Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Sipping Red

courtesy of Pixabay

 Spring cherry blossoms
lone bottle of red Merlot
glass of emptiness
 sipping springs bouquet
inviting you to taste life
pouring a red blend

written for dVerse
Seeing Red hosted by Sarah
writing Poetry with the theme red

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Solemn Gray

courtesy of wikipedia

Early morning sky is a solemn gray
spring is aching to come into full bloom
red robins sit on the peeling porch rail

children no longer go outside to play
when will a sense of normalcy resume
early morning sky is a solemn gray

blue jays sing hymns of enchanted tales
flowers will soon fill the air with perfume
red robins sit on the peeling porch rail

Oh sweet sunlight break this moody day
with nature let our hearts beat in tune
early morning sky is a solemn gray

walls these days are hard to scale
in your heart give love some room
red robins sit on the peeling porch rail

from lips of hope, people begin to pray
who can break us from our own tomb
early morning sky is a solemn gray
red robins sit on the peeling porch rail

sharing with earthweal

author's note:  Today, I woke up to
the songs of two robins on my 
porch rail.  Their songs are hymns
of hope in trying times.

love, hope and health....

Monday, March 23, 2020

Dreams Are Magical

courtesy of Wikimedia

Take me into the realm of night
where dreamers unfurl their wings
soaring in a planetary heaven

Blossoming are the seeds of ideas
and aspirations

Take me into the realm of magic
tapping into one's full potential
manifesting the heart's desires

written for dVerse
writing a 44 word Quadrille
incorporating the word Magic

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

One Hundred

Courtesy of the Sunday Muse
In the sojourn of life we accumulate miles
with uneasy feet,  taking in the beauty of spring
weeping willow is budding, her boughs bending
carrying the weight of a million unshed tears

In the sojourn of life, we are constantly rushing
there seems to be an internal need for speed
accelerating towards some unknown destiny
we need to slow down, appreciate each day

In the sojourn of life, we travel many roads
the scenery changes as does our perception
sometimes, I wish I had wings and could fly
soaring the heavens there is room to breathe

In the sojourn of life, there is limited time
everyone hoping to reach a new milestone
we live in a world filled with challenges
embrace each day, take in the moments

In the sojourn of life, 100 seems surreal
can we understand it's universal power
does it signify a time of new beginnings
could it be a call to a spiritual awakening

written for The Sunday Muse
They are celebrating their 100th post
Congratulations and thank you for
all you do...

Peace, poetry and health.... 

sharing with earthweal

Monday, March 16, 2020

Where does it Start or End - A Dream

Courtesy of Pixabay

 “I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended.”
 In the journey of life, I sometimes find myself caught between two
worlds.  In my dreams, we dance cheek to cheek whispering words
of affection.  Each syllable rolls off my tongue to kiss his lips
with magical verse. It stuns me to feel so connected to another soul.

Lounging in the silent hours of night in poetic unity with the universe.
Thunderbolts jump start my heart.  I am racing towards the morning
light.  My nocturnal rendezvous with love is approaching its end.
The alarm rings,  just as the upper limb of the sun appears on the horizon. 
I open my eyes,  amazement greets me.  I recall the promises of night and
embrace the beauty of the day.

 Where does  love  start or end? Do you know?

written for dVerse
hosted by Merrill 
writing prosery using the following line somewhere in your creativity.
“I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended.”
not to exceed 144 words.

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