Thursday, May 26, 2022

Everyday Extreme

Stonehenge, Monument, England, Uk
Courtesy of Pixabay


The everyday extreme

seems to be getting worse

the weather teeters from

scorching to chilly

A storm rolls in with

howling winds

patio furniture lifts off


feather light, I wonder when

it splashes-down, will it shatter, like

lost dreams in the garden

of Eden....

tears pour from the heavens

shall we build an arc to weather

the inevitable floods that will

surely come...

do we still have two of each

species, so many are bordering

on extinction....does anyone care

In the morning sun, the sweltering

heat place to hide

the power grid is

way  to cool the air down...makes

it hard to breathe when it's

90 plus degrees..

Who can keep track of the everyday

extremes...who will save the young

saplings who haven't had a chance

to grow their roots, taken too soon 

my heart grieves for all the loss...

Will the only thing left standing be

giant megaliths ....a sanctuary of

hope in the eye of the storm

the artwork of

a by-gone community

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author's note:  my humble free verse ramblings...


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Call of the Jay

Blue Jay, Bird, Avian, Nature, Wildlife
Courtesy of Pixabay


A scold of jays came one spring day
perched on an old fence, ready to play
a wandering band, a bit out of tune
I,  their audience this hot afternoon

tell me Jay, what do you have to say
your calls, chasing my blues away
sing me a gritty rock n roll tune
a thunderous storm is coming soon

whisper me a song, please don't delay
the winds blow, trees begin to sway
lure my heart from it's safe cocoon
dance my way into days of June
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author's note:  I once had some bluejays
visit and they left me two blue feathers,
I still have them a calling card of sorts.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022



Searching for moon

light, just before mid

night,  hidden beneath

thick gray clouds


where o' where are

you blood moon my

eyes filled with star

dust drifting into a dream


one can never under

estimate the wondrous

allure of a rare moon

walk, Neil Armstrong

touching the sea of

tranquility, MJ

mesmerizing the world

with lunar dance moves


slowly a few clouds

part, my heart does cart

wheels of delight as night

light shines on a sun

burned moon


a glimpse of magic

before heading to bed

whispering a sweet good



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Fun Fact:

MJ first performed the moonwalk on May 16,
an amazing artist. Timely posting 


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Tied To You!

The Sunday Muse

Drifting back in time
under a pale yellow sky
once we were tied
to a dream

 you held one end
of the rope and I
the other, trying
to weave our way

 a wave of love
that stretched wide
sometimes the billowing
sails were more than
I could handle

barefoot on old
wooden planks
weathering the storms
chasing the blues
riding the tides
navigating my way
to You...

 a star so bright
I had to close my eyes
knowing in my heart
the journey would get rough

sailing endlessly
in a drowning dream
casting out my net into
a mysterious sea

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Witnessing the Magnitude

Free illustrations of Rose
courtesy of Pixabay


Sleeping on the cusp of a dream
shedding tears over a broken land
it's magnitude is yet to be seen
this darkness, I try to understand


shedding tears over a broken land
reading signs from all directions
this darkness, I try to understand
stars align, there is a connection


reading signs from all directions
May sky, offers a flowering moon
stars align, there is a connection
snapdragons and tulips in bloom


May sky, offers a flowering moon
heart of a rose, cries for healing
snapdragons and tulips in bloom
wounds of the earth are revealing


 heart of a rose , cries for healing
it's magnitude is yet to be seen
wounds of the earth are revealing
sleeping on the cusp of a dream

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Planetary Parade

courtesy of Pixabay


In the predawn sky the moon leads the parade

a spectacular showing of planetary alignment

to the earthly inhabitants a heavenly serenade 


Jupiter caught our eyes dancing in the light

swirling in unknown storms so far a way

arranging notes, a celestial anthem this night


Venus, shower us with passionate songs of love

filling the voids of our hearts with harmony

 stirring the poetic soul, singing to our beloved


Mars dressed in your fiery red ensemble

will you lay down your sword for the night

your rocky exterior, causes the heaven to tremble


Saturn play me a tune of endless possibility

your diamond rings have no beginning or end

searching for the center of life and eternity


If only stargazers could live in unity
let's keep this earthwheel spinning


author's note:  There is a planetary parade
happening...I hope you get to take in the
view in the next few weeks

  This is a bit bumpy, but I am posting it
as promised for a friend.

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