Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mighty Dragon Flies

Two Brothers by Elenor Abbott

facing  elements  mighty  dragon flies
embracing  earth , wind , water  & fire 
unleashing his spirit in spacious skies

mysteries of  life captured in  his eyes 
singing ancient songs, his heart inspire
facing elements mighty dragon flies

filling water basins below,  heaven  cries
earthly  dreams  arousing  inner  desire 
unleashing his spirit in spacious skies

soaring  new dimensions counter clockwise
courageous creature , winds lift him higher 
facing elements mighty dragon flies

traveling  lands  where  legends  never die 
diamond  studded stars, echoes of a choir 
unleashing his spirit  in spacious skies

golden rays of  light in morning  sunrise   
beating purple heart , mysteries  transpire
facing  elements  mighty dragon flies
unleashing his spirit in spacious skies

pic - Wikimedia Commons
sharing with Poets United

Monday, January 25, 2016

Blurry Silhoutte

photo by Francesca Woodman
out of control
do you recognize her
in the realm of vacant spaces

shadows of life
captured in black and white
blurry silhouette shades of grey

lot of desire
capturing swift movement
dancing into oblivion

posted for Magpie Tales #303
form: Cinquain

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blue Jay's Song

Sing to me blue jay this cold winter day
truth of the heart nestled in silken wings
on restless feet yearning to fly away
sing to me blue jay this cold winter day
remembering my dreams of yesterday
enchanting melodies your music brings
sing to me blue jay this cold  winter day
truth of the heart nestled in silken wings

Sharing with Poets United
Pic credit  Gailatthefarm
Form: Triolet
Author's note: Thanks Gail for sharing this pic
and allowing me to hear his song. The Jay
has his head tilted he is listening to the
verses of the whispering wind.

Monday, January 18, 2016


I dance myself into a frenzy
under blue moonlight
to the drums sultry beat
letting my inhibitions go
flushed in warm moonbeams
casting worries into the night
my heart pounds to the rhythm
as dreams drift towards starlight
I dance myself into a frenzy  

posted for dVerse 
Bjorn has us writing Poetry using the word dance
and no more than 44 words total.

pic - credit to unknown source 

Sunday, January 17, 2016


through the looking glass
a different dimension of me
soft reflections of who I am
longing for you to touch me 
lightly with your fingertips
tracing my imperfections
against my nakedness
can you feel me
the true me
I wish not
to hide

written for prompt Magpie Tales:Mag 302
sharing with Poets United 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Weaving Strands of our Being

they  say   dreams  are  for  believing
adventure in  faraway   lands  
pearls of  wisdom  overseeing
of  our  being 
letting  go  can  be  so  freeing 
close  your  weary  eyes  drift   away 
let  your  inner  child  out  to   play 
weaving strands of  our  being 

writing a new form over at dVerse
Unraveling the Ovillejo - I'm not sure how I did  but, I did try...

 Basically, broken down line by line, you’re looking at (aa bb cc cddc): with the shorter lines forming a complete thought in the end. If you want to learn more please visit dVerse.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Desert Rose

photo by Ed Rose

 My eyes have seen the desert rose
roaming barefoot where the wind blows
memories filled with hopes and dreams
ancient secrets I yearn to know

soft flesh pierced by the thorns of life
bleeding from the cuts of a knife
wounds heal in a tequila sunrise
leave behind the battles of strife

in the distance a flamenco beat
soft petals swirling at my feet
sweet aroma delicate blossom
wilting in the garden of defeat 

my heart is in a solemn place
in the desert land seeking grace
to the songs of the cactus wren
waiting for sunlight's warm embrace

posted for Magpie Tales #301