Saturday, November 30, 2013

Journey in my Moccasins

My favorite shoes are my soft moccasins
two flowing feathers, earth colored beads
slipping my bare feet into leather skin

My eyes behold a path known only to me
walking sturdy,  forest of wandering dreams
seeking knowledge, soft whispering trees

My ears listen for direction, drumming  beat
hearing distance shrills, red tail hawk guides
awestruck , two visionaries we cautiously meet

My legs quicken their pace,  climbing mountains
 each day a new adventure,  marking the trails
taking sips of life, cool fresh waterfall fountains

My heart holding precious keys to my desires
pounding it's  song, under  my warm  flesh
with each urgent breath I walk coals of fire

My soul yearning to embark on a dream quest
where my purpose can be fulfilled in this life
then, I will remove my moccasins & finally rest

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Autumn's Last Bloom

Fall pushes onward, crisp pine air
crunching leaves, brisk autumn day
shadowy trees sway, branches bare
beautiful flowers have faded away

caressing warm moments, new dawn
wrapped in a thick quilt of dreams
two silhouettes, curtains softly drawn
moonlight peeking, crystal  beams

bed of chrysanthemum full  bloom
healing  petals reaching out for you
scent of fall lingers, filling the room
sunlight, captures my field of view

loves rapid beat, resides in my heart
caught in quiet splendor,  I fall apart

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ode to Dreams

crystal shower wikimedia

you encompass
my nights
oracle of dreams
hugging me close
cutting through
shining light
you breathe
life into
my soul
you dare me
to journey
into the unknown

exploring the labyrinth
passageways of my mind
you whisper
in my ear
lover's secrets
rendezvous of
the heart
edge of insanity
haunting memories
jumping cliffs
spreading golden wings
soaring vast heaven

mystical realms
sailing ships
tranquil  blue waters
dancing under starlight
hand in hand
cheek to cheek
your body melts into mine
gasping for air
in the hush of night
white owls take flight
crystal shower soft  hues
lost in thoughts of you
ode to dreams

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Love Untamed...

majestic beasts
loud roar, fiery spirit
captured moment of affection
two hearts
wandering free
courageous full of pride
weary displaying gentleness
wild force

lioness prowls
hunting for survival
primitive desire full belly

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