Saturday, May 14, 2022

Tied To You!

The Sunday Muse

Drifting back in time
under a pale yellow sky
once we were tied
to a dream

 you held one end
of the rope and I
the other, trying
to weave our way

 a wave of love
that stretched wide
sometimes the billowing
sails were more than
I could handle

barefoot on old
wooden planks
weathering the storms
chasing the blues
riding the tides
navigating my way
to You...

 a star so bright
I had to close my eyes
knowing in my heart
the journey would get rough

sailing endlessly
in a drowning dream
casting out my net into
a mysterious sea

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  1. So beautiful, the memory of that journey, forever etched in golden light. "Once we were tied to a dream...." I felt that way with Pup. Once one has felt that, missing it lasts our whole life long.

  2. Wow
    Evocative. Feel the wooden deck beneath my b.are feet

  3. AnonymousMay 14, 2022

    I like, I like!! "once we were tied to a dream," those memories never go away, and most are sweet. Yet things 'happen' and we must go our own way.
    Jim (whose identity google has forbidden0)

  4. Lovely rendering of how life and love challenges us.

  5. "Once we were tied to a dream" that is an amazing line within a gorgeous and heart stirring poem Truedessa! I love this!

  6. To be tied to dream if only spent in the yellowness of sun. A lovely contemplation.

    Happy Sunday


  7. I can really feel the setting - well done!

  8. All the dream wonder and then follows the inevitable rough time,,,beautifully written

  9. Wonderful!! I can feel the deck below my feet.

  10. lovely writing. i like the idea of the casting the net out...dreaming and believing.

  11. You bring this person to life with your words, her struggle, her fortitude.