Saturday, November 19, 2022

Night Owl

"The Silent Hunter" by Graham Eaton

 In the darkest spaces of night
there flies a silent hunter
moving unnoticed between
the worlds, seeking the
mystic dreamers

beyond the veil of mystery
carrying spiritual messages
to the shamans who will listen

guardian of the night
seeing the road clearly
soaring past the shadowy
trees of winter's bareness
there lies a route to change

 universal shift with the
stars and moon, use your
internal lantern to lead
the way forward in the
journey to tomorrow

see past the perceived
illusions of indistinctness
trust your intuition to fly
you into the deepest places
of your dreamwork

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hosted by Carrie -who keeps
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Thursday, November 17, 2022

If I Must Go

Courtesy of Pixabay








My days are numbered
I am an X of a tree
in my final hours, I
contemplate my destiny

If, I must go
may, I become a cradle or crib
a place for a new born to sleep
and dream within my limbs

If, I must go
may, I become a flute or wind-chime
allowing my voice to still be heard
blowing in the breeze

If, I must go
may, I become a flowery birdhouse
a  place for nesting in the spring
allowing me to hear sparrow songs

If, I must go
may, I become a canoe or paddle
traveling lakes and rivers enjoying
the beauty of nature

If, I  must go
may, I become a paperback novel
or a book of poetry filled with words
from the heart, dedicated to the tongues
of falling trees

If, I  must go
may, you be reminded, that without
trees,  life cannot survive, my dying wish
is for you to plant a seed in remembrance
of me.

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author's note: The sign of the X on a tree signifies
the tree will be cut down around here.  So many
have their days numbered or no longer stand tall.

When will we learn to take only what is truly needed
and leave the rest to grow creating balance?

Tuesday, November 15, 2022


Where has precious time gone
slipping away with each dawn
days filled with life's mixed songs
nights whispering of past wrongs 

 searching for warm blue skies
sometimes, heaven cries
dreaming in autumn's cold rain
will I ever see you again

 reflective puddles at my feet
how can love be so bittersweet
no, love can't be washed away
even if the clouds remain gray

 sing to me, sweet November rhyme
kiss my lips while, we still have time
tell me that our poetry will survive
as the winds of winter slowly arrive

I know not what tomorrow brings
but, for today, hope still clings

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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Edge of a Dream


"Edge of a Dream" by Tom Chambers

through a deserted village street
walking on the edge of a dream
in the wilderness, my heart beats
through a deserted village street
balance hinges on stable feet
in the darkness, tiger eyes gleam
through a deserted village street
walking on the edge of a dream

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Petal & Thorn

Dreaming under a cherry moon
the color of the night, dark blue
a lonely lady drinks in the stars
stirring her cocktail of Petal and
Thorn bitter vermouth, with notes of
chamomile, cinnamon, rose
and orange peels

Swept away, by the intoxicating
flavor, she composes a poem
spilling her heart on a five inch
paper napkin, the last petal falls

Sealing her words with a kiss
it's him she thinking of, again
pouring a refill - to ease the pain
from the bittersweet thorns....

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Sunday, November 6, 2022

The Final Hymn

Hymn Book

No one knows why the flock flew away
the only chorus heard now is the cooing
of homing pigeons, carrying notes
between the sky and earthly world

once there were songs that lifted the rafters
the old piano could be heard from far away
people came to dance and clap their hands
rejoicing in the harmony of the day

perhaps, too many dreams died and faith
drifted away with each broken heart
the road to love too difficult to travel
the music too painful to hear

light still shines through the stained glass
warming the emptiness felt deep inside
there are hymns of life waiting to be sung
if only the shadows of darkness would cease

perhaps, a broken hallelujah, is better than none 

written for The Sunday Muse 


Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Just A Rollin' Wave

courtesy of Pixabay

In your dark haunting eyes
I saw the storms you tried to hide
I saw where wild passion resides

billowing sails took you away
there was nothing more to say
no words, could make you stay

