Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rushing Waters

pic Truedessa's collection

can you hear the rushing waters call 
on a  mountaintop snow melts away 
dreamers gather come one come  all 
under starlight our world  feels small 
caught in the magic,  branches sway 
can you hear the rushing waters call 

amidst  trees, spirited deer stands tall
healing souls as distant drums play 
dreamers gather come one come  all 

shimmering stardust begins to fall 
chasing away thoughts dark and grey
can you hear the rushing waters call 

tears flows down a mountain wall   
forming a stream with rock and clay 
dreamers gather come one come all 

in silence the white horse does neigh
bursting over the horizon a new day 
can you  hear  the rushing waters call 
dreamers gather come one come all 

sharing with Poets United 
I wrote this while on a mountaintop
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Traveling with the Sun and Moon

we are the  children of the  earth 
traveling with  the sun  and  moon
seeking our destiny since  birth
we are the  children  of the  earth 
warming hearts by a dancing hearth
natural  beauty our heads swoon 
we are the  children  of the  earth 
traveling with  the sun  and  moon

posted for dVerse -  writing an 8 line
poem about travel. Form Triolet
sharing with Poets United for Earth Day 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bear that Cares - A Light Hearted Fool Adventure

Salted seas in the blue mystery of twilight
silent moments as celestial heavens awake
two light hearted fools,  bid the sun goodnight
ghostly  seamen moan from past mistakes

Against a wooden crate, Truedessa drums
spotted cat curls next to her on the deck
Captain Pat, lost in thought softly hums
in the vast universe we are but a speck

Truedessa drifts with  the driving beat
hypnotic trance,  ancient songs fill the air
foamy waves wobbling under their  feet
forming in twinkling stars, the great bear

Aligning heavens energy with earth
opening  inner channels within the sea
Capt'n Pat's eyes twinkling with mirth
spotted cat running around with glee

Within the universe a hidden cave
seven mighty stars,  guide the way
suddenly,  the two are hit by a wave
an alien beast,  arises dark and gray

Evil  giant fish, with two oval heads
spitting seaweed, with a loud hiss
fanged teeth,  could tear them to shreds
causing havoc from that dark abyss

Cap't Pat springs into quick action
drawing his sword,  ready to slice
abolishing this ugly sea attraction
eyeing the cat,  beast better think twice

Spit, spitting SpittiNG 
a net of seaweed around the captain
Truedessa hurries drawing her sword
Pat and the cat now held captive
nasty beast, slowly slithers aboard

Giant  red orbs, shooting fireballs
Truedessa,  screams with all her might
unleashing a giant energy wall
pledging her allegiance she will fight

Cat chews his way out as a fire erupts
Truedessa works on freeing Capt'n Pat
her mind  going into a state of flux
just as the evil two headed grabs the cat

A golden teardrop falls from her eyes
Capt'n Pat trying to extinguish the blaze
suddenly  rain begins to fall from the sky
loud growl,  giant bear appears in the haze

Capt'n Pat and Truedessa  give a quick look
two humongous  paws with sharp black nails
mystical  bear will need no fishing hook
swatting the huge fish against the ship rails

Truedessa and Pat eagerly lend a hand
two headed fish,  losing its strength
one last swat sending him into another land
his defeated body floating at great length

Giving thanks, Truedessa  hugged the bear
Capt'n Pat and the spotted cat  give a nod
drifting upward to the sky, protecting his lair
his cave in the constellation , home of the gods

Capt'n Pat and Truedessa gaze the sky
once again,  their ship is safe from harm
the stars shimmer rare jewels up high
from her tresses she pulls a lucky charm
a bear tooth shines...

Posted for Poet United Mid Week Motif - Foolishness
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sleeping Goddess of Heligan

Lost Gardens of Heligan
Resting in a botanical garden
sleeping goddess dreams
drifting to faraway lands
molding with the rich earth
hands made of mud and clay
covered in moss and green ferns

her loving heart will never harden
drinking from underground streams
elements of nature, she understands
sprouting buds, spring gives birth 
roots growing deeper with each day
in silence her soul yearns..

behold beauty in the garden
nymphs dance under moon beams
guarding gateways, strong trees stand
cost of dreams what are they worth
 tall blades of grass, lover's play
spreading seeds, her mind churns

goddess from another world
opening pathways
to dreams..

posted for Poets United

ps - I came across this picture
over at  Postiveletters
the sleeping giant is considered
a goddess in this botanical realm
she wrote about gardens for A to Z
and you guessed it letter G

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dragon Of The Stars by Alex J Cavanaugh - Release Today April 7, 2015

Hello, today I am posting something a bit different. Alex J Cavanaugh- a/k/a Ninja Captain is releasing his newest book Dragon of the Stars and I have decided to participate in his release blitz and scavenger hunt. You may wonder what it is we are searching for and here the mystery begins we are searching for none other than the mini ninja himself. Please leave a comment with a guess as to where he is hiding. It's that simple..

SCAVENGER HUNT! Comment to win an autographed copy of Dragon of the Stars, tons of bookmarks & postcards, and a $20.00 iTunes gift card–where is Mini-Alex? Visit Alex for a list of the participants. (Open through April 11 – winner announced April 13 at Alex’s blog.)

I have written a poem to kick start the event. I hope you will take a minute to read and join me in wishing Alex success with his book. 

Dragon's Song

opening  gateways to the galaxies
beyond the milky way a bridge
between two worlds a new star
adventure awaits over the ridge

commanding his own star-ship
man with a vision to soar the sky
living  in harmony with his bride
lofty dreams float in a pilot's eye

until turmoil surrounds his world
what and whom must he defeat
his heart hears the wild beast sing
pulses of energy,  with each beat

eyes ablaze, flying across the heavens
echoes of the fabled dragon's song
mighty vessel, about to be unleashed
fierce  warrior singing loud and strong

darting across the celestial sphere
on a hunt for the  legendary beast
Hyrath's only hope, can it be found
halting enemy fleets about to be released

Aden, man of honor,  knight of valor
pain and anguish penetrate the sky
swooping on the wings of a dragon
unflinching, he will not let his world die

honoring the hymns of his beloved
duet song of two wandering hearts
determined to wear the golden ring
will he survive when the battle starts

I guess we need to buy the book
and let the adventure unfold

Available today!

Dragon of the Stars

By Alex J. Cavanaugh
The ship of legends…
Science Fiction – Space Opera/Adventure/Military

The future is set for Lt. Commander Aden Pendar, son of a Hyrathian Duke. Poised to secure his own command and marriage to the queen’s daughter, he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

But when the Alliance denies Hyrath’s claim on the planet of Kavil and declares war on their world, Aden finds his plans in disarray. Entrenched in battle and told he won’t make captain, Aden’s world begins to collapse. How will he salvage his career and future during Hyrath’s darkest hour?

One chance remains–the Dragon. Lost many years prior, the legendary ship’s unique weapon is Hyrath’s only hope. Can Aden find the Dragon, save his people, and prove he’s capable of commanding his own ship?

Alex J. Cavanaugh has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and works in web design, graphics, and technical editing. A fan of all things science fiction, his interests range from books and movies to music and games. Online he is the Ninja Captain and founder of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. He’s the author of Amazon Best-Sellers CassaStar, CassaFire, and CassaStorm.