Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Black Roses Left Behind

In my dream
I awaken
tears in my eye
my vision blurry
circling black smoke
forever,  changing world
people choking on
poisonous words
raven caws
in  a  barren land
hungry mouths
cardboard houses
burned to the ground
hopes and dreams
in the name of peace
concealing guns
who will save them
grim reaper riding in
on a rolling wave of fog
filling graveyards
with despair
black roses left behind
thorns of pain

In a dream I saw her
I wonder was she me
on a pearly rooftop
ancient drum in her hand
calling upon the spirit world
listening for pulsing rhythms
to grab hold of her heart
under a purple sky, she sighs
eyelids heavy, fighting sleep
waiting for quenching rain
to save  nature and mankind
dancing to the pounding beat
puddles under her feet
lifting her voice far & wide
into the heavens she cries
why???? why???why???

posted for dVerse hosted by Anthony
parts of this came  from an actual dream..

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Night Clashes with Light

Night dressed in  a cloak of velvet black
distant  dreams between heaven and earth
mystical stories woven fabrics of life giving birth
silver stars dance,  two light hearted fools on track

Captain Pat at the helm under a crescent moon
Truedessa  playing her drum, chanting songs
spotted cat curled at her side, where he belongs
somewhere, a golden lute plays a magical tune

A hunter, Orion takes form in the constellations
waves of emotions fills the green foaming seas
signaling upcoming danger for the traveling three
Truedessa senses some unusual vibrations

From beneath, dark murky waters start to churn
Captain Pat bellowing "hang on we're in for a ride"
Truedessa  and the cat quickly stand by his side
ship whirls, sudden tremor causing concern

entering another realm ominous under world
two dark hideous eyes,  a giant scorpion king
thrashing through water,  a beast who can sting
reddish brown skin, poisonous venom is hurled

Trio on guard, steely blades in their hands
Truedessa shouts  "who summons us to this place"
goddess of dawn, cries dressed in white lace
prisoner of  Hades, stealing light from the lands

Beware of the stinger as the scorpion spins
Captain Pat and the cat under a brutal attack
Truedessa slams her sword into the beast back
we will win this battle before a new day begins

a jolt, Truedessa cries, Captain Pat feels her sting
spotted cat quickly jumps standing by  her side
Hades laughs, soon there will be no place to hide
Suddenly, an arrow pierces the beast with a zing

rolling waters, orbs of twinkling light fill the sea
Orion, hunter of the sky dives into the depth below
Captain Pat declares, hurry this place is going to blow
this time the scorpion will not win,. Hades quickly flees

on their sunken ship , roaring volcano ready to bust
Captain Pat at the helm the trio form a strong ring
the goddess of dawn slowly  rises and begins to sing
they shoot from the sea, in a haze of volcanic dust

emerging to the surface,  steadying their rocking ship
flickering over the horizon, dawns yellow orange rays
goddess of light,  two light hearted fools in a daze
Orion resting in the sky, they continue their trip

Mystical night, a new dawn but, will they find Bora Bay???

posted for dVerse open link night & sharing with Poets United

Another light hearted fool adventure - thank you for
taking the time to read this tale...always a pleasure
to sail with Captain Pat and his spotted cat..

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lost in a Moment

passage of  time 
your  arms  wrapped  around   mine 
 lost  in the  moment  we  collapse 
 time  is  always   now 
transcending dimensions
in a burst of  light  colliding
we fuse

posted for dVerse hosted by Mary writing about time..

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Your Turn to Shine

They open the doors at precisely 3:00 pm
there is always a bartender ready to greet
offering you a chance to present your gem
slowly poets enter, there is always a seat

Some prefer the comfort of sitting at the bar
twirling their thoughts straight up on the rocks
enjoying conversations about the moon & stars
who will take the mic,  open verse on the block

Sitting at a round table discussing knight  tales
mysteries of life, traveling different realms
pirates abound, on their ship they do sail
shadowy figures,  dance behind giant elms

A musician sits at the piano, playing a tune
composing a melody, writing a poetic song
heads begin to  swoon, could it be a full moon
laughter fills the air, the guests sing-a-long

We gather to share our hopes and dreams
to have our voice heard,  to listening ears
swept away by verses, an overflowing stream
toasting the pub for 3 years a hearty cheer

writing for dVerse celebrating 3 years..
I missed the Ode to but, this is sort of
an ode to dVerse as well. Thank you
for all you do..this place has paved
the way to many adventures upon the

Friday, July 18, 2014

Knight's Garden

morning  dew touches moist lips a  sweet  kiss
lost  in  lush  gardens, poets  dare  to  dream 
thick  maze  of  words ,  finding   heavenly   bliss 
dancing  under  sunlight, riding moon beams
pleasurable  rose  scent , magical  spell 
drifting  in  thoughts,  muse  of  lyrical  song
words   spoken  in tongue,  here our  spirit  dwells
with  you, I've  found  a  new  place  to  belong 

seeking   release  in a fountain of  love 
exploring the pathways  from  here  to  there 
syllables  take   flight  on  wings of a dove
supporting each other ,  showing  we  care 

in a knight's garden we discover art
singing to the rhythmic beat of our heart

posted for dVerse celebrating 3 years of poetry
at the Poet's Ball...A pleasure to attend ..