Sunday, February 14, 2021

Indigo Sky -

:"Indigo Sky Mares"  by Laurel Burch

 riding in the deep blue of night
spirits unite
feeling alive
indigo sky

riding untamed in wispy clouds
are dreams allowed
can love prevail
past misty veil

riding until the morning light
holding on tight
smoldering eyes
heavenly sigh

ride, ride, ride
until we're broken
or free.... 

linking with The Sunday Muse
Happy Sunday All!
peace, love and health

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Big Cats

Lion, Feline, Cat, Wild, Mane, Mammal
courtesy of Pixabay








big cats visits me in perceptive dreams

mystical creatures under moonbeams

prowling the landscape of my mind

our wanderings magically entwined


it takes courage to face the heartland

pondering what is difficult to understand

spirits free to roam and not to be confined

in the night, it's strength you might find


do not run from fear, walk in knowledge

find a place where your footing is solid

in life/death leave imprints of love behind

open your eyes, clouds can be silver lined


big cats visit me in perceptive dreams

our wanderings magically entwined


linking with earthweal

I missed Sherry's prompt this week 

so a late offering to the mystical 



Author's note:  A couple of years ago

I actually had an encounter with a mountain

lion on a deserted highway.  That moment

has stayed with me as it was surreal.

I still ponder the deeper meaning.



Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Growing Roots

 magical fungus
visions of nature's people
flying with eagles


shadowy mushrooms
shaman dreams of healing roots
river sings a song


 mushrooms multiply
dragonflies reflecting sun
soft-hearted spring breeze


linking with dVerse
hosted by Sarah
having fun with fungus poetry