Sunday, January 15, 2017

Our Daily Planet - Read All About It!

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and where we went lent rent 
rent was due for the air we breathe 
is said to be  filled with every 
variation of me and you 
I had no idea what to say 
I opened a beer after getting home from a long day 
and turning to go yet half turning stay 
tomorrow isn't here ... ever 
so here I save myself 
tangled up in a sense of now 
wondering how the muse finds 
me changing my clothes 
back into being human again 
or some other facsimile 
of where to bend/contort myself 
to wearing a smile of " it will be alright " with buttered popcorn 
and licorice whips I prefer the cherry but that is secondary 
to the movie the movie is always about to begin and I cannot wait 
to hunt for Easter eggs and little figurines in birdhouses 
people have left along the path to salvation or desperation 

Phone Booths once lined the streets, hey you
know Superman needed a place to transform
3 Doors down singing Kryptonite

"If I go crazy then will you still
Call me Superman"

read all about it in the Sunday  paper
soaring the skies,  in a planetary revolution
will humans ever find a peaceful solution

high above the city lights, a new vision
forms in my mind...
I'll deliver dream seeds to those in need
giving them a reason to believe...
plant them on the river's edge
a hundred lanterns sparkle in the sky
make a wish, on a sandman's high
dancing under moonbeams

do you want to 
want to what 
I dunno, anything 
that's a lot to handle 
well try me 
I am not thirsty right now 
okay how about a sip 
fair enough 
wow salty with sweet note finishes 
yes comes from being Italian 
you smirk and shhh 
here comes the movie 
 <houselights flickers thunder appears thrown somewhere it wasn't supposed to be> 

 (scene 1) 

"it was a dark and stormy night" 

I am here 
a Sun and Moon fancier 
the places drumming takes me 
hands outstretched 
in the squint eyed late light of a long day 
palms to wildflowers 
wading waiting 
for when 
is scented 
with you again 

 meanwhile superman said to Lois
any house with you will do 
and they took a British cab 
and sped off in taupe colored clothes 
with two suitcases and feather boas 
in tow ...

The Planetarium has a free show tonight
offering celestial realism to the tune
of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"
I said to you  "Hey, I hate to burst their bubble,
but there is a full moon illuminating the sky
with more than  a hundred stars crossing
the stage of enlightenment...

We laughed as Superman and Lois are
all about reality in a world of surrealism

pass the popcorn, I like it warm it tastes
fresher that way...
You know when words melt together they
form hot poetry...there's a lot written
between the's the movement
of the tide, the ebb and flow of the
healing waters...

poem-ing makes me smile the world
seems a bit brighter even in those
places cloaked with darkness...

sometimes thunder is thrown in the
most unusual's the
lightning that creates energy...

shhh...(scene 2)

"After the STorm"

 feather boas and a suitcase of dreams..

swing set at night tag your it feet poking at stars
handing off time to how words mimic the cycle of rain ...

sharing with Poets United
Author's note:  Edward @ theblindlantern  kindly invited me to try a
collaboration after visiting his blog.  So, we let our muses out on the
playground of words. Thanks Edward for an entertaining adventure.

Thank you for visiting...


  1. Love the collaboration.. I felt so surprised reading it, so unusual. It felt like it was written in the same sense as "Brave New World"... and it got me thinking of bread and circuses to silence voices.

    1. Thanks Bjorn, this is a bit outside the box for me, but I wanted to try something different. Hey and you have to love a story about Superman.

    2. You're an astute cat Bjorn ...

  2. Definitely intriguing. And disturbing. It felt like a voyeurs view of other people's minds.
    Thank you.

    1. Something a bit different, sometimes it is good to explore another perspective...

  3. The feather boas: were they for decoration or for some sort of forbidden foreplay? One wonders...

    1. I don't know ask Edward, but I think it is just for decorative effect.

    2. I like to put references to Lola Falana in every poem I can ...

    3. Hi Edward ... I was interested to check out Lola Falana - she was so influential ... but sad that MS took over ... Hilary

  4. That was a neat collaboration indeed. Superman won't be finding many phonebooths these days. May get is feather boas though lol who knows what that lightning shall create.

