blue sapphire ring
tis said it holds power as it makes hearts sing
under the darkest of nights  it would gleam

Truedessa and Captain Pat gaze upon the sky
this journey of theirs has reached a feverish pitch
woven fabrics of their souls held with satin stitch
caught in a magical land their hearts softly sigh

Two wild  spirits bonded by the journey of life
to find good  fortune could be a game of luck
tis said one must venture into the deep muck
they have seen enough heartache and strife

Together they sail searching coast to coast
facing adventures and weathering storms
cloud watching as a picture slowly forms
Truedessa whispers " I feel a chill, a ghost"

Captain Pat with his cat on his lap listens
turbulence seems to circulate the cold air
a sense of  real danger, a sign to beware
in the shadows of night two eyes glisten

a soft melody drifts  between blue waves..

 Come to me
  come to me
    let us soar
     beyond the milky way

Out  of the darkness, a man dressed in black
with eyes of red,  he wishes to make a deal
beneath his cloak a light saber  he conceals
Truedessa & Captain Pat take a step back

Captain Pat declares " what is your intention"
Truedessa shivers as a finger points her way
a spaceship hovers , with lights on display
this dark Jedi comes from another dimension

Captain pulls his weapon, as does the Jedi
have no fear we will conquer this foe
stormy winds, delivering a howling blow
what world lives beyond the milky sky


Truedessa and the captain side by side
sword to sword the two will readily fight
but, the dark  Jedi is quick with his light
swift as lightning the saber swings wide

Tossing the spotted cat into the deep sea
Truedessa heaves a cry,  "for that you will pay"
transferring energy their swords now light rays
Captain swears, I'll cut you down like a tree


Suddenly,  the  rolling sea lets out a roar
heaven and earth tremble and shake
a dragon ship appears ,  waves break
seems a ninja has graced their shore

Fiery  bursts from the dragon ships jaw
the spaceship is hit, orange flames galore
Capt'n Pat swings the Jedi falls to the floor
extending over the ship rail, a large claw

Truedessa runs to ship-side, a giant sea lion
 sitting on his furry mane, the spotted cat
she scoops him up, giving the beast a pat
just as the spaceships slip over the horizon

Captain Pat and Truedessa safe and sound
exhausted they gaze up towards the stars
giving thanks to the ninja who plays guitar
together many adventures they have found

posted for dVerse
another light hearted fool adventure
will these two ever make it to bora bay

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thoughts of Thanksgiving

Thankfulness resides in my heart
may each sunrise fill me with hope
seeing beauty, nature a work of art
thankfulness resides in my heart
grateful words from my lips impart
as the sun slips beyond the slope
thankfulness resides in my heart
may each sunrise fill me with hope

posted for dVerse hosted by Brian
Thoughts of Thanksgiving..
Wishing all Peace & Light 

The pic is one I took recently..

Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter's Silence

Snowstorm by Maurice de Vlaminck

angels in white 
beneath a snowy birch
 drifting  in the arms of  winter 
we sleep
 fresh snow 
winter's silence
blanketing our bodies
nestled as one we hibernate 

posted for Magpie Tales #247
 form  cinquains