Monday, July 27, 2020

Thistles, Thorns and Brambles

courtesy of pixabay

have we lost our way
in the thistles, thorns and brambles
can we find a clearing
where poets are free to ramble
the meandering of their minds
about a world now in shambles
can we find a seed of hope
scratched we now scramble

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hosted by Linda
writing a quadrille of 44 words
incorporating "bramble"

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Peace and hope

Friday, July 24, 2020


Today,  God sent me a rainbow
an arch stretching the heavens
a symbol of hope & unending love

Today, God sent me an airbrushed sunset
dipping over the horizon,  twilight's song
focusing  on the gift of light, day shifts to night

Tuesday, July 21, 2020



In a dream we connected
our journey cosmically aligned
surprised by the unexpected

blinded by grandiloquent light
relinquishing everyday reality
awakening in the arms of night

true love never dies, look to the sky
I'll send you a wondrous work of art
I'll  send you a piece of my heart

living in a world filled with poetics
reaching places never truly seen
stories written, our energy kinetic

heavy are the tears of daylight
will you see my message of love
or will you let it fade, out of sight

true love never dies, look to the sky
I'll send you a wondrous work of art
I'll  send you a piece of my heart

these days I'm singing the blues
why have you drifted so far away
perhaps, you've found a new muse

closing my eyes in the heat of night
escaping the borders of new reality
spreading my wings to take flight
crossing realms to embrace fantasy

I'll send you a sign, a sign from above
A sign of my love, I'll send you my heart


Author's note:
a work in progress - I reserve the
right to rearrange this piece

I was feeling really blue one day
sitting outside exhausted and this
heart shaped cloud formed before
my eyes. 

Linking  with dVerse

love, dreams and heart shaped clouds 

Friday, July 17, 2020

I Am Connected

Eye, Creative, Galaxy, Collage, Flowers
courtesy of Pixabay

 I am pieces of you and me
strung together in birdsong
feathers and wings

I am one with a buffalo
tuning into the spiritual
realm, with each beat
of my heart

I am of the hawk & eagle
birds of prey/ who (prays)
using my inner intuition
seeking higher vision

 I am of bone and turtle rattles
in tune with the animal
kingdom and their songs

I am of the blue heron
learning patience and balance
in times of need

I am of the wolf
who tracked me in a dream
with a message of hope & love
for a friend

I am of the deer
messenger of healing
and regeneration
in touch with
life mysteries

I am of flesh, bones, talons
feathers, wings,  web feet
shell, fur and hide

I am more than meets the eye 
if only you would look deeper

sharing with earthweal
writing about messages from the wild

I have an amazing relationship with
animals of the wild.  They always
seem to show up to offer guidance
in my life.

I pondered this prompt and this is what
spoke to me.