    1. Hey, Pat yeah no phone booths near or far, I don't think he can transform in his cell phone.

  5. And it worked very well! Even before I got to the 3 Doors Down reference, they had crossed my mind.

    1. Thanks Alex, it was fun to do, Edward has a unique style and I just played along.

    2. And play along you did, I'm covered in mud and you have pottery ... fun fun collaboration ...

    3. It was fun Edward and the pottery delightfully crafted,,...amazing what a bit of clay can form

  6. If humans ever find a peaceful solution, THOSE will be some welcome headlines! This is a masterful piece of work, kiddo. Delivering dream seeds "to give them a reason to believe" sounds like a job right up your alley.........I think you do that already! (And I speak from personal experience, smiles.) Waaaay back, I saw that Pink Floyd show at the planetarium - one of my fave memories.Just read your note. This collaboration SINGS!!!!!!! The lines are melded seamlessly. So well done.

    1. Well, one can hope humans find a peaceful solution. I don't think many people still get actual newspapers so I think the headlines will be on our cell phones news-feed.

      Some dreams are meant to come true my friend, I am so happy for you.

    2. Edward was the inspiration ...our muses seemed to like the playground

  7. You know when words melt together they
    form hot poetry... love the dream seeds and the monologue style.

    1. thank you...I am a believer in dreams..

  8. I enjoyed reading this collaboration very much. Though now, I confess, I find myself worrying that we're taking away all of Superman's Phone Booths ... just when we really need him. No wonder truth, justice and the American Way is having a time-of-it. I say: Bring those phone booths back ... and hurry. Smiles.

    1. IF, phone booths can bring back justice I say bring them back so Superman has a place to be...

  9. A collaboration or escape?
    In any case, a packed stroll for imaginations until tomorrow.

    1. Tomorrow becomes today once it arrives.. let's ask Edward about tomorrow?

  10. Boy, you're on a roll. And I love the superman references. I think you're ready for spring.

    1. Haha if you only knew I think we have enough material to form a couple of more poems. The best part was the fluidity of thought.

  11. Fascinating collaboration, Truedessa. Fun to read, but intimidating to think of doing! The line "swing set at night tag your it feet poking at stars" reminded me of all the days playing games in my grandmother's backyard and of swinging at night on a long swing hung from one of her apple trees ~ when the Milky Way still burned across the sky. Have a happy week!

    1. That line came from Edward and I too enjoyed the image as it reminded me of my own childhood. Oh how , I wanted my feet to touch the sky .day or night. Thanks for the wonderful comment.

    2. Thanks for the clarification, Truesessa. Poetry is not my long suite! Have a good one!

  12. Great job here True! Wonderful collaboration. It is somewhat surreptitiously exploring into the unknown in the mind.


    1. The unknown mysteries of the mind can take many turns. Thank you for visiting.

  13. What a wonderful flight of fancy - and reality this is :-)

    1. Realty mixed with some fantasy can create an illusion to ponder..

  14. Hi Truedessa - certainly you've combined so many creative ideas into 'Our Daily Planet' ... fascinating collaboration by the two of you .. fun to read ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you Hilary, check out Edward's blog if you want to read more of his thoughts.

  15. This is a fascinating approach to narrative. I especially admire the sense that we entered the poem not quite at the beginning. The whole is very post-modern with it's multiple viewpoints.

    1. Kerry , this was amazingly fun as we spun fibers of our words into a cape of wonder...

  16. I really like collaborations. They poke and prod both the writers and the reader. Have been watching the Marvel character/s series on Netflix, so Superman made all kinds of sense to me. Phone booths could be journals, just a quiet small space for the transformation process.


    1. That they do taking the poets on a roller coaster ride.

  17. I do feel like I pay rent for the air I breath! I pay rent (or pay) for everything else...
    What a fun read! Even Superman had his secrects didn't he?

    1. It does feel like we pay rent for the air we breathe, in fact it feels like we are always paying for something. Let's just hope we have enough clean air to keep us alive.

  18. What a great story this created, and a lovely collaboration (we're big fans of collaboration, if you didn't know that). I love that 3 Doors Down reference, btw. And I also prefer cherry licorice whips. Mmmm.

    1. Haha well you guys are the masters of funny collaborations. Humor creates a cocktail of fun and I would gladly drink in a cup of that concoction.

  19. Great collaboration! A very fun read!

  20. Being a comic book fan, I had to check out this one! Very enjoyable, especially the 3 Doors Down reference.