Sunday, May 31, 2015

In the Highland Heather Grows

pic - Wikimedia commons
In a vast field wild heather grows
peacefully resting dreams reborn
roots dug deep healing water flows
in a vast field wild heather grows
your song and light forever glows
tears of sorrow hearts gently mourn
in a vast field wild heather grows
peacefully resting dreams reborn

sharing with Poets United
wishing you peace in your new journey
my dreaming are not gone
just transformed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Who is that Masked Bandit

Lazy spring day
relaxing under a tree
nature bursting with life
birds flying from limb to limb
a butterfly seduces a wildflower
in the light of day..
overhead  a maya blue sky
soft puffy clouds drift by
from a giant maple
helicopters spin
twirling around until
they crash to the ground
sturdy tree rattles as if
to speak..I look
above through
thick  branches
what is up there
I feel his eyes on me
and then I see him
clinging to the tree
are you friend or foe
he teases me as he stretches
green leaves curtain his face
we play hide and seek
an amusing little game
I need a better view 
binoculars in hand
focusing upward
I see you now relaxing
back in the nook of the tree
you tilt your head a bit
to the right and I catch
a glimpse of your masked face
are you contemplating
your adventures tonight
under the cloak of darkness
what will be your loot
tell me friend what do you
see from your lookout point
do you wish to share a
secret  - are you as curious
about me as I am about you
we share a magical moment
one lazy spring day..

posted for dVerse
picture wikimedia
having some fun with free verse

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fly Me Towards the Tiger Moon

fly  me towards the tiger moon
I asked the hawk  high  overhead
awakening  dreams  with  a  tune 

sleeping  within  my  warm  cocoon 
feather  pillow, an  earthly  bed 
fly  me towards the tiger moon

near  waters of the  blue  lagoon
resting against the tiger's head
awakening  dreams  with  a  tune 

within  his  golden  orbs I  swoon
on wings of a hawk sorrow fled
fly me towards the tiger moon

heavenly skies, songs  softly  croon 
mystical  realm passion burns  red 
awakening  dreams  with  a  tune 

night quickly  fades, day  arrives  soon 
bated breath I  hang  from  a thread
fly me towards the tiger moon
awakening  dreams  with  a  tune 

sharing with Poets United
Thanks for reading

Monday, May 18, 2015

Little Dragonfly - Seeking Light

artwork by Ulrike Bolenz

Within the dragon she hears a song
to thee the flowering blossoms belong
she a poetess, releasing her inner beast
for within his sultry words she did feast
dancing in the shadows of  his dark silhouette
the love she felt she could never forget
with claw and fire they did cling
misty evenings, nightingales would  sing
  in a magical world they took flight
soaring together towards beams of light
she loved him with a true heart
he had another, her wings were torn apart
for in the moment she thought he cared
carrying treasures the joy they shared
 she flutters about, making her way
stars and moon fade into another day
through darken skies
her heart silently cries

posted for the Magpie Tales #270

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Scent of Rosewater

Artist: Georgia O'Keeffe 

white waves
  delicate rose in a foaming sea
    ocean petals soft and moist
      he came, to dance with me

  dream  beads laced across the sky
    under heavens canopy, hearts speak
       moon tides rise and fall
         dancing cheek to cheek

white waves
  rosewater scent clings to wet flesh
    love blossoms in the midnight air
      in a woven net our souls mesh

loves purity in a strand of pearls
  illuminating the heavens far and wide
    poetic words spray across pink lips
      swells of emotions grow deep inside

white waves
 rising rhythmic cadence of the sea
  ocean petals, fall with each breath
    I came, to dance with him..

posted for Poets United..I missed the prompt on waves
so my entry will be shared today. Thanks for reading and
have a lovely day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

When Cardinals Cry cardinal-birds

Attraction is in the eye of the beholder
feisty cardinal in his coat of crimson
flutters to and fro through all seasons
 standing on feet of dignity
brilliant red, not stained with
 ego pride..

shock of color, warrants notice
defending his territory, he will
fight even the ghost of himself
rescue missions, fire truck red
who will be lost
  who will be saved
   can anyone determine the cost

blowing in the breeze a new song
picking up the beat, this fellow
has spunk, filled with some funk
along with peeps, pips and warbles
if you listen closely you will hear
his message as it echoes in the land
    cheer, cheer , cheer

nearby the caw of the black crow
crumbling steeple in the distance who
will come, who will go
who will remember all those
lost souls, the day the earth
quaked and swallowed dreams
   just as a baby bird 
     ate its first worm...

posted for dVerse writing layered poetry
not sure if it fits the prompt, but this is
what the muse had to say...