I was just a rollin' wave
in a deep sea of mystic blue

dreamin' of you, all night through
baby, you know it's true
baby, you know it's true
it was always about you, you, you

the universe bedazzled us
the melody of the sea tremulous
often we drifted anchor-less

on cloudless nights, I search the stars
listening for the song, I call ours
in silence, I wonder how you are

I was just a rollin' wave
in a deep sea of mystic blue

dreamin' of you, all night through
baby, you know it's true
baby, you know it's true
it was always about you, you, you

author's note: I'm feeling blue, here's a song for you!
I may re-arrange it or delete it but, for now I just feel it


Sunday, October 30, 2022

The Choice

The Choice We Make by Brooke Shaden

Slipping into shadowy darkness
the piper plays in the realms of dreams
running barefoot, all is not as it seems

my mind a wandering labyrinth
a story with no beginning nor end
twists and turns that quickly blend

into the forest of tangled thoughts
in moonlight,  trees quickly shift
a vision forms beyond the dewy mist

before me, three magical doors appear
quietly meditating, on my choice
listening  to my inner voice

the choices we make, the risks we take
sometimes, we will make mistakes
sometimes, there will be heartbreak

door to the left, journey to the past
what can be learned moving backwards
will it propel one in the journey forward

door to the right, glimpse of the future
divulging secrets, dreams of the unknown
unearthing places in fields not yet sown

door to the middle, closet to my heart
here is the mystery and beauty of song
 could it holds the key to where I belong

before me, three magical doors appears
quietly meditating, on my choice
listening for your heavenly voice

the choices we make, the risks we take
there's a magical spell, I can't shake
love slumbers, waiting for daybreak

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Author's note:  This is a wip but, for now it will simply be...

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Enactivism in the Poetry of the Mountains

Mountain top

Today, I thought about the act
of climbing the mountainous
terrain, the patience and laborious
journey to the peak, traveling
with my walking stick on sacred
ground, with each step one must
be observant and respectful of
the trail-way, my soft-skinned
moccasins touching the moist
earth sole to soul, crunching
autumn's brightly fallen leaves
inhaling, the fresh scent of pine
becoming a part of the wilderness

There is something special
happening when communing
with nature at such a height
exhilarating, yet humbling

It's an enactment of the journey
of the ancestor's of days gone past
that traveled lightly and understood
the importance of the land, growing
spiritually setting an intention, then
moving forward one step at a time

It's about the vibrational energy
one sends out into the universe
it's about sitting in silence on a
giant boulder, taking in autumn's
offerings, leaning against a giant
maple tree for support in the quest
of understanding, peeling one's layer
of skin amongst the birch trees 

It's about seeking something
other worldly, walking with
the shadow people, soaring
with the eagle up high

It's about discovering a fresh
perspective in life, drinking
from the cup of water, earth
sky and wind

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Travelers Moon

courtesy of Pixabay

Autumn the season of the travelers moon
exhausted, softly falling into a bed of leaves
crossing the threshold of a mid-night dream
strolling the fields of heaven's colorful hills
notes of the harmonious evergreens fills the air

Under a canopy of red, yellow and orange
a welcoming baptizing spray of radiant light
how many moons will it take to reach the peak
wise owl watches intensely in the shadows
gatekeeper flapping between the two worlds

Ushering in change before the bitter frost
the dying leaves, crunch under pressure
searching an old orchard for a sign of life
planting seeds of intention in the night
harvesting dreams can be difficult work

the fruit of the journey is the sweet reward

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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Wild Soul









What do you know of my wild soul
it longs to soar with the birds up high
it longs to swim, with gills and fins
with the creatures of the river/sea

what if the birds all disappeared
what if the waterways simply dried up

What do you know of my wild soul
my inner desire to commune with nature
sitting on a mountaintop, on an autumn day
watching the squirrels and deer nearby

what if the trees were no longer here
what if there were no nuts or berries

What do you know of my wild soul
it follows the flute's sweet serenade
embracing a time where love reigned
dreaming under stars and moonlit sky

what if the music ceased to play
what if the stars no longer burned bright

What do you know of my wild soul
beating within me the poetry of life
leaving breadcrumbs in the journey
so you might know my wild soul....

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