Saturday, May 7, 2022

Planetary Parade

courtesy of Pixabay


In the predawn sky the moon leads the parade

a spectacular showing of planetary alignment

to the earthly inhabitants a heavenly serenade 


Jupiter caught our eyes dancing in the light

swirling in unknown storms so far a way

arranging notes, a celestial anthem this night


Venus, shower us with passionate songs of love

filling the voids of our hearts with harmony

 stirring the poetic soul, singing to our beloved


Mars dressed in your fiery red ensemble

will you lay down your sword for the night

your rocky exterior, causes the heaven to tremble


Saturn play me a tune of endless possibility

your diamond rings have no beginning or end

searching for the center of life and eternity


If only stargazers could live in unity
let's keep this earthwheel spinning


author's note:  There is a planetary parade
happening...I hope you get to take in the
view in the next few weeks

  This is a bit bumpy, but I am posting it
as promised for a friend.

linking with earthweal


  1. I have been waiting for this poem with anticipation. It is lovely. I can imagine how glorious a sight this must be though it is unlikely I will catch any of it. I will focus on the energies involved in such an amazing configuration.

    1. Sherry, i hope you get a chance to see part of the parade. Thank you for your constant support.

  2. As soon as it's not cloudy or raining, I hope to!

  3. A planetary parade: how lovely! I will look out for it...

    1. I hope you can see it in your part of the world.

  4. I've noted the parade's assembling and felt it heralds something, stringing so many individual myths together -- we're in it together with that sky, these orbs. May we make better sense of it than we do our earth.

    1. I agree, i do feel it is a sign from above, stirring myths and the god/goddess of the other realms. Yes, we are all inhabitants of this planet and we certainly need to be better caretakers.

  5. We've had nothing but clouds lately, but I'm hoping for a clear night sky soon. I've had Mars and Saturn in my sky for awhile, and of course the moon comes and goes. But to see them all together!

    1. There have been some clouds here as well. The four planet line up is unusual and it wont happen again for a very long time.

  6. Beautiful celestial wanderings Tru, loving it! A privileged spectacle to be able to view the lining up of Heaven's being. Hopefully the resulting pull of such a lining up parade may have positive consequences.
    Btw, Hank has had some health issues lately. Missed out postings as you can see for the early part of April for many days. Had an angiogram procedure done. Such a relief, thankful to God the almighty and merciful, no blockages detected. Been told to take it easy, Doctor's orders! Thanks Ma'am and how are you keeping!


    1. Thank you Hank for the note. That is good news no blockages. Listen to the advice and take it easy, my friend. Thinking of you and wishing you continued good health.