Saturday, January 30, 2021

Beautiful Moon

The Sunday Muse


Tonight, there's a  beautiful full moon
starlight dances in the windless night
my soul recalls, sweet beguiling tunes

longing to abandon this safe cocoon
glistening snow, golden beams of light
tonight there's a beautiful full moon

 you ghosted me, my heart marooned
this song of ours, we need to re-write
my soul recalls, sweet beguiling tunes

 dreaming of you, morning arrives soon
lyrical poems, words of love, shall I recite
tonight there's a beautiful full moon

 entranced darkness, luminous swoon
illusions of yesterday, tomorrow's delight
my soul recalls, sweet beguiling tunes

 serenading my beloved, I'm a blue loon
passion and fire, distant stars ignite
tonight there's a beautiful full moon
my soul recalls, sweet beguiling tunes

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author's note: It snowed here this
week, the night air crisp and cold
the beautiful full moon warmed the night

Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Fence of Discontent

The Sunday Muse











How long will we perch on this fence
living in a world filled with discontent

to understand raven's hidden darkness
unravel the madness of consciousness

to understand deep wisdom of the owl
into the night you might have to prowl

even the dark skies, have stars to delight
leading us towards the morning sunlight

even the light, has moments of unease
grey clouds linger, shapes & forms tease

tethered, our souls long to be set free
from this vantage point it is hard to see

traveling between the light and dark
daring to dream, to the song of the lark

how long will we perch on this fence
living in a world filled with discontent


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peace, dreams and hope 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Lake, Frozen, Ice, Water, Winter, Frost
courtesy of pixabay

Today - I took  a walk
connecting with nature
winter-air, cold and crisp
tracking my steps up and down
gentle sloping hills

Today - I wondered where
the geese have gone
yesterday, they flew in
V-formation seeking
a place to land, frozen
waters, a change of plans

Today  - I watched a flying man
on razor sharp blades, grinding
ice with each hissing bite
waiting for the stick and puck
to meet, Tap, tap, tap


there's a connection
that echoes out into the universe

Today -  A cooper's hawk flew
there's synchronicity in nature
connect, focus, visualize
obtain your goal, fly with the wind



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Author's note:  Today, I went for a
walk trying to connect with nature.
There was a man playing hockey
and I thought how free he looked
flying across the ice with ease.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Be A Star


Once the queen of the silver screen

she could make you laugh or scream

her  characters written by another

embracing in the arms of a  lover


her  expressions could tell a story

life has moments of pain and glory

an  actress,  the theater her life

finding her place under the lights


"All the world's a stage"

and all men and women merely players


scripting the journey page by page

hoping to  survive a modern age

masks; different in shapes and forms

helping us weather unknown storms


each day a new opportunity to live

a time to give and maybe, forgive

hang on  to your dreams in the night

hoping, someday they will take flight


"they have their exists

and their entrances"


you  are the author of a best- seller

composing adventures, the story teller

it's your life on a stage of opportunities

fill it with extra-ordinary possibilities


explore nature and its calming scenes

laugh and dance change your routine

step out of time, to your own beat

walk in fields of honey colored wheat


"We know what we are, but know not

what we may be"


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quotes by William Shakespeare

Be the star of your life!

peace, light and love always

Monday, January 11, 2021

Dabbling in a Dream

Paddling, Water, Mountains, Landscape
Courtesy of Pixabay


sitting on a mossy riverbank
dabbling her feet in the
inviting water

her mind drifting with
the clouds, indulging
in a daydream

paddling a canoe
through the ripples of time
perhaps, meeting a lover

sunlight dappling through
the pines, warming her heart
she smiles


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writing a quadrille of 44 words
incorporating the word "dab"

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