Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Once Upon A

photo - Pixabay

Once upon a dream
all was not as it seemed
tattered wings she wanted to fly
soaring high in a  sapphire sky

Once upon a star
she made a wish from afar
penning words from her heart
language of love,  work of art

Once upon a dragon
a story began to happen
navigator of the vast heavens
following illumination of sevens

Once upon a song
she found a place to belong
creating bridges between the worlds
in darkness mystical light unfurled

Once upon a love
she  danced in wispy clouds above
to the beat of  her poetic heart
teary eyed, her dreams fell apart

written for dVerse
writing Once Upon A poetry
without using time

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Autumn's Calling

Truedessa's Collection
Autumn reflections
harmonizing with nature
patchwork of color
grasping for understanding
mystery of fallen leaves
 Autumn's brilliant song
melancholy scented trails
climbing mountaintops
leaves fluttering to the ground
following tall tree spirits

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Early Morning

Truedessa's Collection

A sliver of sunlight
ushers in a new day
footprints of yesterday
are washed away

waves whispering
a morning song
gulls laugh in the
ocean sprays

cloud people
awaken early
to a spectrum of light

there are castles
to build and dreams
to fulfill

written for dVerse
a quadrille of 44 words
incorporating the word early
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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Altered REALity

unknown source

She awakens in her dreams
to an altered reality...
in this world beyond the stars
he lifts her up on open wings
transcendent love he takes her
higher reaching rolling peaks of
traveling in a supernatural world
she spins in a counter-clockwise
flying  on an elevated plane of existence
never has she felt so high...

face to face
 cheek to cheek
   breath to breath
     heart to heart
        soul to soul

then the unimaginable
morning light; over the horizon
he drifts away, leaving her
alone in an autumn sky
tumbling to earth she hadn't
realized how far she had flown
crashing into a field of lost dreams
her wings torn, her greatest love
gone...darkness falls upon the
land just as the sun meets her

alone once again she cries
whispering I will see you again
my love under the hunter's moon
a promise from her lips...

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Owl


Oracle of secret knowledge
    Wisdom in a shadow world
  Leaves me spellbound

for Poets United
Midweek Motif - The Owl
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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Who Can?

free images - original artist unknown

Moon rising near the Joshua tree
gateway appears, quarter past three
I walk alone on a  desert road
trying to decipher mystical codes

who can; silence a thousand drums
apparitions speak in ancient tongue
tall cactus guard the canyon walls
darkness dwells, mourning falls

stumbling upon an angel of poems

welcome to the door of perception
the journey is not; about perfection
open your mind, to a poetic world
cosmic dust, the universe unfurls

who can; silence a thousand voices
chanting mantras; spiritual choices
glimpsing a vision of future days
when will this dust storm go away

stumbling upon an angel of song

walking through a portal of time
synchronicity, rhythm and rhyme
awakening my eyes filled with tears
can harmony exist in coming years

who can; silence the phoenix's cries
with a single flap, lighting the sky
rising from ashes, a warrior reborn
giving life to spirits tired and worn

stumbling upon an angel of dream

author's note: sharing tidbits
of a dream-walk.

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