Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finding Rhythm on Rockin' Waters

pic credit - Truedessa's collection

Sometimes in life we skin our knees
  on jagged  rocks in the journey
    making our way to healing waters

Rocks of various colors and shapes
    the very bones of mother earth
      each joint holding us together

Tranquility as blue water waves
  hello, come rest your weary soles
     let your thoughts flow freely

Wash away yesterday's sorrow
   off a rocky coastline a ship
     of dreams billowing sails

Chatty seagulls tell a story
  dolphins splash offering a song
     healing body, mind and spirit

Once again finding rhythm
   with each breath of salted air
     standing on solid rock
 posted for dVerse - Poetics - In tune with nature

Monday, July 20, 2015

Traveling Vessel

my spirit awakens to  your  touch
  pressing  your lips to my mouth
    I begin to sing in a new tongue

open your ears and you will hear
   songs from the heart of the jungle
    whistling - through the mountain air

ancient vessel , come travel with me
   layered in clay from the earth
    carvings from an artisan hand

you breathe new life into me
 awakening harmonic chambers
  rising to a new consciousness

your fingers play upon my body
 your lungs filling my spirit
   I feel alive with each note

frequency of love circulates 
  releasing pent up energy
   we explode in the magic

picture credit: Lascar Machu Picchu
courtesy of wikimedia

Friday, July 17, 2015

My philosophy of dreams

I believe in dreams do you
when I am sleeping
my vision is vivid

I believe dreams
hold the keys to life
found in REM moments

which door will you open

I believe dreams
open the flood gates
swimming  in  the spiritual realm

I believe dreams
allow me to fly in a satin sky
with the constellations my guide

which journey would you choose

I believe dreams
ignite the chambers of my mind
thinking outside the box

I believe dreams
allow my heart to beat faster
breathing in new life

which storyteller would you call upon

I believe dreams
stir a potpourri of energy
creating  a world of magic

my vision is vivid
when I am sleeping
I believe in dreams do you

posted for dVerse hosted by Brian
writing the Philosophy of poetry

Pic credit - one of my own collection
as I was sky watching...I saw a couple
of pictures in the clouds

Monday, July 13, 2015

Into the Horizon

steadily she follows the track
seeking light in an eastern sky
shadowy spirit dressed in black
steadily she follows the track
sun on her face, moon on her back
she missed the train it passed her by
steadily she follows the track
seeking light in an eastern sky

posted for Magpie Tales 278

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gone Fishing!

ancestors carved signs
messages left in stone walls
from water springs life
cast your net so you might grow
catching fish in the deep end
pictures etched in stone
mossy shoreline shadows dance
fishing for knowledge
cloudy skies, warm gentle rain
revealing a rainbow trout
ancient trail marker
mysterious fishing hole
cast your hook and line
walk on the pathway of bears
sharing your catch with mankind 
paddling together
desire fills our emptiness
casting dark shadows
we rest by the crooked tree
hungry feeding our bellies

sharing with Poets United
picture credit by Truedessa

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Laying Down Tracks

wikimedia - Train Station Vincent van Gogh

We were young and carefree
lying our tracks side by side
on a  sandy beach
would we be ready when the
trained rolled in...

gathering under starlight
at the river's edge
getting our fill
from a red solo cup
sipping wine...seeking
redemption on the
shores of East Jesus..

we were young & reckless
listening to rock n' roll
sermons playin' on the radio
what preacher would save
our lost souls...

tryin' to make our way
from here to there...
drowning out the screams
"you better grow up"

we gathered the silent few
wanting to know the key to life
under the stars and moon
we sang our tunes...

here we shared our hopes
& dreams....
seeing the world, a different view
on a riverbed,  we found  peace
in the arms of night, someone

as the heavens shone above
we experienced love...salvation
to the clickity clack of the railroad

found on the shores of East Jesus

sharing with Poets United